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Autumn Plexus Around the House

Autumn plexus around the house like Tao, over the fence around the edge of an increasingly oblique. Not spent in preferred flowers, flowers to do this without spending more. September garden, early autumn light shining, soon to bloom chrysanthemum season, as the poem says: It is the last wave of bright garden flowers. Today, we recommend not to include traditional Chrysanthemum, as well as more Neighborhood Asteraceae family.

Asteraceae plant with flower border design and
Compositae choose to decorate your garden or flower border – this is a wise choice, but you can proudly tell visitors,: Asteraceae This is a theme garden. Of course, this will be a saving garden, because usually the same species of flowers and plants have close to most of the habits and conservation laws, conservation will be very easy to master.

Choose a different flowering Compositae
Ornamental plants in the Asteraceae there are too many to choose from, from spring to autumn. Spring Rooster Daisy, Margaret, yarrow, summer Bin Ju, Echinacea, Rudbeckia hirta, autumn chrysanthemum Heaven, Snake whip flowers, sun flowers, marigold, chrysanthemum and a variety of Dutch chrysanthemum Compositae of the autumn bloom throughout the spring and summer bloom. All garden owners want their gardens three quarters of flowering, evergreen, so have a lot of family Asteraceae Places to choose from, enough to get you a dazzling. Usually in nurseries around the flower market and can see all kinds of ornamental plants Asteraceae


Choose which Compositae plants as your main garden is not difficult, the difficulty is how to make a harmonious match between these plants – the color is part of it. You can choose the same color Asteraceae ornamental plants – such as the classic yellow line, pure white lines, the mysterious purple, red line, and so warm. You can also choose the more remarkable color contrast – such as gold and blue, white and pink, together they create a different color effects to produce lively, rich garden situations


Plant type scattered
Flower arrangements throughout the plant can follow the principle of general application: low to high before, do not block each other.
The size of flower parts also need to consider not all flower heads of Compositae large, nor are the types of flowers; to do with the size of a harmonious, complementary, highlighting the sense of balance to flower border – not domineering, not too low-key. From the little Baijing Ju, Ju clusters of the Netherlands, to the tall sunflower, Dahlia, they each have their own body, but also have the effect of the performance. Bai Jingju suitable for planting in spring flower border of the most lateral border of lace like flowers in general, also suitable for the form to reflect its purity potted flowers. This season, the Dutch chrysanthemum stage, so it was fascinating purple flowers dotted your flower beds now!

Planted with other flowers
Compositae you can buy a beautiful garden is not enough to show, you can also use other plants to accessories or foil. At least those flowering shrubs, small trees, ornamental grasses, turf, etc. are possible. The so-called red flowers with green leaves still need, is the truth. However, with the Compositae time to pay attention to their habits are similar, like warm, humid flowers, accompanied by less suitable as the Compositae, Asteraceae cold, but because a lot of heat intolerance.


Waiting for the Share of Indifferent

Has been very much appreciate the words – “Rain or shine, busy watching flowers bloom before court; fate not, with the outer Yunjuanyunshu Man.”
Seems to be “Youth do not know real depression, write poetry that worry,” the reason, not to mention beautiful phrase couplet indeed antithesis, in short, when I first read it, it has been deeply attracted to that see why, just feel there is a mood in my call.
The kind of mood, seems like a nice Tao Qian, “Mei wife Tsuruko” like leisurely, but then I can not really understand, can not understand.
With the passage of time, like a lot of things have become clear up. Can not understand time, and now has been completely understood; time of mystery, but now they have removed the veil. Seems he really grown up, rational, and mature.
The understanding of this sentence, gradually from the surface to the deep insight, from the environment came to realize that state of mind.
The eternal world is not really successful, eternal praise, eternal glory, and eternal lofty and arrogant.
Study on the road along the way, it can not be magnificent, but the twists and turns the experience I believe everyone has been.
Once ahead, the teacher’s mind, “elite”, the eyes of parents, “Baby”, perhaps in fleeting moments, will become general, and even become someone else’s “jokes”, the teacher’s mind “alternative.”
Not without a pleasant journey, but that does very little, most of the final winners are a pain and trauma experienced quite up.
When you see the scenes of the tragedy on campus, I feel waves of inexplicable heartache. Those are all a glorious history of the “heroes” ah, but since not stand the test of fate? Nonetheless restrain heart indifferent?
Has always felt the university was the low life – have lost the aura, the praise has been lost. Seems to himself to learn for others, living for others, and even that is there for others. When one day that “someone” suddenly lost, leaving only the long-term empty and wistful.
Recently read a few ups and downs of life on the record, I am quite shocked, shocked while in the more understanding and insights.
There is a small death of his father’s suffering children, early age to depend on others. With a dedication and perseverance, even on their own for their own university, the village became the first student, is the first leader to go out. He went wandering in the journey south by the grievances and suffering only to himself, from scratch can imagine the difficulty of success.
When eventually he was successful, well-developed, and have their own garages, married a U.S. wife, five-star hotel in an enviable front of general manager. Meteoric rise of the day, somewhat intoxicated. However, a friend of framed, men’s expiration, but also very hard to detect. In his 39 birthday that day, he was formally fired, because there are a few of the defeat of others slander.
Circles not stay, and he chose a career change. However, the world is so wonderful: when you are successful, it seems the whole world open for you in the door: The one day you fail, will also be part of your back. He’s done so much time in transition, but only settled in the car wash line.
The manager was driving a BMW scenery, a few years later it became a BMW car by rubbing people living.
Share of mind he was, I believe many people can not understand. Sad that this world desolate, in that moment was most vividly.
And he has decided to dropped the burden of waiting to live the mind share of “indifferent.”
He is not the most difficult times, alas, still earn the tuition for his son; in the most down and out when not forget his wife’s birthday; even have suffered bullying, when still not forget the look in front of the stars.
He said a word, not just to support his wife, not just his son, more importantly, stick to his state of mind. He said he likes words, a deeply I also like the words – “Rain or shine, busy watching flowers bloom before court; fate not, with the outer Yunjuanyunshu Man.”
Read the moment, my eyes moist, and I understand what is the real hero, what is really indifferent.
End of the story is the hero and make a comeback, but the share of indifferent state of mind has not changed, because it is waiting for his life, when not change.
Jewish wisdom as the best partner in life, I think with the wisdom at the same time, if there is an indifferent state of mind, I believe we can take their own life journey of casual and calm.
Life, but should be waiting for a lightly.

How to Eat a Nutritious Breakfast to the Most Reasonable

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, its role is very large, breakfast on the one hand to add a night of energy consumption, on the other but also with the noon time for the morning to provide energy, both linking the role must be carefully treatment.

Morning mm were always to stay in bed the morning out front of the other things being compressed like a dried grape, breakfast naturally eat a hurried scribble. Although more and more the importance of breakfast everyone’s attention, but there are still some people breakfast muddle, while some people eat breakfast, there are some errors.

Myth 1: milk + eggs

Why mention this here with it? Not to say that two things can not both eat, but rather if the intake of both simple breakfast food, it would result in waste. Breakfast not only have eggs, milk which can provide high quality protein “quality”, but also cereals can provide heat, “quantity”, the quality of both is the ideal breakfast. Only under the premise of providing adequate carbohydrates and protein to play its proper role of a higher level, otherwise it will “burn” to provide their own heat, so that was consumed as heat.

Remedy: increase the number of grain foods, such as steamed buns, steamed bread, or bread.

Myth  2: eat only fruit

Often hear the beauty of the women say they eat breakfast of fruit, the purpose is to lose weight and beauty, not knowing the long run, may backfire. Fruit contains only vitamins, minerals and fiber, which are necessary for the body material, but it only contains a small portion of carbohydrates and little protein, we simply can not meet the metabolic needs of a morning, so the body will self-regulation, the use of stored glycogen and body protein, over time, it may be dry skin, wrinkling and accelerate the aging of the human body.

Remedy: increase the milk (yogurt or milk), coarse grain products (oatmeal, whole wheat bread, etc.).

Myth 3: walking, eating

The faster pace of life, a large part of people like walking, eating, and even tells us to run, this is also very good. The body when eating, the gastrointestinal tract in the busy work, where blood will be rich, but if the human body in motion this time, a greater degree of diversion of the gastrointestinal tract of the “power supply”, it will definitely affect the normal digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract, causing gastritis, even gastroptosis.

Remedy: Roots of treatment, abandoning this habit is the most fundamental way, to get up early every day for 15-20 minutes, get up half an hour after the sit down and eat breakfast

Myth 4: fasting yogurt

Yogurt for intestinal benefits, and therefore much of our welcome, but fasting yogurt that is not very good, fasting human gastric acid concentration is relatively high, the probiotics in yogurt can easily be lost should the value of acid damage; and Yogurt can stimulate gastric acid secretion, if there is no food and stomach acid at this time, the long run, it may lead to gastritis, gastric ulcer induced by other diseases.

Remedy: yogurt at the same time, eat some carbohydrate food such as noodles, dumplings, bread and so on.

Myth 5: irregular eating times

Some people eat breakfast, with a fairly reasonable, that is feeding time is not the law, one is immediately get up to eat breakfast, while another is near noon, began to eat. Meal time or is too short, hurried five minutes after eating, or is too long, drink tea 1-2 hours, so not very good, eating too short, not conducive to the secretion of digestive juice, affecting digestion ; eating too long, will continue to intake of food, causing excessive food intake.

Remedy: Under normal circumstances, the time scheduled for 6:30-8:30 breakfast, or half an hour after getting up, eating time control in 15-20 minutes is appropriate.

Hong Good Bed to Sleep

Do not know that you are not and I have a similar experience, who are willing to spend money to buy expensive clothes, but for household goods is not so concerned about, really fair without and foul within. With the elderly, the requirements for the clothing styles from the simple style extends to the use of materials with both hands, and asked the family not only have a beautiful quilt is the quilt, but also to comfort, superior materials.

After all, people’s life, one-third is spent in bed, better themselves, not only put in to eat, but he can comfortably make the nap, while others can not see, but comfortable only you know, so when I started to pay attention Moncler down jacket at the same time, I begin to focus on a household brand, it’s called sleep soundly MINE.

If you must bring together MINE Moncler and sleep soundly, then look for common ground, a popular style, there are choice point is the most expensive white goose down. Can be said that down the field, white goose down is a symbol of the most advanced of its history can be traced back to the 17th century, white goose down that time because a small amount of expansive, very rare and can only say that private supplies, has been a royal special, it can not can quickly match the superiority of the nobility to conquer Europe and America, the designated family warm for many materials, even in the 19th century has spread to China and China Royal is also attracted to whom.

As we all know, good quality velvet longer filaments, the formation of a corresponding large velvet flowers, can be subtle and a lot of still air, in order to fully prevent the heat to spread around, with a high degree of insulation. Compared with the other down, white goose down filament longest, so warm and prices are much higher than the gray goose and duck products. So to choose to choose the best, in fact, the quilt to the top of the French white goose down, to sleep soundly MINE here, has become the standard configuration, which is sleep soundly MINE, top furniture brands.

I say French white goose down in sleep soundly MINE here is just the standard configuration, it is because sleep soundly MINE materials are best in the world, the world’s best material collected here, was to play the endless sleep soundly MINE artistic imagination , together woven into our dreams. Silk imports, imports down, thousands of long-staple cotton yarn, collagen, and even we can not even ever heard of things piling up a mountain where, for example, in 2008 to Germany and Iceland Yan Mei MINE implanted into the bedding in the duck, then what created a sub-brand of the leading luxury home myth, and it has been more than 30 countries and regions around the world the best raw material suppliers to cooperate
 Entered a new era, busy life so that people have higher requirements for sleep, do a top household brand in the UK the idea of ​​the River Thames in London came a spark of Johnson’s Tearoom, and soon MINE Art Studio “Impression” in Paris in the second year, the brand was registered in London MINE ST.John ‘s Wood, in the new millennium moment MINE brand was born in London, Oxford Street, the brand opened the top so that more people can enjoy the dream of sleep.

Where a rising star

Chen Yu-private art school established 10 years, and I as an ordinary school teacher, seeing their hard work by Chen Yu, a pragmatic progressive, reform and innovation to bear fruitful results. Chen Yu to promote the development of education has made tremendous contributions to, now I know about the story of Chen Yu to tell you.
Do adhere to the law school to cultivate artistic stars
“Creating artistic genius, is the best service for each student.” This is Chen Yu has been fulfilling the duties of a decade, according to Chen Yu to do school work as the soul throughout the school, in promoting reform and create a great deal on work and the implementation of drastic teacher system, students system, personnel system, “three reforms,” ​​according to “register, create, review,” a reasonable set of three series of class type, that “the person and made”, “the person and select” , “the person and the” three series of coordinated, complementary and avoid duplication of functions of student education and educational cross-over-concentration of surface; through competition, exchange rotation, so that a number of high culture, business mature, strong middle-aged teachers to leadership positions, leadership and team optimize the structure, the team brought out an unprecedented vitality. To improve the team level of education, Chen Yu to encourage cadres and workers to participate in a variety of academic education, based on carefully conducted leadership training course. Building a clean government, prevention of such crimes, and to spot warning educational options open in the prison, played a very good warning. Implementation of standardized education project to promote the law school is Chen Yu is another important measure, a decade, according to Ministry of Education, Chen Yu-deployment, through a sound regulatory framework, reasonable definition of the responsibilities of various departments, specifically the post workflow, improve evaluation methods improve the incentive mechanism, relying on computer technology, to achieve a people management system to machine affairs, education and management in the past to solve the present method is not perfect, the responsibility is not clear, weakening the daily management of issues such as education programs significantly regulated.
“Three satisfactory” rectify ethos
“Student satisfaction, parent satisfaction, community satisfaction,” This is Chen Yu goals and purpose. Years, according to Chen Yu municipal government agencies work style requirements, combined with the deployment of Provincial Education top-notch, step by step towards this goal. “Who is damaging the image of Chen Yu, who would hit jobs.” This is Chen Yu-art school’s motto. Years, in order to identify the problems in my school work, Chen Yu has held a symposium on education reform, teacher contact to launch parents, parents and the community, “prick”, style of construction and development of school management system, in particular the system to work, delay delivery system, the system of holidays as a key duty to vigorously implement them; the same time, vigorously promote the “Sunshine Project” to reduce “black-box operation.” All public school school, and in the rain outside the window set up a monitoring Chen Gang, bulletin boards, to report cases. To ensure the implementation of the system, Chen Yu also organized from time to time the working group conducted a thorough investigation into the teacher’s home, and sent camera exposure, inform the school. Of the problems identified or masses of individuals, conducting courses to learn or rectification of a violation of the individual, determined in accordance with relevant provisions dealt with accordingly, not be tolerated. Spiritual civilization construction of ethos as Chen Yu dare the real thing, the community established a good image of Chen Yu, also the party and government and the community, parents praise.
Maintaining quality seedlings selected to create the “star” schools
Decades, Chen Yu-effectively transform the ideas, the focus shifted to major national star to submit artistic and creative artistic talents seedling up efforts to achieve from nurturing talent to create the star changes in the roles. To Chen Yu, Chen Yu found the face of the United States, the house new. By Chen Yu-campus sites and educational exchanges all walks of life experience, continuous improvement, Chen Yu-campus environment, and implemented a “student card” project, a card can service a variety of functions, not only to facilitate the students, but also facilitate the school management. This is what I know about Chen Yu played the brand of education, some examples of continuous reform and innovation, Chen Yu will I know there are many new initiatives are constantly introduced, I will wait and see. I as an ordinary employee is satisfied, because the love it love, love, Chen Yu, art evergreen.

Nowhere to place youth

In the years go by, time changing, sometimes we always like to leave something as a souvenir, until someday, until old age, and open that page after page of yellowed paper, filled with emotion. There is a touch of the pupil joy, but also a touch of grief.
        Do not know since when, I like the diary, looking in that pile of pile of notebooks, filled above the dense mood, from the immature handwriting to domineering, above the record of their growing bit by bit. Record the daily emotional ups and downs, a record of daily emotions, a record of every day life shine. I can not explain anything, just feel like a daily diary of meals, is a compulsory course. Always felt that the diary is the most faithful friend, no matter what I say, it will always be silently listening, help me a conservative with a secret. Things I do blame the fleeting time did not do anything to retain.
        Running of our lives is fleeting, we are standing on the edge of twenty, but one day we will enter a big crowd for a career, family, money, run around secular toil. That is not arrogant of us, no longer naive romantic, thoughts are no longer laugh! We have the luxury to the car to drive to; what we have is that under the lights dim and the slightest pulling elongated figure and then … …
            Shuttle in the huge campus, looking at all sorts of people. World is so big, I can not see through each piece of scenery. Shuttle in the crowd, I began to confusion, everyone is busy, I stand still, but guess they are thinking … …
        Say the eyes are the windows of the soul through the eyes of all you can discern, but sometimes the eyes can be deceiving, see is not necessarily true of the so-called, as a mirage like that.
        Face life sometimes confused, sometimes anxious, sometimes clear, sometimes sad. When you feel depressed anxious, when you feel the vicissitudes of life, then how many wires it was lost, how many feeling it? Open one seeing the world, close one eye reflect on their own. Sometimes persistence can be successful, but that failure does not mean give up, sometimes from a different angle, kind of thinking to look for the problem, there may be unexpected gains.
        About love, love, hate, hurt, forget. Some people you looked at him on the bus, but do not know where he got off at the station. Only have a good time to cherish, love, then let him vigorous; divided on Xiaoxiao Sasa say goodbye. No need to blindly entangled in this, many people will meet a lot of people’s life a lot of things, if we have been stagnant, we will miss a lot of beautiful scenery. The release does not understand love chic, but respect for love, their separation will start his new life, why live in the past has been to each other life is unhappy it? Separated regardless of who is right, no matter what the reasons are not going to pursue, because it has lost its meaning. Since there are reasons to separate from each other, it shows that not enough love. Who is not going to bear grudges, life is so beautiful, should not let the memory of those gray eyes obscured beautiful scenery. Why not adjust their mentality and continue to look to find the real sinking of their own Acacia red beans.
          Likes to write light blue text, say blue is depression, like GJM slightest trace of sadness that the text, like Fantasy’s beautiful, kind of like the summer solstice before the arrival of young persistent, though each novel will eventually the tragic end of the text, but the more tragic in the human heart the longer aftertaste. Everyone likes good things, but not as good as people deep nostalgia is so sad … …
        Fengguowuhen, Leila silent, youth is life in a beautiful landscape, both have cried laughed, hurt too presumptuous too, will be a valuable asset in the eternal mind.

Fall in Love Ring

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Yi Yang said he wanted the ring I bought when I was standing commercial counter, staring at the rings look silly Leng Leng.
In fact, I did not really want to buy, I grew up not like these things take fancy whistle. But, together with Yi Yang, somehow, I suddenly move the heart.
I know, Yi Yang had no money, I have no money. We just recently graduated students, food and drink pretty good, which have spare cash to buy these.
But, I want, would love to support it.
So I left to pick the right pick, took a most expensive jade ring. Black, and shining dark green dark green light. I asked Yi Yang, how about this?
My aunt could see sales pick for a long time, just pick the cheapest one, showing an impatient look.
Yi Yang a look of guilt, Yan Xi, in fact, you can pick the pieces better.
I just laugh, I like this, as I only like like you.
Yi Yang, laugh, silly girl.
In this way, we smile, the salesman aunt in the eyes of disdain, I reach out to Yi Yang, seemed so serious that some decent Yi Yun Young egg for me to wear the ring full of happiness.
Feeling of the moment in the skin, a cool damp invasion of my heart. The next second, I fell in love with it.
As a result, they also understand that life is slightly better feeling in your heart.
On the way home, I seriously and naive Duiyi Yang said since then, I’m your bride, I will wear it with you wander through, one day, we are tired, want to Find a quiet, comfortable and warm haven to shelter in our footsteps, I will wear it is a testament to my happiness, grow old with you, this life, I set you up with.
Yi Yang just laugh, his finger gently knock on my forehead, silly girl.
I like Yi Yang call me silly girl, a kiss of love the feeling in their hearts.
I Yi Yang’s arm doing a happy dream.
Time flying like death, unlike the World, ancient forever.
Unconsciously, actually half a year later.
Ring is still firmly in my ring finger trap, while the finger prints on the white circle is also out.
But, Yi Yang had gone south of the city. I am still in my small town day after day of waiting.
I begged him, I said, the most bitter days I have spent with him.
Yi Yang just shook his head, silly girl, I am a person suffer is enough, why should you stay with. Obediently waiting for you, so I stabilized, I will take your past.
Then I saw Yi Yang, sincere and full of love’s eyes, I shook.
I’m going to send him to the station, he refused. He said, through that year’s graduation, he fears most is the farewell.
In fact, I know, he did not want to let me cry.
But eventually, I went to the station.
I have been to maintain as not to hurt. I like the love child of a mother, heart Dingning Zhao Yi Yang to note everything. A thousand words.
The moment the train stops, Yi Yang gently hugged me. I hold him tightly, I draw the familiar warmth.
Yi Yang said, silly girl, we must take care of yourself, do not get sick, do not cry easily, and, for me, oh do not eat fat.
I just “en.”
The next moment, is back behind a little decidedly Yi Yang figure.
After all the tears blurred my eyes. Glide faster and faster the train, I Yi Yang front window, exhausted the strength of my life, shouting, in this life, I am your eternal bride.
Looked down and saw a black ring on the ring finger.
A person, when the day began to change slowly. Wall calendar is my little circle, get blurred. I am often in the old wall clock leisurely “ticking” sound, the look and Yi Yang had the happiness of my silhouette.
Thoughts on this day care, I look forward to the return of Yi Yang, good news.
But, still doing a happy dream in a dream, Yi Yang and I held a luxurious wedding.
Woke up, I still silly laugh, as if happiness is that the hand can be vertical.
I Yi Yang on the phone to talk about my dream, vivid.
Yi Yang is always laugh at me, that I now become a mad marriage.
Hey I just laugh, even though there are a number of helpless laughter. Yi Yang do not know, I’m not just talking about the dream, I was about my desire, I want to hear Yi Yang commitment, even if only one is required.
Yi Yang found a lot of money can be considered good not bad work. Very hard every day. I know he is stronger self-esteem and heavy people, nature inevitably hard. I told him that he should pay attention to the body, do not their teeth. Yi Yang always said, Young is the capital, eat what is bitter, the first bitter sweet.
Sometimes, I will ask him, when you come pick me ah? I used to do odd jobs for you ah?
Yi Yang said, fast, fast, and so I was busy working this for a while. Be patient for a little bit, a little bit, okay?
Bad temper, I would say, not good.
Then you will hear Yi Yang pleading voice, silly girl, so my brother right then, my brother which is really busy, you let my brother complete peace of mind it.
I listened and laughed, then there is nothing in return ah?
You wait, I will let you dream in order to repay the.
So, I daydream laugh, Yi Yang, you finally make me a little relieved.
I looked down and saw a black ring on the finger, and think of the original Yang Yi’s face was full of guilt. I told myself, everything is worth waiting for, all thoughts are water.
I still dream of doing the colorful and happy.
Zhang Xiaoxian said, all looking for, there are always a process.
Perhaps happiness is the branches of flowers, struggling to pick only you can smell its fragrance, see its colorful.
I am waiting for the stream, slowly lost confidence. Yang Yi is not I do not believe, maybe, I do not believe in themselves.
Thus, it was found, I have my own travel rights, but also have their own looking for opportunities. Just spent a long time, waiting for a long, but forget that they can go to find.
I Duiyi Yang said, I want to get out, get some fresh air, a change of mood, look the way I wanted.
Yi Yang did not expect my surprise, he was just very calm, asked that good, the road to be careful and see the sights, both physical and mental benefits.
I am silent, but filled with great waves to the heart.
I have never been out of my town, and even, I do not know even how to ride the train.
Yi Yang asked me where to go, I said casually.
Do not know since when, two people seems a bit strange.
I looked down to see the rocket black ring, a slight heart pain. Years of baptism, it will eventually light polished, now it no longer old style, but, after years of accumulated, it becomes more mellow and soft.
But first, I want, not that it reveals a shiny black light the edge of it?
I told my brother the trip, he told me recently from town to town S the most convenient road. The city is Yi Yang S where the address.
I Chuaizhuo an anxious heart, with my fearless courage, and boarded the train to go south.
All the way to silent. Looking out the window hastily speeding landscape, my heartache pains, I do not know what I find is a process.
Reach S City, is sunset. Shiny red sunsets everyone’s face, but also illuminates a hurry to rush to the pace.
I stood on the platform, looked at the bustling station, suddenly there is a little bleak, nameless sorrow to the outrageous. Do I just this rush of passing it?
Trance immediately, faint to hear someone call my name, I am pleased to look around, but just a myriad of strange. I not only giggle, the world’s largest, may be just the same name only. Since knowledge can not, why too sensitive?
However, it sounds closer and closer, until I turned around again, I will miss seeing that familiar smile.
Yi Yang is? Really Yi Yang. I refused to take a surprise, it flew past the platform jumping.
Yi Yang, I plunged headlong into the embrace, hold him tightly, tears surging waves. I am reluctant to look up for fear of a dream, it returning to the familiar warmth.
I said, Yi Yang, really you? I am not dreaming.
Yi Yang kissing my hair, some blame for that, silly girl, what a wonderful thing there are so honored to be your man can hold. Touches I want to ask you to before, why do not I say hello?
I laugh, why do you know that I will come again, I had to remind you, I will travel, to go looking. Are you do not mind it.
Yi Yang just laugh, as always.
I looked at my dreaming of this man, long time gone, Yi Yang lost, but become increasingly more capable, and kind of the charm of a mature man. I stared a long time, just say the sound, you lost. After the laughs, but more handsome, or I like to type.
Yi Yang and knock my head with your fingers, silly girl, that is, of course, but, you’re fat, is not while I’m away, every day, eat fried chicken ah?
I smiled, happy flavor. Think before your guess, I not only slightly embarrassed.
Yi Yang took me to his house, still clean and the sun that he, although a small room seem slightly crowded, but it is so well-organized, clean for me. To me, and Yi Yang decided to go for a candlelight dinner hands.
During the reception, I just kept looking at Yi Yang silly laugh, that moved so happy since I forgot to miss many days of suffering, but also forget the many, many words to say.
“Yan Xi, marry me?”
I do not know when, Yi Yang took out a small pink box, inlaid with a glowing inside an innocent white silver ring, above the multicolored diamond, shining in the candlelight, the exceptionally bright flash.
I hesitated, then burst into tears. This was the moment I am eager to have a long, ah, the moment it finally arrived, but I have not prepared well enough to greet its arrival, to meet the happiness of my life.
Yi Yang gently Shidiao tears for me, silly girl, or so crying ah, you said you do I’ll never the bride, do not you go back on now?
Ranging from Yi Yang finished, I immediately said, I wish, I wish.
I reached out to Yi Yang, Yi Yang said, it really is a silly girl, While this ring you wear ah.
I just laugh. Yi Yang, how it is possible to know the happiness I have been corroborated.
Then, Yi Yang, gently remove the egg is black ring, then gently put the egg for my silver ring.
Tears, the end is silent.
Perhaps the best love, not a thousand words, not eachother, but only two waiting for each other’s heart.
Even silent, the end is also happiness.