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Ice Cream in the Left

Landscape Rather, the imagination has again and again with each other, he would ask her, like to eat. She is the Eau of the people, no more for food, just keep a childish people do not know the thoughts and preferences, then loudly told him: like ice cream.
That summer, opened a cold street corner shop, she visited almost every day, every point of the current system on a glass or two of ice cream, but no sticky alcohol concentration, and dripping icy, her Fall in love with this flavor, but also love on its name: tiramisu. Have to find a tiramisu to read the story, hidden for many years between the original number which lovers Memorial and expectations. Earth is too large, then, “take me away”, sometimes turn into a heart can only precipitate. The earth is too small, then, “Remember me”, but that is between two people for granted.
Later, she told him that the house cold store to shut down. At that time it is winter, she wore thick cotton jacket, also in the final period of operating time, every day to buy ice cream. The young man looked at the store skilled milk, chocolate and ice mixed together rumbling sound in the cold lonely winter in the small room, it is too big a word, she feel noisy, I always feel like walking the train rises to land the aircraft deemed sound, “take me away” and “Remember Me”, then in such a voice, more and more clear. Up with a thick woolen gloves, holding cups cold Qin, she just moving rapidly to run home, in a warm room, the tiramisu drink into the veins, then, pick up the phone, the simulation the familiar call the number, then say a silent between heart I do not know how many times repeated the words: she wanted him. She did not really talk with him, and told him she say, only because, if the carrying too much within the landscape, the landscape outside of how he was safe.
Then finally there is no tiramisu, that shop for the store, start early. But, she never go to patronize, they prefer to distant places to eat breakfast. She do not go into that place, no way to imagine, as a sweet ice cream everywhere is cool place, and now will become dust and smoke the fire looks like. She also finished hardcover buy the kind of ice cream tiramisu, but it is too sweet, too strong, totally not the taste of summer time. She always jokes that he still love ice cream, she did not tell him she thought he lost it when the taste of summer, she, like tiramisu, more lonely to him.


Ice cream, so he often called her. Often want her sweets, the more some eat a normal diet. In fact, she will do some cooking, a little Eau. To meet, she had drafted a menu, not even knowing each other.
Foolish with shrimp and green beans and natural Bai Shengsheng lily with fried, steamed shrimp after the hot water blanch the beans slightly, there are washed sparkling fresh water lily, after a little heat Youlin ironing, put In the clean bowl of plain, it is intended to hide the lily golden hook Chui, she sent her since he has been successful mind.
She is not happy with his drinking, she can not dare to try Huadiao heard so much about do fish. Cut thirty-two lemon, put it on the fish fillets, topped with Huadiao marinated sauce, wrapped with butter paper and put in the steamer, and other cooked fish after transfer to a plate, sprinkle with parsley and onion, then fish Hong overflow with wine breath, for fear it will steal his early greed among articulate meaning.
Her seaside home, do her good seafood. The clam skilled Lek stripping out of hot water clam, and then cut loofah on-chip, and then on the point a in its medlar, water boiling, until well cooked, the juice topped with the tone has been prepared, Mazumdar white lights in green, red face right into every small tower at the end, hope of tempting.
She will then make a simple papaya pudding, papaya juice with added sugar, fish powder and refrigerated, frozen after forming her specially shaped mold with a plum, orange, papaya made of blossoming plum, lay-up on the ceramic plate , innovative color lining in the dim color on ceramic, such as under extreme joy with peace.

Chocolate, so she often call him. Often told him a good meal, a good rest. She knows he has good skills, can do some worth showing off in front of her dishes. She has been secretly meet for him to be a food shot by him, but he never mentioned it to the meet.
At that time, he does not have to make more busy, always good food only he can do his good stew meat with tempeh, fermented glutinous rice and other seasonings to the meat fried, steamed, dressed with a casserole, this time, next casserole is filled with little fish on the Huadiao incense, can not help but think of the ancient altar of the pit, or the feast together, they should be out just like fermented rice altar.
He often said, can do the mushroom chicken, her favorite dish, not because of eating, but the dishes because it always reminds her of home, think of childhood, have been for her to do a similar dish the Road .
Finally, make a laver egg soup, shrimp, dotted with some parsley on it, put on the table, and eventually became a meet of this feast. If you meet into a feast, a table top, this road is his dishes, that road is her delicate dishes, which meal, like the break and over the Lovers, a seat the most tempting tea millet fireworks.
Engine can also be one meal with a cup made of chocolate ice cream sundae, if the time is summer, can enjoy the cool air and soothing, if the time is winter, more than a shoulder heating opportunity arrived.
Often such a formal imagination and think distinctly in the current side without the slightest show of dignified meaning, but, then solemn thoughts have been the fate of the placement of a fairy-tale phrase. Ice cream and chocolate, never met a real cup.

Earthly seen too many old, gloomy in the years between scattered in the body, not orderly. When her face has deep emotions hidden in the folds in the tuck, back when he is with the temperature of the gully, she only hoped that she is still mid-summer ice cream princess, and he will always be no food Prince is not of the chocolate. If set the princess and the prince of the title, is not she will not have to pipe water, he in the mountains outside, they do not have scruples, which she wore at the cool shirt he wore over a quarter who ring they do not care, she was always on the left, and he has been in the right, across the I’s distance.


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