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Nowhere to place youth

In the years go by, time changing, sometimes we always like to leave something as a souvenir, until someday, until old age, and open that page after page of yellowed paper, filled with emotion. There is a touch of the pupil joy, but also a touch of grief.
        Do not know since when, I like the diary, looking in that pile of pile of notebooks, filled above the dense mood, from the immature handwriting to domineering, above the record of their growing bit by bit. Record the daily emotional ups and downs, a record of daily emotions, a record of every day life shine. I can not explain anything, just feel like a daily diary of meals, is a compulsory course. Always felt that the diary is the most faithful friend, no matter what I say, it will always be silently listening, help me a conservative with a secret. Things I do blame the fleeting time did not do anything to retain.
        Running of our lives is fleeting, we are standing on the edge of twenty, but one day we will enter a big crowd for a career, family, money, run around secular toil. That is not arrogant of us, no longer naive romantic, thoughts are no longer laugh! We have the luxury to the car to drive to; what we have is that under the lights dim and the slightest pulling elongated figure and then … …
            Shuttle in the huge campus, looking at all sorts of people. World is so big, I can not see through each piece of scenery. Shuttle in the crowd, I began to confusion, everyone is busy, I stand still, but guess they are thinking … …
        Say the eyes are the windows of the soul through the eyes of all you can discern, but sometimes the eyes can be deceiving, see is not necessarily true of the so-called, as a mirage like that.
        Face life sometimes confused, sometimes anxious, sometimes clear, sometimes sad. When you feel depressed anxious, when you feel the vicissitudes of life, then how many wires it was lost, how many feeling it? Open one seeing the world, close one eye reflect on their own. Sometimes persistence can be successful, but that failure does not mean give up, sometimes from a different angle, kind of thinking to look for the problem, there may be unexpected gains.
        About love, love, hate, hurt, forget. Some people you looked at him on the bus, but do not know where he got off at the station. Only have a good time to cherish, love, then let him vigorous; divided on Xiaoxiao Sasa say goodbye. No need to blindly entangled in this, many people will meet a lot of people’s life a lot of things, if we have been stagnant, we will miss a lot of beautiful scenery. The release does not understand love chic, but respect for love, their separation will start his new life, why live in the past has been to each other life is unhappy it? Separated regardless of who is right, no matter what the reasons are not going to pursue, because it has lost its meaning. Since there are reasons to separate from each other, it shows that not enough love. Who is not going to bear grudges, life is so beautiful, should not let the memory of those gray eyes obscured beautiful scenery. Why not adjust their mentality and continue to look to find the real sinking of their own Acacia red beans.
          Likes to write light blue text, say blue is depression, like GJM slightest trace of sadness that the text, like Fantasy’s beautiful, kind of like the summer solstice before the arrival of young persistent, though each novel will eventually the tragic end of the text, but the more tragic in the human heart the longer aftertaste. Everyone likes good things, but not as good as people deep nostalgia is so sad … …
        Fengguowuhen, Leila silent, youth is life in a beautiful landscape, both have cried laughed, hurt too presumptuous too, will be a valuable asset in the eternal mind.


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