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Liu Ke Zhuang words, saying: “send-off like in every family like.” I am a guest in foreign land when little more time at home, born in two decades. And to every family, there are Su Yi sigh, water shield perch of thinking, go read hereby hereby.
Families of a poor family, little. Seven houses, one the walls, a gatehouse, a toilet, a septic tanks, a garden. Issued by the Government turned the homestead, on 194 square meters of words, should not “flat” it!
House is a typical “North way”, commonly known as “Hulu Tou.” Mix water with clay red brick, four mix water with clay mix water with clay in the two higher, into the higher part of the triangle. Overhead two beams, there is also a beam (determined according to number of rooms). Row sub-purlin beam, bamboo, overlying layers of felt paper, and then tiles blanket, no eaves. This durable buildings. These houses and the younger brother the same age, ten years had never been repaired. Mother often jokingly said: “If you build a dozen years ago, such a house, wife scrambled to the home run; now and then build this house, let alone a wife, and even a mouse can not marry on.”
Garden is very small, and the chaos during wood Yokomagura home base. To not clean, often dog points, fresh sheep feces. Keep a dog a home, sheep, sheep dog when it jumped into them, wanton spoil. I therefore use the nets and a few dead wood to be a temporary fence. There are also a few pigeons who do not understand fun, satiated, the Puchi meantime, rest, voice training, shit. Status of the family wash water, foot-washing water, laundry water, frequently spill the meantime. CD garden flowers woven emerald, white spit red blossoms, butterflies provoke waves back and forth a group of bees collected powder smell fragrant, slightly interesting.
Seven houses, I take one with the brother, is also the bedroom as a study. Jian Chen a Ghost Story by thinking, fast and wet Zhou a, Zhao Lihong has four steps, fasting, and also named the climb the wind potential with Ya Yuan Zhai. Brother hanging from the walls of the pro-book. I often self-care and laugh, I am not a fish, dragon, can not jump into the water lines, not to soar and rise, games, text only!
Fast in the impression that the dirty. To not sweep, do not wipe off tables and chairs, the ink messy, chaotic hanging clothes, shoes stacked. I am lazy by nature, although Chen Fan Xi, hardly their aspirations, and therefore do not have to listen to “a house, has died, how to rule the world,” preaching the face plate. Mocun President said that men first impression is dirty, good idea! But Zhaizhu will not ears neck, the soil hypertrophy, planting grains. Wall of the book are portraits, but also star stills, it is neither fish nor fowl. There is also a flute, blowing freely leisure play.
Home with music, their music has four.
First, is the joy and Wudi. Brother, Fang XVI junior high school. Learning calligraphy more than five years, writing a good character of Yan, is also proficient in poetry couplet, I grow the game together. He has a joint: “dirty little low eaves, Weak rock hit, drop, drip two or three drops of water dropping water.” There is poetry idiom, there are some philosophizing, I brake hard. Trying to come up a few days, barely Couchu second line, may still not work. “Sunset Rong Jin, the birds return to the mountain, listening to birds, several birds, product birds, birds secluded mountain.” We were all love chess technique, has been idle, they will kill them. I do not fine chess. Neutrons are not under the indecisiveness is Lazi go back, often prompting him grumbling. Sometimes quarrel, heated neck red, and finally push the chessboard into the sky, walk out. However, for a two people to crash and burn, but also laid out a battle. With the root of love, brotherly friendship, can glimpse.
The second fun – fast in reading. Nothing life hobby, only a soft spot for the book. Huang Shangu says: “Three days without reading, the language will feel tasteless, terrifying, students during this mortal life.” I have no such lofty, recreation time being nothing. Pirated books, mostly in fast, genuine open price, I simply can not eat food, clothing, and only distance and not fondle. Where the book can be read. Walk, work, couch, catch the bus, go to the toilet. But my favorite night of fasting in the study. Then stillness all around, the only family breath snore alarms, candle, force is black, single owner books, leisurely Heart. I am very sensitive to the use of incandescent lights, one affected family sleep soundly, and second light make dizzy, hard thought, imagination. Hua month broken windows, when the pale shadow map wall, touching it straight with the ancients? May also wish to do a do ‘Hongxiutianxiang night reading, “the romantic dreams. When mice are a frequent night time, a regular visitor. Around the bed over chairs, bird’s-eye light drilling kitchen, break me Shenning. For the mouse, I had sort of apology. Township saying goes: “Eat food Teng store hungry rats.” I am the good, the people eat, the hungry rat, I at fault also. So I will prepare a two buns every night for their enjoyment. Happy to visit there mosquitoes, hordes, buzzing mess-ming, kowtow touch brain, everywhere there is all-pervasive, I do not know how much I suck the blood itself.
Fun of the three – listen to the rain. Those who love listening to the rain, there are many similar. Yishan Withered Lotus, EMC keep the window listen to the rain, listening to the rain Jiang Jie’s life three: young listen to the rain, river candle dazed; listen to the rain off the boat in the middle-aged, low cloud wide river; bald listen to the rain, under the monk Lu, subjugation the pain during penetration. I also love listening to the rain, the night on the couch, at first glance lightning glitter, they heard thunder rumbling car thrust, suddenly sound of a crash course in the open. To rain! Eer rhythm, beginning on the Indus; scarred Chi Chi, but also into the pyre; tick, with tile and Ming; rattled, porcelain played sound. Then the wind suddenly began to rely Showers. Its sound like livestock beach, Wan Madhi Ben, competing trampling; and if the ancient battlefield, gold Zheng Jie Gu, armies at war, a ground-breaking. To be the rain,, but also to listen to peristalsis of earthworms in the hospital, listening to the pond frogs, listen to the sound field crops jointing.
The most interesting summer home, go on Yan Mountain Zi, spit cool evening air. Crickets chirp foot of the wall, pack money, travel back and forth on the ground weave insect, insects flushed down the black shell, mosquitoes tour. Drag a square table in the hospital, the family group tables and sit together for dinner. Table with vegetable soup with bread, vegetables and a few Ratatouille, but after his mother’s hand, supplemented by oil, salt and spices, has also delicious cuisine. Eleven family tells us. A Mother’s mouth quickly, then most human farming, talk about anything. There are also witty interludes, it is with amusement, the vision is sometimes made of the lack of the tread will hand. Father of silence, bad words, often down to eat, and occasionally look up at the mother, would then smile. Brother simply laughed. I, however, regardless of filial piety, to find the mother’s ballast, anti-phrase with ridicule, prompting her stare stamp scoff. A person is enjoyable, the dog suddenly jumped up, snatched the hands of the steamed bun and ran. I catch pole fight angry, distressed care of the mother is busy. Heart-inch grass, Chunhui grace, often accompanied by their parents knee, how’s life, when?
Home can not remember, although there is no record of significant, although there is no significant value. Often busy day length CD, with the thinking with the mind, and talk to myself and others Ziqian


Autumn Plexus Around the House

Autumn plexus around the house like Tao, over the fence around the edge of an increasingly oblique. Not spent in preferred flowers, flowers to do this without spending more. September garden, early autumn light shining, soon to bloom chrysanthemum season, as the poem says: It is the last wave of bright garden flowers. Today, we recommend not to include traditional Chrysanthemum, as well as more Neighborhood Asteraceae family.

Asteraceae plant with flower border design and
Compositae choose to decorate your garden or flower border – this is a wise choice, but you can proudly tell visitors,: Asteraceae This is a theme garden. Of course, this will be a saving garden, because usually the same species of flowers and plants have close to most of the habits and conservation laws, conservation will be very easy to master.

Choose a different flowering Compositae
Ornamental plants in the Asteraceae there are too many to choose from, from spring to autumn. Spring Rooster Daisy, Margaret, yarrow, summer Bin Ju, Echinacea, Rudbeckia hirta, autumn chrysanthemum Heaven, Snake whip flowers, sun flowers, marigold, chrysanthemum and a variety of Dutch chrysanthemum Compositae of the autumn bloom throughout the spring and summer bloom. All garden owners want their gardens three quarters of flowering, evergreen, so have a lot of family Asteraceae Places to choose from, enough to get you a dazzling. Usually in nurseries around the flower market and can see all kinds of ornamental plants Asteraceae


Choose which Compositae plants as your main garden is not difficult, the difficulty is how to make a harmonious match between these plants – the color is part of it. You can choose the same color Asteraceae ornamental plants – such as the classic yellow line, pure white lines, the mysterious purple, red line, and so warm. You can also choose the more remarkable color contrast – such as gold and blue, white and pink, together they create a different color effects to produce lively, rich garden situations


Plant type scattered
Flower arrangements throughout the plant can follow the principle of general application: low to high before, do not block each other.
The size of flower parts also need to consider not all flower heads of Compositae large, nor are the types of flowers; to do with the size of a harmonious, complementary, highlighting the sense of balance to flower border – not domineering, not too low-key. From the little Baijing Ju, Ju clusters of the Netherlands, to the tall sunflower, Dahlia, they each have their own body, but also have the effect of the performance. Bai Jingju suitable for planting in spring flower border of the most lateral border of lace like flowers in general, also suitable for the form to reflect its purity potted flowers. This season, the Dutch chrysanthemum stage, so it was fascinating purple flowers dotted your flower beds now!

Planted with other flowers
Compositae you can buy a beautiful garden is not enough to show, you can also use other plants to accessories or foil. At least those flowering shrubs, small trees, ornamental grasses, turf, etc. are possible. The so-called red flowers with green leaves still need, is the truth. However, with the Compositae time to pay attention to their habits are similar, like warm, humid flowers, accompanied by less suitable as the Compositae, Asteraceae cold, but because a lot of heat intolerance.

Nowhere to place youth

In the years go by, time changing, sometimes we always like to leave something as a souvenir, until someday, until old age, and open that page after page of yellowed paper, filled with emotion. There is a touch of the pupil joy, but also a touch of grief.
        Do not know since when, I like the diary, looking in that pile of pile of notebooks, filled above the dense mood, from the immature handwriting to domineering, above the record of their growing bit by bit. Record the daily emotional ups and downs, a record of daily emotions, a record of every day life shine. I can not explain anything, just feel like a daily diary of meals, is a compulsory course. Always felt that the diary is the most faithful friend, no matter what I say, it will always be silently listening, help me a conservative with a secret. Things I do blame the fleeting time did not do anything to retain.
        Running of our lives is fleeting, we are standing on the edge of twenty, but one day we will enter a big crowd for a career, family, money, run around secular toil. That is not arrogant of us, no longer naive romantic, thoughts are no longer laugh! We have the luxury to the car to drive to; what we have is that under the lights dim and the slightest pulling elongated figure and then … …
            Shuttle in the huge campus, looking at all sorts of people. World is so big, I can not see through each piece of scenery. Shuttle in the crowd, I began to confusion, everyone is busy, I stand still, but guess they are thinking … …
        Say the eyes are the windows of the soul through the eyes of all you can discern, but sometimes the eyes can be deceiving, see is not necessarily true of the so-called, as a mirage like that.
        Face life sometimes confused, sometimes anxious, sometimes clear, sometimes sad. When you feel depressed anxious, when you feel the vicissitudes of life, then how many wires it was lost, how many feeling it? Open one seeing the world, close one eye reflect on their own. Sometimes persistence can be successful, but that failure does not mean give up, sometimes from a different angle, kind of thinking to look for the problem, there may be unexpected gains.
        About love, love, hate, hurt, forget. Some people you looked at him on the bus, but do not know where he got off at the station. Only have a good time to cherish, love, then let him vigorous; divided on Xiaoxiao Sasa say goodbye. No need to blindly entangled in this, many people will meet a lot of people’s life a lot of things, if we have been stagnant, we will miss a lot of beautiful scenery. The release does not understand love chic, but respect for love, their separation will start his new life, why live in the past has been to each other life is unhappy it? Separated regardless of who is right, no matter what the reasons are not going to pursue, because it has lost its meaning. Since there are reasons to separate from each other, it shows that not enough love. Who is not going to bear grudges, life is so beautiful, should not let the memory of those gray eyes obscured beautiful scenery. Why not adjust their mentality and continue to look to find the real sinking of their own Acacia red beans.
          Likes to write light blue text, say blue is depression, like GJM slightest trace of sadness that the text, like Fantasy’s beautiful, kind of like the summer solstice before the arrival of young persistent, though each novel will eventually the tragic end of the text, but the more tragic in the human heart the longer aftertaste. Everyone likes good things, but not as good as people deep nostalgia is so sad … …
        Fengguowuhen, Leila silent, youth is life in a beautiful landscape, both have cried laughed, hurt too presumptuous too, will be a valuable asset in the eternal mind.

Fall in Love Ring

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Yi Yang said he wanted the ring I bought when I was standing commercial counter, staring at the rings look silly Leng Leng.
In fact, I did not really want to buy, I grew up not like these things take fancy whistle. But, together with Yi Yang, somehow, I suddenly move the heart.
I know, Yi Yang had no money, I have no money. We just recently graduated students, food and drink pretty good, which have spare cash to buy these.
But, I want, would love to support it.
So I left to pick the right pick, took a most expensive jade ring. Black, and shining dark green dark green light. I asked Yi Yang, how about this?
My aunt could see sales pick for a long time, just pick the cheapest one, showing an impatient look.
Yi Yang a look of guilt, Yan Xi, in fact, you can pick the pieces better.
I just laugh, I like this, as I only like like you.
Yi Yang, laugh, silly girl.
In this way, we smile, the salesman aunt in the eyes of disdain, I reach out to Yi Yang, seemed so serious that some decent Yi Yun Young egg for me to wear the ring full of happiness.
Feeling of the moment in the skin, a cool damp invasion of my heart. The next second, I fell in love with it.
As a result, they also understand that life is slightly better feeling in your heart.
On the way home, I seriously and naive Duiyi Yang said since then, I’m your bride, I will wear it with you wander through, one day, we are tired, want to Find a quiet, comfortable and warm haven to shelter in our footsteps, I will wear it is a testament to my happiness, grow old with you, this life, I set you up with.
Yi Yang just laugh, his finger gently knock on my forehead, silly girl.
I like Yi Yang call me silly girl, a kiss of love the feeling in their hearts.
I Yi Yang’s arm doing a happy dream.
Time flying like death, unlike the World, ancient forever.
Unconsciously, actually half a year later.
Ring is still firmly in my ring finger trap, while the finger prints on the white circle is also out.
But, Yi Yang had gone south of the city. I am still in my small town day after day of waiting.
I begged him, I said, the most bitter days I have spent with him.
Yi Yang just shook his head, silly girl, I am a person suffer is enough, why should you stay with. Obediently waiting for you, so I stabilized, I will take your past.
Then I saw Yi Yang, sincere and full of love’s eyes, I shook.
I’m going to send him to the station, he refused. He said, through that year’s graduation, he fears most is the farewell.
In fact, I know, he did not want to let me cry.
But eventually, I went to the station.
I have been to maintain as not to hurt. I like the love child of a mother, heart Dingning Zhao Yi Yang to note everything. A thousand words.
The moment the train stops, Yi Yang gently hugged me. I hold him tightly, I draw the familiar warmth.
Yi Yang said, silly girl, we must take care of yourself, do not get sick, do not cry easily, and, for me, oh do not eat fat.
I just “en.”
The next moment, is back behind a little decidedly Yi Yang figure.
After all the tears blurred my eyes. Glide faster and faster the train, I Yi Yang front window, exhausted the strength of my life, shouting, in this life, I am your eternal bride.
Looked down and saw a black ring on the ring finger.
A person, when the day began to change slowly. Wall calendar is my little circle, get blurred. I am often in the old wall clock leisurely “ticking” sound, the look and Yi Yang had the happiness of my silhouette.
Thoughts on this day care, I look forward to the return of Yi Yang, good news.
But, still doing a happy dream in a dream, Yi Yang and I held a luxurious wedding.
Woke up, I still silly laugh, as if happiness is that the hand can be vertical.
I Yi Yang on the phone to talk about my dream, vivid.
Yi Yang is always laugh at me, that I now become a mad marriage.
Hey I just laugh, even though there are a number of helpless laughter. Yi Yang do not know, I’m not just talking about the dream, I was about my desire, I want to hear Yi Yang commitment, even if only one is required.
Yi Yang found a lot of money can be considered good not bad work. Very hard every day. I know he is stronger self-esteem and heavy people, nature inevitably hard. I told him that he should pay attention to the body, do not their teeth. Yi Yang always said, Young is the capital, eat what is bitter, the first bitter sweet.
Sometimes, I will ask him, when you come pick me ah? I used to do odd jobs for you ah?
Yi Yang said, fast, fast, and so I was busy working this for a while. Be patient for a little bit, a little bit, okay?
Bad temper, I would say, not good.
Then you will hear Yi Yang pleading voice, silly girl, so my brother right then, my brother which is really busy, you let my brother complete peace of mind it.
I listened and laughed, then there is nothing in return ah?
You wait, I will let you dream in order to repay the.
So, I daydream laugh, Yi Yang, you finally make me a little relieved.
I looked down and saw a black ring on the finger, and think of the original Yang Yi’s face was full of guilt. I told myself, everything is worth waiting for, all thoughts are water.
I still dream of doing the colorful and happy.
Zhang Xiaoxian said, all looking for, there are always a process.
Perhaps happiness is the branches of flowers, struggling to pick only you can smell its fragrance, see its colorful.
I am waiting for the stream, slowly lost confidence. Yang Yi is not I do not believe, maybe, I do not believe in themselves.
Thus, it was found, I have my own travel rights, but also have their own looking for opportunities. Just spent a long time, waiting for a long, but forget that they can go to find.
I Duiyi Yang said, I want to get out, get some fresh air, a change of mood, look the way I wanted.
Yi Yang did not expect my surprise, he was just very calm, asked that good, the road to be careful and see the sights, both physical and mental benefits.
I am silent, but filled with great waves to the heart.
I have never been out of my town, and even, I do not know even how to ride the train.
Yi Yang asked me where to go, I said casually.
Do not know since when, two people seems a bit strange.
I looked down to see the rocket black ring, a slight heart pain. Years of baptism, it will eventually light polished, now it no longer old style, but, after years of accumulated, it becomes more mellow and soft.
But first, I want, not that it reveals a shiny black light the edge of it?
I told my brother the trip, he told me recently from town to town S the most convenient road. The city is Yi Yang S where the address.
I Chuaizhuo an anxious heart, with my fearless courage, and boarded the train to go south.
All the way to silent. Looking out the window hastily speeding landscape, my heartache pains, I do not know what I find is a process.
Reach S City, is sunset. Shiny red sunsets everyone’s face, but also illuminates a hurry to rush to the pace.
I stood on the platform, looked at the bustling station, suddenly there is a little bleak, nameless sorrow to the outrageous. Do I just this rush of passing it?
Trance immediately, faint to hear someone call my name, I am pleased to look around, but just a myriad of strange. I not only giggle, the world’s largest, may be just the same name only. Since knowledge can not, why too sensitive?
However, it sounds closer and closer, until I turned around again, I will miss seeing that familiar smile.
Yi Yang is? Really Yi Yang. I refused to take a surprise, it flew past the platform jumping.
Yi Yang, I plunged headlong into the embrace, hold him tightly, tears surging waves. I am reluctant to look up for fear of a dream, it returning to the familiar warmth.
I said, Yi Yang, really you? I am not dreaming.
Yi Yang kissing my hair, some blame for that, silly girl, what a wonderful thing there are so honored to be your man can hold. Touches I want to ask you to before, why do not I say hello?
I laugh, why do you know that I will come again, I had to remind you, I will travel, to go looking. Are you do not mind it.
Yi Yang just laugh, as always.
I looked at my dreaming of this man, long time gone, Yi Yang lost, but become increasingly more capable, and kind of the charm of a mature man. I stared a long time, just say the sound, you lost. After the laughs, but more handsome, or I like to type.
Yi Yang and knock my head with your fingers, silly girl, that is, of course, but, you’re fat, is not while I’m away, every day, eat fried chicken ah?
I smiled, happy flavor. Think before your guess, I not only slightly embarrassed.
Yi Yang took me to his house, still clean and the sun that he, although a small room seem slightly crowded, but it is so well-organized, clean for me. To me, and Yi Yang decided to go for a candlelight dinner hands.
During the reception, I just kept looking at Yi Yang silly laugh, that moved so happy since I forgot to miss many days of suffering, but also forget the many, many words to say.
“Yan Xi, marry me?”
I do not know when, Yi Yang took out a small pink box, inlaid with a glowing inside an innocent white silver ring, above the multicolored diamond, shining in the candlelight, the exceptionally bright flash.
I hesitated, then burst into tears. This was the moment I am eager to have a long, ah, the moment it finally arrived, but I have not prepared well enough to greet its arrival, to meet the happiness of my life.
Yi Yang gently Shidiao tears for me, silly girl, or so crying ah, you said you do I’ll never the bride, do not you go back on now?
Ranging from Yi Yang finished, I immediately said, I wish, I wish.
I reached out to Yi Yang, Yi Yang said, it really is a silly girl, While this ring you wear ah.
I just laugh. Yi Yang, how it is possible to know the happiness I have been corroborated.
Then, Yi Yang, gently remove the egg is black ring, then gently put the egg for my silver ring.
Tears, the end is silent.
Perhaps the best love, not a thousand words, not eachother, but only two waiting for each other’s heart.
Even silent, the end is also happiness.

Coke Love

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My daughter love to eat crabs, he said that today haunt me a long time ago, the last, six crabs eat her breath it, and she is also particularly love to eat! He said these when the eyes smile, a soft light in the glittering.
She knew, he said that “she” is his wife.
She wanted to tell him, in fact, she love to eat crabs, but still these words swallowed into the stomach.
Meteors in July, the sun was burning in pain pores tie, her heart began to cool a little.
She followed this man, has for three years. Three years, she declined a lot of good suitor, twenties Zither Love, seeing the petals of a felled wandering Oh.
Her to wait. When he realized the phrase promise. He said: “They’re children, I wait six months, I must …”
Wait six months, it will be his bride, right? She thought.
So, six months, and six months, her long wait is a lot a lot of sadness.
Sometimes, she would considerate to think: Yeah, after all, a marriage, even one thousand one hundred holes sore, like disintegration, is not easy. At this time, he owned her in my arms and kissed her: “It is you, most know me!” So, she felt, all the grievances, the value!
Originally Today, he said to her to relax, go halfway, but suddenly filed a crab. He said the matter had been promised her Nianglia not forget, I another day to accompany you?
Well you are trustworthy, you promised me to do, when to deliver? Held the sunlight, she suddenly, angry.
What happened? He was mutated and made her somehow.
Forgot? Of course, where you will remember? Or buy your crab it fast! She glanced at him coldly. He is also looked at her in amazement, eyes staring into a triangle shape. She suddenly felt himself in love with this man, the original is so wretched.
A tingling, like the thorns from the heart as the next needle to tie up.
In early May, he said, to buy her a box of Coke. Originally, buy her own, she never climbs he had something that he insisted that another day, he bought her. June, he said once, now, to July, and he forgot, he forgot his little promise, forget, she is thirsty, thirsty to wait for him, so he bought a love Coke … …
Today, in order that “does not love his wife” and daughter, he is willing to leave her, from east to west, braving treacherous sun, the body flow of a sweat, but forgot, from her in front of supermarkets, Shunpian Mai a Coke to her box.
She do not want to tell him, it looks like, it seems that she is not worth the struggle when a box of cola. She thought, the promise of a box of cola, hard cash, then he promised her love, marriage, for life then?
She ran a home, crazy but also adding that, once bought three boxes of Coke, Gulp filling a bottle and a bottle, drink straight abdominal distension. When a gas explosion, “bang” to flutter her face when she Cancan laughed, laughing face of tears. She suddenly felt his promise, his love, much like a bottle of Coke Yeah, stimulation, temptation, but in fact, just the gas and foam!

Get out of the Sad

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How long has your information, I do not know, do not want to think about. Time seems to have solidified in me, and sad I was filled with the endless night and day. Jinxi is what I am quite sure, the only wish in your lonely years to sink. Every day, standing on the way, Ren Shiguang as lonely drizzly rain down from the top of the head, over and over again washed with the inner silence and melancholy, sometimes I feel like I am far away from you, far too can not remember you in my heart look, sometimes I feel as close to you from me, I can clearly feel your breath, you filled in the bits and pieces of my life, that life in the small lines are recorded on your details, covered with simple love you.
Always thinking of your dream suddenly awakened, it can not fall asleep. Staring out the window of Moonlight, Acacia term into mourning, opened his eyes, close your eyes, your shadow lingering. You is not just a name, you are a mark, deeply embedded in my heart, in every Acacia day, played sad music sounds dream, a dream floating down one place with my Blue Acacia …… color tragic music sounded in the ears lengthy, Richard. Clayderman melancholy and desolation of the sounds, through time and space, filled with sudden tears …… rain down, like at the moment whether you are a monthly Huaiyuan, the eve of competition could hardly sleep? Pity that the eyes of children who are far off how many tears have children, can stand to make from the autumn winter flow, flow from the spring summer?
At the moment most Acacia, lonely as a touch of dark blue of the night outside the window, and the wind in the Indus shake thick as a tree crushed the autumn melancholy, long bright light, reflecting the melancholy I can not resolve a plume of deep thoughts, in the heart heart outside, outside every now and dream dreams, sad as the sea …… burst of emotion, emotion, and then surging ……
Acacia wind, pulling my feet, to find your trail, full of all savings with the fatigue set foot south of the train, not for anything else, just to give you an account, you can find a dock to miss the Harbour. But when I stood tall strange city south street, busy, people coming and going, I confused and helpless, I do not know where to go. I know you in this corner of the city, or the life of calm or depression, can be a big crowd, which one is you? A corner in which I can see you? You simply disappear, and never out of my sight. July the city hot, it hit my heart bursts of cold, everywhere is bad defeat Red Jade, Xinchou have the old hate, tenderness people thousands of miles. Silent silent, written from the intestinal longitudinal thousands, Chennai who sent clouds go? Ear it sounded the first time you send me the word: ten years between life and death, do not consider, since the memorable. Trinidad solitary graves, Nowhere bleak. Should not even know each other, dust sounded, coming from the frost. You Meng night comes suddenly and return home, Xiaoxuanchuang are dressing. Silent with care, only tears of a thousand lines …… meet with you this is a mistake, should not be met in the most when you met, sad they can not be avoided, for your thoughts is always pain, I am unable to get out from this pain, so sink it, the horseshoe term years, stepped on my wild heart, so that those who can not heal the scars, the pain again, so that pain tells me I have lived, loved, pain However, missing too, too happy, this is enough.
Farewell, the world’s frustration, Farewell, my love! When all this with tears flowing through the long night, I do not know, can not know what to talk to you, since you can not get out of depression, sad eyes, then let me in your life over the place, staring into a timeless scenery! I will use all my tenderness and soul to pray, pray for your eternal peace and tranquility. Although I know I will languish, I tired, I will be endless desolation in the ashes, I still regret, only wish that the name of love you, you lonely in the dead of night every night gently, soft I think the soft ground

Cradle Tour

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Should have organized, we have a line 36, with a visit to Xi’an, not to mention tours Terra Cotta Warriors, Huaqing Pool shopping, say within three days, 24 hours train journey on the cradle, I was shaking became astronauts !
November 4 at 7 pm, we embarked on a train to Xi’an, a hard seat for various reasons. Beginning, we excitement kept a son, a group of four people, a group of six people, playing poker, eating things that do not play poker on the chat. Our leaders used a poker, teach me to play Chase the Pig and two other colleagues, leadership can be described as “wily,” but I got the three of us there is no strategic method of operation of the cards do a puzzling, as well as confused and disoriented, and then amused laugh … …
The car box filled with our people, units in the past tense, busy and solemn atmosphere suddenly disappeared, everyone was cheering, joy, joy overflowing everyone’s face. Everyone is really excited about is not easy music peace!
5 hours passed so quickly, after zero time, everyone very different, and still withstand the boil is not very happy he, who almost toughness, began gradually moved, eyes closed leaning back , and accidentally, to sleep, but along with the train shaking his head involuntarily forward a knock and a rude awakening, and then positioned against the seat back upright narrowed to.
Time and again confused, and again like a worm, like nodding and wake up and bowed. Amused everyone ha ha straight smile.
Old like this is not the answer, so we give birth to an idea, a row of three people to help each other, you depend on me for a while, I pillow you for a moment, and take care of each other a break. To sit a long time, natural control can not stand the legs, feet on the child freely out into the seat opposite the place of small account, so it goes, we still surprising. At the time, next to a fat person can rely on a soft “sofa back,” can really be pain in the blessing of the lucky people it! If the next one to die thin, stiff bones, sediment will you get uncomfortable …… Ge
The scene was indeed very interesting, you Kanba: Some people twisted his head, crooked body; some people sit is not, nor is the legislation; some people’s eyes could not open, and closed not on; Some people, before nodded, shook his head left, right, shook his head … … Oh! Not to mention more amused miserable like it!
So, some people give birth to a trick, with the camera to each person’s face taken off, so after we returned to the flat together, “enjoy.”
This Yaoyao Yu Xian train trip of 12 hours, before finally coming to a head in at 6:50 on November 5th time-sharing, we finally arrived in Xi’an station, in a guided, fatigue, a night of us, but also riding a 2-day course of travel.
Our schedule was tight, and in at 21:00 on October 6th, they set foot on the train home. This way back is actually quite lucky, we get a sleeper, four to a hut, and everyone “to live adjacent to the” natural and ultimately “string door”, we were given their luggage snack Xi’an: Shaanxi Ten strange, persimmons, pomegranates, dates a head, stone bun, steamed mutton, etc., and eat.
I am the person lazy, one on the car, lay covered with do not want to move, despite how I do not blame everyone stopping by, but I still covered by the pleasures of its own, had intended to write about feelings, but when the environment I was a little chaotic, write fails, afraid of my colleagues say I go abroad, like, so he opened P4, plug in the headphones while listening to music while watching the book (which is before I download prose, ready to watch the train, which finally put to use under the compensation.)
Train was slowly moving forward, I feel a train of clicks, nestled in the arms of the train tremble, as if lying on the mother’s cradle in general, carried away.
I do not know why, after another night of bumpy journey back to a warm home, I suddenly found that the fluttering lengthy “Wonderland” is still with me, ah! Originally, I had drunk it!