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Volkswagen Beetle story

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Produce more than 65 years, with 21.5 million users all over the globe, is still active in the world. Hitler’s Nazi empire from the national car to depict people of the world’s Volkswagen. The twentieth century’s greatest automotive engineers – Dr. Ferdinand Porsche • achievements of the twentieth century’s greatest automotive products, and perhaps vice versa, also Dr. Porsche with the Beatles or together to create a legend of the automotive industry history.
In 1926, as Daimler – Benz Technical Director of the Ferdinand • Porsche has a new idea. He was not satisfied only to design and manufacture of high-end luxury cars and high performance racing, in his view, everyone can design a car with the economy is now the best thing to do. But he did not get the idea of ​​Daimler – Benz’s full support. In 1929, Porsche chose to leave Daimler – which was Germany’s largest automobile company, was removed to Steyr Motors. However, bad luck, in the context of the Great Depression, Steyr company in financial trouble, Porsche unemployed.
April 1931, Porsche returned to Stuttgart, Anton Piech and Adolf • • Rosenberg founded with funding from the Porsche engine car design consultant, and hired former friends and colleagues designer Karl • Rabe, Irvine • Ke Manda body designer, engineer Franz Vail • Limestone • Kisa Olympus and his son Ferry Porsche •.
“Ferdinand Porsche in 1940 with a KdF-Wagen-like car”
The company began receiving orders by some manufacturers design to maintain operations, as the business increases, Porsche forward to continuing to complete his plan in Daimler – Benz car failed to achieve the economic plan. Initially, the Porsche to do with his life insurance mortgage loan, in exchange for funds to promote the project.
Soon, motorcycle manufacturers Zuendapp find the Porsche, and are willing to sponsor the project. In 1931, the Zuendapp factory in Nuremberg, the first Porsche Typ 12 (Porsche Design products are starting from Typ 7 named, is said to win the customers trust in this young company) prototype completed. In 1932, Zuendapp has created three prototype vehicle, the vehicle can accommodate four passengers. Irvine • Ke Manda body responsible for the design, and Reutter in Stuttgart processing plant. Although Porsche strongly opposed, but eventually in accordance with the requirements of the commissioning party Zuendapp using 19kW 5-cylinder radial engine, rear-wheel drive after the, body weight 600kg, maximum speed of 80 km.
“Porsche is set Zeundapp design Typ 12 models, using the 19kW engine, the speed of 80 km.”
Road test results show that the vehicle’s engine cooling problems, the gearbox is also unsatisfactory. President of the mass to be the final Zuendapp high investment on the grounds, stop funding the project.
“1931 Porsche Typ 12 models designed in Nuremberg Zuendapp factory produced the first prototype.”
Has produced four Typ 12 prototype, there are two already damaged, Porsche has also retained one-year period 1944-1945 during the Allied bombing of Stuttgart was destroyed. The only existing prototype of a Typ 12 is housed in an industrial museum in Nuremberg.
Things and soon a turning point. In 1933, the main production motorcycle NSU D-Rad from the United Auto manufacturers intend to return to the field of automobile manufacturing, production of a small car. President Fritz von Falkenhayn commissioned Porsche to design a economy car, you can design from Zuendapp models, so Porsche decided to use air-cooled rear engine.
“1934 production cars like the Porsche Typ 32, an air-cooled 4-cylinder boxer engine.”
New car, code-named Porsche Typ 32, using the rear air-cooled four-cylinder boxer engine, tubular frame, the crank arm front suspension, swing axle rear suspension, the car’s basic structure and later KdF -Wagen is very close. Prototypes produced a total of three, two of the use of semi-soft synthetic leather top body, the other a hardtop version.
“Porsche type 32”
July 1934, three kind of car road test work completed, the results are optimistic, with only high-speed stabilizer bar fracture and engine noise is too large, and these are solved. However, according to NSU estimated production cost of the work will take about 10 million marks, so NSU choose to end the project.
On the other hand, almost Typ 32 models developed at the same time, the Berlin Motor Show in 1933, Hitler made a national car project, Dr. Porsche until finally the long-awaited opportunity.
“Hitler’s own maps of the” people’s car “sketches”
Will surface in time, Hitler requested to Porsche, the German people to design a car. According to Hitler’s demands, the car must provide two adults and three children traveling in space, the maximum speed of 100 km, to meet the needs of highway driving, average fuel consumption of no more than one hundred kilometers 7 liters in 1000 to control prices Mark below.
“Hitler’s ideal of the national car, to be able to carry two adults, three children, and bring their luggage.”
“January 17, 1934 Ferdinand Porsche completed a detailed plan for the national car project.”
January 17, 1934, Porsche presented a detailed project plan. On 22 June the same year, Porsche Automobile Manufacturers Association signed with the Empire Volkswagen prototype manufacturing contract. Porsche contract to be completed within 10 months of prototype manufacturing.
As a result of delay in progress, until February 24, 1936, two kind of Typ 60 car – code-named V1 and V2 versions of the car was in the convertible version of the Daimler – Benz Berlin Showroom public. In addition there are three VW-3 series of prototype vehicles are in the 1935-36 years, private factory in Stuttgart where Porsche completed, these cars are based on the NSU to build a prototype car. In Porsche’s designs, he was more inclined to adopt the four-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine or a two-stroke three-cylinder radial engine. The experimental results show that a large number, or boxer engine is most suitable.
“1935 to 1936 between the Porsche factory in Stuttgart to complete the three VW3 prototypes.”
“In 1936 Ferry Porsche in Tübingen driving a convertible version of the V2 prototype”
“1937 VW30 in the Grossglockner road test”
VW-3 Series models test is successful, Daimler – Benz plant in Sindelfingen 30 sets of test loading, the internal code name for the VW 30 (29 sets of car, a convertible). Easter 1937, began the road test, and ultimately proved very reliable engine. Total of all vehicles traveling 2.4 million kilometers. The road test takes about 170 million German marks.
“1937 VW 30 test measured results show that the design is very reliable.”
“In 1937, Daimler – Benz plant in Sindelfingen 30 VW 30 test vehicles completed a 100 million kilometers of testing.”
“In 1937 Ferdinand Porsche prototype car with a VW30”
1938, Reutter car manufacturers began to produce models of VW 38 steel body, front hinged doors, front and rear bumpers. Because of the curved glass high production costs, low output, then the end of the Beatles but also the use of separate windows.
“1937 VW 30 Prototype was not after the vehicle rear windshield.”
VW 38 models of the basic parameters have been in line with production requirements. It uses a tubular frame structure, metal floor, spring shock absorber, rear 985cc air-cooled boxer engine. Maximum speed of 100 km, the maximum power 18kW, empty quality of 750kg.
“In 1938 the production of VW38 models to determine the final style of the national car”
“In 1938, the convertible version of the kind of car manufacturers, produced a total of 12”
Porsche’s chief designer Erwin • Ke Manda continue to improve the beetle-shaped body, engineer Franz • Honeywell • Limestone Olympus Aqsa is responsible for manufacturing boxer engine, also designed the VW mark.
At the same time “the people’s car” concept has also been the official name – KdF-Wagen. KdF from Kraft durch Freund (happiness is power), the German Labor Front, which was organized under the name of the holiday.
“In 1938, national car finally has an official name – KdF Wagen”
“April 20, 1938 Hitler’s birthday, Dr. Porsche demonstrate to Hitler” national car “model”
“In 1938, small batch production of VW 38 cars pass through the Brandenburg Gate.”
May 26, 1938, Volkswagen has great enthusiasm for the Hitler Fallersleben plant for the public to lay the first building block, then this will become public as we know Wolfsburg headquarters. In the same year on July 1, KdF Motor City completed. About one year after the formal delivery of the vehicle KdF-Wagen.
The car originally sold for 990 Reichsmark, but does not accept cash. Intention of the buyers, need to go buy the tickets face value of five marks, and adhesive on the “KdF-Wagen book”, while this book is equivalent to ordering the certificate. Since the outbreak of World War II, the vehicle has not been scheduled to be delivered on time, the factory fell into a suspended state. From 1939, the Volkswagen factory turned to producing munitions, there are over 330,000 KdF-Wagen orders can not be honored.
“KdF-Wagen does not accept cash to buy, but with phased savings in the form of advances, buyers need to apply for KdF book”
“Customers are required to purchase tickets face value of five marks of savings, set at least 990 marks to redeem a KdF-Wagen”
“KdF-Wagen purchase plan posters”
Before the outbreak of the war, the German bank workers advance through this phased approach has been to attract deposits of 200 million 78 million Reichsmark. Savings of the people has been completed, as it should be required to get their cars. But in the war, the original production to the ordinary people of KdF-Wagen has turned out to 65,000 Taiwan with armored vehicles and amphibious vehicles. This problem was resolved until after the war, proposed a settlement in 1961, Volkswagen program, customers have to pay the full advance payment for new cars can enjoy discount 600 German marks, the price of new cars is only about 1 / 6. If you want to cash compensation, only 100 marks.
Patent dispute
Bella • Baen Yi with the design patent dispute
Known as the father of automotive passive safety of Automotive Engineers, known as the Hungarian Bela • Baen Yi (Béla Barényi) consider themselves in 1925 the Beatles had already conceived the basic framework, Ferdinand • Porsche earlier than 5 years. This point of view, there has been objection Porsche. Porsche is the founder of the company that created the Porsche Ferdinand • Beetle.
“The father of automotive safety – 贝拉 models in the design drawings in 1929.”
The lawsuit with the Tatra
Austrian automobile designer Hans Ledwinka set up in the Porsche Design Studio in the same period in Czechoslovakia Tatra car work. In 1931, Tatra V570 prototype manufacture, use air-cooled two-cylinder rear engine. Then, in 1933, has developed a streamlined body of the V570, like cars, Porsche Typ 32 with similar profiles. After the rear-drive layout of the cooling efficiency of air-cooled engine is a challenge, in 1933, the Tatra T77 V8 engine design process models, Tatra applied for a large number of patents on engine cooling. Later, with the public court when Tatra, Tatra air-cooling design patent is one of ten patents.
“In 1933 the development of the Tatra V570 models with the same period of the Porsche Typ 32 have a similar shape.”
Tatra Hitler and Porsche have been affected. Hitler was a fanatical fans, during his visit to Czechoslovakia Tatra car ride. He has repeatedly and Ledwinka meal together. During a meal, Hitler told Porsche: “This is what I want the car.” Prior to 1933, Porsche and Ledwinka regularly together to discuss automotive design, design of all the people in the car Porsche has admitted: “Sometimes I learn him, and he also from time to time I learn.” 1936 Tatra T97, after using the 1749cc air-cooled rear-wheel drive four-cylinder boxer engine. Price 5600 Reichsmark, sleek four-door vehicle can accommodate five passengers, as the front luggage compartment behind the seats can be put luggage. It is even and the Beatles as the central channel structure.
“1939 Tatra T97 model.”
The outbreak of stacker, Tatra Volkswagen to bring ten to the infringement proceedings. Porsche intends to pay royalties and Tatra reconciliation, but Hitler stopped him, and promised himself to “solve the problem.” Tatra sued, but the German invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1938 due to the termination, Tatra factory taken over by the Nazis in the same year. 1939 Auto Show in Berlin, Hitler ordered the Tatra T97 and T57 out of the booth, Tatra and since then only the production of heavy trucks and diesel engines, in addition to the V8 T87, the other cars full stop. This case has been delayed until after World War II, in 1961, Tatra Volkswagen to pay 300 million German marks to reach a settlement.


Car Become a Food Only in The Moment

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Delicious food and the car should be no contact but the interesting thing just happened that people have lamented the rich imagination.

Flying Car

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Flying car has been welcomed, because it can be placed on the flight over the city, away from the crowded living areas, can effectively alleviate the headaches of traffic congestion problems. Recently, the Indian inventor has developed a new flying car, looks very cottage, and the Hollywood movie “Back to the Future” in the next car is very similar, which makes many people are looking forward to it.
The top of the four corners of this car are fitted with a rotating blade, the wheel is surrounded by a vacuum device. Modified the car, he (AK Vishwanath) claimed that these special devices allow vehicles with a vertical take-off, can definitely overcome any problem of traffic congestion. To this end, he is still a large-scale wind tunnel tested.
In addition, it is the car shell is the 1980s by the Japanese Suzuki (Suzuki) manufactured by Maruti 800 car, just in the last year production. Maruti 800 is the first small car in India was introduced, it is the cause of India’s revolution in transportation.
So he hopes he can bring this new round of flight vehicle transportation revolution. Although flying cars have never been in the air, and many outsiders have questioned it, but it still became the 2011 Bangalore, India (Bangalore) aerospace development a focus.
Special 52 years old, he spent 16 years before the invention of this flying car, it is in the process of research and development received 40 patents. He said: “The inspiration comes from many aspects, including the Hornet’s ability in the air now many engineers are willing to join his project, and that this is undoubtedly” a menace “.” Currently, there are several companies with His representations are willing to finance his invention. However, although the business has already begun, but the lack of a complete written contract.
Early last year, the United States Travers Georgia (TERRAFUGIA) introduced the world’s first flying car, “leap” (Transition), and completed the first flight of 400 kilometers, the inventor was actually a U.S. college graduates.