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I Love the Train Bound For the Column

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I do not know, is not the end of or all of the journey has no end. I remember that year, I stood a stranger in a twilight site, the sunset bent my shadow on the rails, the wind swept trees near the site, raised Yi Mei and my long hair.
I am still in those two parallel lines or by the myriad of tracks parallel lines to form before the panting to see a train stopped in front of me, and sighed and ran through the city. What wind is to sneak into my eardrum, with a moist dew of the night and the cool earth, suddenly, all over the world only a strange, crowded and desolate.
My other issue that roaring sound of the train, from the unseen depths of the distance, through my dreams, sigh parked in front of me. Loud voice that I regret and nostalgia, with the ambiguous heart Ripples of light waves.
I was pushed forward to be sent to the location of a carriage window, head-rub shoulders, are not expected unfamiliar faces. I finished sorting their simple luggage, look out the window in thought, ideas, and numerous trains running up like the direction.
I am not used to silence talk with people, behind the closed eyes, my heart was running very rapidly spread to distant context of a clear track, monotonously derived from the intricate maze, the people have been deserted or enthusiasm to the new place, to the noise in the distance may perhaps lonely. I want to reach the site is that happiness, true, warm.
I know that every trip journey by numerous accidental and uncertain form, I understand, at the same time the same train car go the same place the same, is the world’s fate repair a few, but I was right close insurmountable distance I can only face the strange silent smile, with a train ride journey toward destiny, but I do not know one had the heart with internal injuries in the home can call and continue to love coming to the end of the roar in the stand?
Night has been deep, still only train a large body shaking, countless visitors filled the intervening north-south have been asleep, and occasionally has a thin whisper passed twice ears. Look at the text messages on mobile phones, also soak into the family who brought back from home and love blood temperature, such as listening to a whisper in the wind, if they are holding a pair of warm, because it is loaded with too many blocks in the chest love and wait.
Night, I open their eyes wide breakdown time, I never thought he would this day, years of age, two years of age, Up to 30 more than half of the moment, again and again let the train take me toward a foreign land went back haunt. Once, I rest content with the home set in life, that kind of life would be extended to the situation cautiously, no surprise no interference, but I Zhongshi most edge of the crowd, I feel like the line in the wilderness, desolate deep in time, desolation in the dark, including life and emotions.
I am not in the outside world is full of wonderful, but helpless, for many years of hard work, I always maintained a posture of a drop of water will one day, a moment Passed fall on earth. The city’s hustle and bustle, and never gave me forget their place of origin, living debris were thrown in the corner of every city, so I would like to come back from a foreign land at the back to leave the garden landscape Wada, were returned to when friends and lovers in. The original, moving and dependent care in two places and waiting quietly grown in Acacia. Place of origin, not just time, there are love, because it has been a love waiting for me in to the office, it is different at different times to remind me face some of the causes of the fact that I remember, and warm outside my home all years.
As a result, wound up the other side, I removed a strange site to another new mood to the home from a foreign country, the fate of the maze, such as the wilderness of the wind, spread in front, emitting a strong but trivial real human breath, let me facial features graceful, long distances, and the expedition trek across the desert Miao, struggling around in a big circle, life went back to place, I love back home.
Today, the life time of wind surprised, streamer to throw, the roots lost, death can not recover.
When looking at a train passing through the site, I will stop, with all his heart and strength, watching it, imagine it the appearance of the year; thank it, I came to love the sites set out until it disappears from the front. Then turned quiet, continue with this life ordinary and real every day.


Where a rising star

Chen Yu-private art school established 10 years, and I as an ordinary school teacher, seeing their hard work by Chen Yu, a pragmatic progressive, reform and innovation to bear fruitful results. Chen Yu to promote the development of education has made tremendous contributions to, now I know about the story of Chen Yu to tell you.
Do adhere to the law school to cultivate artistic stars
“Creating artistic genius, is the best service for each student.” This is Chen Yu has been fulfilling the duties of a decade, according to Chen Yu to do school work as the soul throughout the school, in promoting reform and create a great deal on work and the implementation of drastic teacher system, students system, personnel system, “three reforms,” ​​according to “register, create, review,” a reasonable set of three series of class type, that “the person and made”, “the person and select” , “the person and the” three series of coordinated, complementary and avoid duplication of functions of student education and educational cross-over-concentration of surface; through competition, exchange rotation, so that a number of high culture, business mature, strong middle-aged teachers to leadership positions, leadership and team optimize the structure, the team brought out an unprecedented vitality. To improve the team level of education, Chen Yu to encourage cadres and workers to participate in a variety of academic education, based on carefully conducted leadership training course. Building a clean government, prevention of such crimes, and to spot warning educational options open in the prison, played a very good warning. Implementation of standardized education project to promote the law school is Chen Yu is another important measure, a decade, according to Ministry of Education, Chen Yu-deployment, through a sound regulatory framework, reasonable definition of the responsibilities of various departments, specifically the post workflow, improve evaluation methods improve the incentive mechanism, relying on computer technology, to achieve a people management system to machine affairs, education and management in the past to solve the present method is not perfect, the responsibility is not clear, weakening the daily management of issues such as education programs significantly regulated.
“Three satisfactory” rectify ethos
“Student satisfaction, parent satisfaction, community satisfaction,” This is Chen Yu goals and purpose. Years, according to Chen Yu municipal government agencies work style requirements, combined with the deployment of Provincial Education top-notch, step by step towards this goal. “Who is damaging the image of Chen Yu, who would hit jobs.” This is Chen Yu-art school’s motto. Years, in order to identify the problems in my school work, Chen Yu has held a symposium on education reform, teacher contact to launch parents, parents and the community, “prick”, style of construction and development of school management system, in particular the system to work, delay delivery system, the system of holidays as a key duty to vigorously implement them; the same time, vigorously promote the “Sunshine Project” to reduce “black-box operation.” All public school school, and in the rain outside the window set up a monitoring Chen Gang, bulletin boards, to report cases. To ensure the implementation of the system, Chen Yu also organized from time to time the working group conducted a thorough investigation into the teacher’s home, and sent camera exposure, inform the school. Of the problems identified or masses of individuals, conducting courses to learn or rectification of a violation of the individual, determined in accordance with relevant provisions dealt with accordingly, not be tolerated. Spiritual civilization construction of ethos as Chen Yu dare the real thing, the community established a good image of Chen Yu, also the party and government and the community, parents praise.
Maintaining quality seedlings selected to create the “star” schools
Decades, Chen Yu-effectively transform the ideas, the focus shifted to major national star to submit artistic and creative artistic talents seedling up efforts to achieve from nurturing talent to create the star changes in the roles. To Chen Yu, Chen Yu found the face of the United States, the house new. By Chen Yu-campus sites and educational exchanges all walks of life experience, continuous improvement, Chen Yu-campus environment, and implemented a “student card” project, a card can service a variety of functions, not only to facilitate the students, but also facilitate the school management. This is what I know about Chen Yu played the brand of education, some examples of continuous reform and innovation, Chen Yu will I know there are many new initiatives are constantly introduced, I will wait and see. I as an ordinary employee is satisfied, because the love it love, love, Chen Yu, art evergreen.

I Love Perfume

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Weekend water and soil, the phase a crystal clear glass vase. The bottle resembles a plum flower, so I had to give it a name – called plum vase. Mei looked at the vase, actually can not think what to spend plug? So, after arriving home found a discreet corner of the plum vase on there.
One day, I went to the drawing class, looking at the bottle out of the studio, large and small cans of God: thought, if the painting when the plum vase used to rinse the pen is not very good? Plum vase of space, water containers and more transparent sound, each pen can also see the rinse process, it is not very interesting! Home after school, from the corner out of plum vase filled with water, I put the pen on the plum curious vase water and gently shake, or hug with just the brush, as if just woke up, stretched out lazy little Maomi waist, loose open pen hair gradually, one by one, clearly visible. I said to myself, saying: “ah! Really good.”
By chance, the fate of plum vase has changed, I more or less for many years to develop habits also changed. That June day, a deep interest to practice at home, Chiang Kai-shek freehand painting peony, suddenly the doorbell really shocked me, could not help but subconsciously raised his head and looked at the wall clock, oh! The original is the time to school, seems to have no time to pack on the table drawing tools.
Open the door, come in a rather old one and her mother, a rather gave the “good teacher”! So I am pleased to quickly bent down, picked up this is sensible, intelligent and lovely girl, in her delicate face on another pro-pro. Then, led a rather into the piano room, her mother lost in the living room.
After-school break, we came to the living room, butt not firmly secured, a rather pointed to the mother could not wait to plum vase said to me: “the teacher,” vase “is used to rinse pen multi Alas, that it was shabu pen items can I see it, you quickly brush it clean, to buy a few bundles of Lily flower plug, “that not only the fragrant smell of flowers! And people have the spirit of the na.
I stared, surprised asked: “Is it true? So magical?” She nodded yes. Then, I began to teach the method chosen Lily: the selection, pay attention to take shots of straight, no pests, “Flower” and “bud” the layout of the uniform, patchwork, growing fine varieties; selection, the best a bunch of bulls every morning and evening for twice the water, changing the water before you look at the bottom of spent rods have spoiled, found immediately after the crop oblique cut with scissors. Thus, in about a week to maintain flowering.
Years of life, so I do not spend money to develop the habit, flowers and elegant though, after all, is a consumer, this is a bit wasteful? Heart reluctantly, and only the lure of live flowers, flower shop will go in the direction toward involuntary.
Entered the shop, eyes full of “flowers of the world, a sea of ​​flowers, flower fragrance, spent on people, people in the flowers; fascinated, stopped for viewing. Really a lot of varieties of flowers; main perfume lilies, roses, lotus and other flat line, the selection of a few bundles long pink Lily, that satisfaction of the party paid for. holding perfume lily, a ray of fragrance, fresh, elegant floral, Ruoyouruowu, giving a hint of romantic feeling. looking forward to the cabin full of romantic longing.
Lily: Dutch origin, families and genera: Liliaceae Lilium, is a perennial bulbous flowers, there are six petals, three petals which is true, the other three grew up to become the petals are sepals. There are willow-shaped leaves, bamboo-shaped. Lily in the East and West, are the holy symbol. Lily is Lily of the queen, she’s always so confident of the petals open, there is no luxury of color, only an elegant Fanghua; do not have much to do vulgar distractions, and only great love.
I love Lily, love her extraordinary, subtle and restrained temperament; love her fragrance lovers, intoxicated with the joy of the soul; love her aloof, willing to sacrifice the spirit. Her life, though short. Yet the sight to behold, restrained temperament will always remain in subtle earth.

Yang Qi Han

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Recently, Yang Qi Han soft mode Mainland suicide, probably will never make people doubt speculation. Received negative press due to a series of suspected impact of mental breakdown, Yang Qi Han 11, committed suicide in a hotel in Wangfujing, attracted numerous spectators. While the final scare, but rescued after attempted suicide again, Han Yang chess, cross-flow of her blood was sewing the last few needles only under the life insurance to.

Can happen, presumably beyond everyone’s expectations, but think about it, Han Yang chess final path of no return, seems to be expected. When the media broke with the “Nicholas Little Three” Li Meixi nightclub looking for duck incident, all the focus is concentrated to about 90 after the soft mode in this body. Some batches of its moral is low, was also questioned Yang Han and Li Meixi chess together speculation.

One after another, “the door to find duck” has yet to subside, the Internet has spread out of Yang Qi Han and Li Meixi caressing kissing of the world’s best video. Han Yang chess screen are half-naked appearance with Limei Xi, caressing each other while staged tongue kiss good show, see people gushing nosebleed.

Just at this time, called “treasure sister” characters beginning to emerge. Han Yang chess before on “the door to find duck” from the hands of Po sister, tragically his cruel revenge. “Same-sex kissing incident” treasure sister who also was down, a moment for many users to guess the identity of the Po sister have. Po sister’s face pressing harder and harder, Yang Han-half strong chess half pleading for his life, the results did not win the treasure poor sister, and then shocked the entertainment of the “masturbation door” was heard. Han Yang chess reached its highest point along the profile, and its reputation also will be reduced to low.

Event only a short period of two months, a previously not been known to everyone 90 soft mode, and it would become the focus of the media and the public mouth, which had said that “multiple gate” result. Every chess Han Yang was explosive scandal when the users are “speculation” to explain, however, Yang Qi Han was forced to jump today, users see things blow up, just believe Yang Qi Han was broke “multiple gate” is not just speculation that simple.

Whenever a normal girl, was broke so much impede the reputation of the event, will inevitably cause damage to their spirit. The Han Young chess has become the most vulnerable precisely the kind of person. When the treasure her sister again and again trampled dignity, Yang Qi Han finally chose an extreme way to end this torture. Perhaps this way is frustrating for her, is the only way out.

Yang Han suicide chess news, events within a few days in the major entertainment headlines appear. This is entertainment, is tantamount to a super earthquake. Just after the earthquake, how to clean up the current scene, how a young life to see the hope of future life, is the most important.

Well-known Car Models Show in China

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Beautiful leg sexy woman squad known interpretation of people and vehicles to be seamlessly browse 1,025 times in the post, reply 5 times in “Gone with the Wind Snow that” things by the book’s well-known, large sexy shoot cautious not to point her in this month’s “Workshop” magazine sexy appearance, long legs hot pressing, revealed a hazy allure.
Known for all types of shot past a large, multi-pure image is beautiful, or young teen idol, or Linjiaxiaomei. In this combination of a large group of people in the car, known to subvert the traditional style of the past, playing sexy to also ease. Known to say, “I on the screen is more positive than the image, making it a large group can be considered a self-challenge.” Exposure to luxury cars among the well-known atmosphere also be demonstrated by showing off, clever interpretation of a “unity of people and vehicles.” The seamless sexy.
Car model is a business model. Commercial models usually taken as the main business advertising, business promotion in order to engage in other work-based model. The height of such models is not particularly demanding, generally 1.65 m or more. And the business model should have a good image, skin and hair. Because of their major work in front of the camera, so a good business model should have the ability and performance before the camera’s performance capabilities.
1391 in France, first appeared in “model (model)” is, since 1845 the world has witnessed since the first female models. The modeling industry with every industrial revolution, will forward a stage. 1886 German Karl Benz and Daimler invented the automobile after
  Car model
, The word models have unwittingly and car together. 1985 in Beijing, China hosted the first China International Auto Expo. 1993 Beijing auto show, the “Dream Car beauty” concept was finally introduced into China from the West, in China, giving rise to a “car model” this new term, “car model” from the Chinese Automobile Fair has added a beautiful landscape, and to some extent to promote the Chinese auto industry and China’s auto industry.
Some likened the beauty of cars, beautiful curves, shiny shell, a variety of bright colors, sometimes like a slim girl, sometimes as if a rich, charming young woman, sometimes like a man of indomitable spirit. In the show, is a beautiful car off, or on behalf of automotive beauty, this is not important, important is that people will be friendly car, the car and were very perfect harmony blend, this is a leap in auto industry . Come out very beautiful models who are world good luck, they are given human nature directly angel. Graceful curves and body posture has long been rich in emotion solemn but grand master of fine arts to show up, which is the master of automotive design formed a strong emotional resonance. Model’s overall attitude, emotional extension of the reproduction of the design master of inspiration and passion, the most wonderful combination of the two most appropriate of the most moving.

Chinese Girls and American Girl in the Eyes of Turtles

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Good turtle is very good, it is important that he or a man. A man will inevitably encounter a woman, a good man than a woman would inevitably encounter. This somewhat beside the point, and nothing to do with turtles forum, blog, a hair. Insist that a relationship had to call out: marine turtles in the eyes of Chinese girls and American girls love his wife the good turtle, he and his wife’s relationship is really good, and his wife is a kind of Hong Funv Girls saint , so their marriage is solid. However, the good turtle has spread through the coffee, wine, crazy life, and I said maybe he will marry under an American girl. “They were very sunny.” Excellent turtle says. May share Chinese culture inside the imposing, it may be to see Curse of the Golden Flower, one of the “large” too much, the characteristics of Chinese girls is hidden bitterness, the more good girls more hidden bitterness, the other is like her friends guess why she is so hidden bitterness. . . “American girl and very easy to get along, she will tell you what she likes.” Outstanding turtle and an American girl who had so little paradoxical thing, that day the girl with the United States to visit her boudoir good turtle, a filled something about China’s room. Entered, the room which stood Song: I don’t care who you are, where are you from, and what you do, as long as you love me. Excellent turtle was very surprised to see three stages of bamboo and the perfect combination of Chinese iron gossip in the wall. American girls are very bold, the girl’s face in front of the turtle to discuss how best to make your breasts fuller firm. The boudoir than the inside gossip also make excellent Chinese iron turtle surprised. Girls should be considered among the children of the United States, I very like to do the Lakers cheerleaders. For the setbacks in life has its own understanding and solutions: “suck it up and moveon” she had said so on the good turtle. Excellent relationship between the tortoise and the American girls that will only drink in a cup inside. Good turtle is responsible because the man can not really let the American girls because they have something to suck it up and move on. Moreover, the good life, or do think this turtle Li Jing fine. However, the U.S. girls really sunny. His heart think so.

Girl or Car You Which You Choose

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Born in Las Vegas, a three countries (Philippines, China, France) mixed beauty – Leah Dizon (full name: Leah Donna Dizon); Dizon is a regular photograph of the plane for the car models, beautiful women with high car – I believe that Leah Dizon is the interpretation of the phrase “beauty,” the best candidate.