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Liu Ke Zhuang words, saying: “send-off like in every family like.” I am a guest in foreign land when little more time at home, born in two decades. And to every family, there are Su Yi sigh, water shield perch of thinking, go read hereby hereby.
Families of a poor family, little. Seven houses, one the walls, a gatehouse, a toilet, a septic tanks, a garden. Issued by the Government turned the homestead, on 194 square meters of words, should not “flat” it!
House is a typical “North way”, commonly known as “Hulu Tou.” Mix water with clay red brick, four mix water with clay mix water with clay in the two higher, into the higher part of the triangle. Overhead two beams, there is also a beam (determined according to number of rooms). Row sub-purlin beam, bamboo, overlying layers of felt paper, and then tiles blanket, no eaves. This durable buildings. These houses and the younger brother the same age, ten years had never been repaired. Mother often jokingly said: “If you build a dozen years ago, such a house, wife scrambled to the home run; now and then build this house, let alone a wife, and even a mouse can not marry on.”
Garden is very small, and the chaos during wood Yokomagura home base. To not clean, often dog points, fresh sheep feces. Keep a dog a home, sheep, sheep dog when it jumped into them, wanton spoil. I therefore use the nets and a few dead wood to be a temporary fence. There are also a few pigeons who do not understand fun, satiated, the Puchi meantime, rest, voice training, shit. Status of the family wash water, foot-washing water, laundry water, frequently spill the meantime. CD garden flowers woven emerald, white spit red blossoms, butterflies provoke waves back and forth a group of bees collected powder smell fragrant, slightly interesting.
Seven houses, I take one with the brother, is also the bedroom as a study. Jian Chen a Ghost Story by thinking, fast and wet Zhou a, Zhao Lihong has four steps, fasting, and also named the climb the wind potential with Ya Yuan Zhai. Brother hanging from the walls of the pro-book. I often self-care and laugh, I am not a fish, dragon, can not jump into the water lines, not to soar and rise, games, text only!
Fast in the impression that the dirty. To not sweep, do not wipe off tables and chairs, the ink messy, chaotic hanging clothes, shoes stacked. I am lazy by nature, although Chen Fan Xi, hardly their aspirations, and therefore do not have to listen to “a house, has died, how to rule the world,” preaching the face plate. Mocun President said that men first impression is dirty, good idea! But Zhaizhu will not ears neck, the soil hypertrophy, planting grains. Wall of the book are portraits, but also star stills, it is neither fish nor fowl. There is also a flute, blowing freely leisure play.
Home with music, their music has four.
First, is the joy and Wudi. Brother, Fang XVI junior high school. Learning calligraphy more than five years, writing a good character of Yan, is also proficient in poetry couplet, I grow the game together. He has a joint: “dirty little low eaves, Weak rock hit, drop, drip two or three drops of water dropping water.” There is poetry idiom, there are some philosophizing, I brake hard. Trying to come up a few days, barely Couchu second line, may still not work. “Sunset Rong Jin, the birds return to the mountain, listening to birds, several birds, product birds, birds secluded mountain.” We were all love chess technique, has been idle, they will kill them. I do not fine chess. Neutrons are not under the indecisiveness is Lazi go back, often prompting him grumbling. Sometimes quarrel, heated neck red, and finally push the chessboard into the sky, walk out. However, for a two people to crash and burn, but also laid out a battle. With the root of love, brotherly friendship, can glimpse.
The second fun – fast in reading. Nothing life hobby, only a soft spot for the book. Huang Shangu says: “Three days without reading, the language will feel tasteless, terrifying, students during this mortal life.” I have no such lofty, recreation time being nothing. Pirated books, mostly in fast, genuine open price, I simply can not eat food, clothing, and only distance and not fondle. Where the book can be read. Walk, work, couch, catch the bus, go to the toilet. But my favorite night of fasting in the study. Then stillness all around, the only family breath snore alarms, candle, force is black, single owner books, leisurely Heart. I am very sensitive to the use of incandescent lights, one affected family sleep soundly, and second light make dizzy, hard thought, imagination. Hua month broken windows, when the pale shadow map wall, touching it straight with the ancients? May also wish to do a do ‘Hongxiutianxiang night reading, “the romantic dreams. When mice are a frequent night time, a regular visitor. Around the bed over chairs, bird’s-eye light drilling kitchen, break me Shenning. For the mouse, I had sort of apology. Township saying goes: “Eat food Teng store hungry rats.” I am the good, the people eat, the hungry rat, I at fault also. So I will prepare a two buns every night for their enjoyment. Happy to visit there mosquitoes, hordes, buzzing mess-ming, kowtow touch brain, everywhere there is all-pervasive, I do not know how much I suck the blood itself.
Fun of the three – listen to the rain. Those who love listening to the rain, there are many similar. Yishan Withered Lotus, EMC keep the window listen to the rain, listening to the rain Jiang Jie’s life three: young listen to the rain, river candle dazed; listen to the rain off the boat in the middle-aged, low cloud wide river; bald listen to the rain, under the monk Lu, subjugation the pain during penetration. I also love listening to the rain, the night on the couch, at first glance lightning glitter, they heard thunder rumbling car thrust, suddenly sound of a crash course in the open. To rain! Eer rhythm, beginning on the Indus; scarred Chi Chi, but also into the pyre; tick, with tile and Ming; rattled, porcelain played sound. Then the wind suddenly began to rely Showers. Its sound like livestock beach, Wan Madhi Ben, competing trampling; and if the ancient battlefield, gold Zheng Jie Gu, armies at war, a ground-breaking. To be the rain,, but also to listen to peristalsis of earthworms in the hospital, listening to the pond frogs, listen to the sound field crops jointing.
The most interesting summer home, go on Yan Mountain Zi, spit cool evening air. Crickets chirp foot of the wall, pack money, travel back and forth on the ground weave insect, insects flushed down the black shell, mosquitoes tour. Drag a square table in the hospital, the family group tables and sit together for dinner. Table with vegetable soup with bread, vegetables and a few Ratatouille, but after his mother’s hand, supplemented by oil, salt and spices, has also delicious cuisine. Eleven family tells us. A Mother’s mouth quickly, then most human farming, talk about anything. There are also witty interludes, it is with amusement, the vision is sometimes made of the lack of the tread will hand. Father of silence, bad words, often down to eat, and occasionally look up at the mother, would then smile. Brother simply laughed. I, however, regardless of filial piety, to find the mother’s ballast, anti-phrase with ridicule, prompting her stare stamp scoff. A person is enjoyable, the dog suddenly jumped up, snatched the hands of the steamed bun and ran. I catch pole fight angry, distressed care of the mother is busy. Heart-inch grass, Chunhui grace, often accompanied by their parents knee, how’s life, when?
Home can not remember, although there is no record of significant, although there is no significant value. Often busy day length CD, with the thinking with the mind, and talk to myself and others Ziqian


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