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SPA Reconcile the Physical Energy

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In addition to careful and thoughtful, the way the therapist is quite admirable. She will be in every press, by virtue of the guests very subtle facial expression changes, understand the way the intensity of your feelings for her, and then will adjust their tactics. For example, she can understand, I like the way soft cheek area, brow up and down the intensity slightly, I did not tell her, but she depends on the judge.

        Therapist also told me that Amber not only look beautiful, but also has many effects, such as physical therapy can be effective in strengthening the skin during the absorption of nutrients. I experience the “charm amber facial care”, using the top care products from Germany, can enhance the skin elasticity, firming and improved skin tone.

        SPA products emit a unique fragrance lingering around, so I was immersed in endless ease into. Thus, the highest in Beijing, the “gas” SPA, half awake, I slowly entered the best of care, soft music makes me feel Walk in the Clouds general.

 International Trade Building at 77 stories, with four spacious tub with VIP treatment rooms and two massage rooms, providing for the body, and facial bones and other more than 29 kinds of therapies, including help mood to relax, to recuperate the “gas” balance and the Philippines, traditional massage, using ancient Asian philosophy of natural materials and traditional rehabilitation therapy characteristics of alpine scrub tsampa therapy, and Oriental charm, top of the Forbidden and indulge in the ultimate trip and other conventional items.

Charm amber facial tour: This therapy is used by gem extracted from the energy of cream combined with professional care, not only effective for facial skin care, while people’s physical, mental and physical recovery is also very benefits.

 In the new cabinet, with 11 private treatment suites equipped with spacious and comfortable, including immersion herbal steam bath, dressing area, bath therapy and colorful lounge. “Gas” balance of yin and yang in response to customer’s body condition, for the earth element (enhanced gas), wood element (active gas) and the fire element (quiet peace of mind), tailor-made unique Chinese treatments, including massage, to stimulate the yang reconcile the yin energy massage and relaxation massage, and Oriental elements with pure essential oils harmonize chi flow. Himalayan Healing Stone Massage get inspiration from the ancient Tibetan massage, use oil-heated volcanic stones and herbs, then use cold stones to balance stress.
 Offers 11 spacious and comfortable private treatment suites, equipped with elegant bath room and herbal steam bath facilities. Treatments derived from ancient Asian tradition of nursing, won the cultural essence of the ancient Silk Road.

Sichuan spar herbal therapies: will have good fortune and healing power of the precious stones used in foot reflexology and authentic Sichuan herbs into aromatherapy foot bath, with warm salt packets and back massage, guests experience the warm soothing energy care. Relieve lower back pain, stimulate the body self-healing capacity, improve cold hands and feet, leg cramps, joint stiffness overall health.


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