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Get out of the Sad

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How long has your information, I do not know, do not want to think about. Time seems to have solidified in me, and sad I was filled with the endless night and day. Jinxi is what I am quite sure, the only wish in your lonely years to sink. Every day, standing on the way, Ren Shiguang as lonely drizzly rain down from the top of the head, over and over again washed with the inner silence and melancholy, sometimes I feel like I am far away from you, far too can not remember you in my heart look, sometimes I feel as close to you from me, I can clearly feel your breath, you filled in the bits and pieces of my life, that life in the small lines are recorded on your details, covered with simple love you.
Always thinking of your dream suddenly awakened, it can not fall asleep. Staring out the window of Moonlight, Acacia term into mourning, opened his eyes, close your eyes, your shadow lingering. You is not just a name, you are a mark, deeply embedded in my heart, in every Acacia day, played sad music sounds dream, a dream floating down one place with my Blue Acacia …… color tragic music sounded in the ears lengthy, Richard. Clayderman melancholy and desolation of the sounds, through time and space, filled with sudden tears …… rain down, like at the moment whether you are a monthly Huaiyuan, the eve of competition could hardly sleep? Pity that the eyes of children who are far off how many tears have children, can stand to make from the autumn winter flow, flow from the spring summer?
At the moment most Acacia, lonely as a touch of dark blue of the night outside the window, and the wind in the Indus shake thick as a tree crushed the autumn melancholy, long bright light, reflecting the melancholy I can not resolve a plume of deep thoughts, in the heart heart outside, outside every now and dream dreams, sad as the sea …… burst of emotion, emotion, and then surging ……
Acacia wind, pulling my feet, to find your trail, full of all savings with the fatigue set foot south of the train, not for anything else, just to give you an account, you can find a dock to miss the Harbour. But when I stood tall strange city south street, busy, people coming and going, I confused and helpless, I do not know where to go. I know you in this corner of the city, or the life of calm or depression, can be a big crowd, which one is you? A corner in which I can see you? You simply disappear, and never out of my sight. July the city hot, it hit my heart bursts of cold, everywhere is bad defeat Red Jade, Xinchou have the old hate, tenderness people thousands of miles. Silent silent, written from the intestinal longitudinal thousands, Chennai who sent clouds go? Ear it sounded the first time you send me the word: ten years between life and death, do not consider, since the memorable. Trinidad solitary graves, Nowhere bleak. Should not even know each other, dust sounded, coming from the frost. You Meng night comes suddenly and return home, Xiaoxuanchuang are dressing. Silent with care, only tears of a thousand lines …… meet with you this is a mistake, should not be met in the most when you met, sad they can not be avoided, for your thoughts is always pain, I am unable to get out from this pain, so sink it, the horseshoe term years, stepped on my wild heart, so that those who can not heal the scars, the pain again, so that pain tells me I have lived, loved, pain However, missing too, too happy, this is enough.
Farewell, the world’s frustration, Farewell, my love! When all this with tears flowing through the long night, I do not know, can not know what to talk to you, since you can not get out of depression, sad eyes, then let me in your life over the place, staring into a timeless scenery! I will use all my tenderness and soul to pray, pray for your eternal peace and tranquility. Although I know I will languish, I tired, I will be endless desolation in the ashes, I still regret, only wish that the name of love you, you lonely in the dead of night every night gently, soft I think the soft ground


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