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Waiting for the Share of Indifferent

Has been very much appreciate the words – “Rain or shine, busy watching flowers bloom before court; fate not, with the outer Yunjuanyunshu Man.”
Seems to be “Youth do not know real depression, write poetry that worry,” the reason, not to mention beautiful phrase couplet indeed antithesis, in short, when I first read it, it has been deeply attracted to that see why, just feel there is a mood in my call.
The kind of mood, seems like a nice Tao Qian, “Mei wife Tsuruko” like leisurely, but then I can not really understand, can not understand.
With the passage of time, like a lot of things have become clear up. Can not understand time, and now has been completely understood; time of mystery, but now they have removed the veil. Seems he really grown up, rational, and mature.
The understanding of this sentence, gradually from the surface to the deep insight, from the environment came to realize that state of mind.
The eternal world is not really successful, eternal praise, eternal glory, and eternal lofty and arrogant.
Study on the road along the way, it can not be magnificent, but the twists and turns the experience I believe everyone has been.
Once ahead, the teacher’s mind, “elite”, the eyes of parents, “Baby”, perhaps in fleeting moments, will become general, and even become someone else’s “jokes”, the teacher’s mind “alternative.”
Not without a pleasant journey, but that does very little, most of the final winners are a pain and trauma experienced quite up.
When you see the scenes of the tragedy on campus, I feel waves of inexplicable heartache. Those are all a glorious history of the “heroes” ah, but since not stand the test of fate? Nonetheless restrain heart indifferent?
Has always felt the university was the low life – have lost the aura, the praise has been lost. Seems to himself to learn for others, living for others, and even that is there for others. When one day that “someone” suddenly lost, leaving only the long-term empty and wistful.
Recently read a few ups and downs of life on the record, I am quite shocked, shocked while in the more understanding and insights.
There is a small death of his father’s suffering children, early age to depend on others. With a dedication and perseverance, even on their own for their own university, the village became the first student, is the first leader to go out. He went wandering in the journey south by the grievances and suffering only to himself, from scratch can imagine the difficulty of success.
When eventually he was successful, well-developed, and have their own garages, married a U.S. wife, five-star hotel in an enviable front of general manager. Meteoric rise of the day, somewhat intoxicated. However, a friend of framed, men’s expiration, but also very hard to detect. In his 39 birthday that day, he was formally fired, because there are a few of the defeat of others slander.
Circles not stay, and he chose a career change. However, the world is so wonderful: when you are successful, it seems the whole world open for you in the door: The one day you fail, will also be part of your back. He’s done so much time in transition, but only settled in the car wash line.
The manager was driving a BMW scenery, a few years later it became a BMW car by rubbing people living.
Share of mind he was, I believe many people can not understand. Sad that this world desolate, in that moment was most vividly.
And he has decided to dropped the burden of waiting to live the mind share of “indifferent.”
He is not the most difficult times, alas, still earn the tuition for his son; in the most down and out when not forget his wife’s birthday; even have suffered bullying, when still not forget the look in front of the stars.
He said a word, not just to support his wife, not just his son, more importantly, stick to his state of mind. He said he likes words, a deeply I also like the words – “Rain or shine, busy watching flowers bloom before court; fate not, with the outer Yunjuanyunshu Man.”
Read the moment, my eyes moist, and I understand what is the real hero, what is really indifferent.
End of the story is the hero and make a comeback, but the share of indifferent state of mind has not changed, because it is waiting for his life, when not change.
Jewish wisdom as the best partner in life, I think with the wisdom at the same time, if there is an indifferent state of mind, I believe we can take their own life journey of casual and calm.
Life, but should be waiting for a lightly.


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