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China Nandaihe Sea Cable to Play Heart

Beidaihe summer has be Nandaihe, with the famous Beidaihe a river but a bridge. Here the beach, soft sand tidal flat, wide and clear water beaches, tidal stability, clean air cool, unique beach were many tourists hailed as “the first bath.”

 On shore, forest green, tree shade, hiding during the tour, Xia Ruchun day. It is fully equipped with the ocean, beach, air, sunlight, green world travel coast of the five elements, is the sea bath, solarium, sand bath, air bath of the best natural places.

en a tourist hot spot, but when you are tired of Beidaihe in general under the dumplings, you can go to and it is only a bridge from Nandaihe play, has been renovated with great changes here, to challenge the sea cableway arm? That immediately come.


Nandaihe new landscape:


Sea cable


For visitors to tour the island and the sea with a total length of 1039 meters, the double semi-enclosed, smooth, safe and reliable. From the beginning to the island together Xiange cents Lo Court about 15 minutes per hour, can carry 560 people, is China’s only a cross-sea cable. If you are fortunate enough to cross the cable car ropeway will enjoy Nandaihe from the air and scenic wonders of the island.


Conch fairy


Myth and fairy conch fishermen in the sea baby boy married, not only do as the Romans, hardworking homemakers, but also often advantageous time to come forward in the apparitions, problem-solving for the fishermen, to keep the peace. Sometimes encountered stormy sea fishermen, boats can not rely on shore, her songs while singing snail, hold the wind and waves, while the body – the upper and lower shells boat carrying fishermen. Later, in honor of her fishermen on the beach built up a 4 meters high, semi-horizontal tail personal spiral sculpture, and often for the sea safe to pray before the statue. Now we will move to Sin conch snail fairy statue island for visitors to view.


Sin Lo Court


The Court of conch fairy shelter, practice-specific. According to legend, was originally an ordinary female conch conch fairy, after 600 years in the immortality of this practice, which was called the Court House side screw. It is located in the middle of Sin Lo Island, 26 meters high, the bottom for cable winding station, the top for the antique tower. Visitors in addition to overlooking Nandaihe panoramic view over Beidaihe summer have style, but also hit the bell in the bell tower to please. That long period of peace bell is a symbol of good luck and you are. Meanwhile, here is the best situation of people watching the sunrise, early morning to watch the sun rising this beauty, but also a great enjoyment of a rare life.


Windmill Group


There are seven groups of different sizes and shapes of windmill components, see the sea as a driving force, the greater the rotation speed faster. Windmill farm in the most striking is the strange brew car, it is poor use of windmills and wave power and running water for upgrade, that is strange and makes the heart odd shape.


Three off


 First off – Shihmen off. Shihmen only magnificent, but also confusing. Door in door, visitors started to go out the door door door in taste characteristics to the door in the dazzling, went out relaxed and happy. Second off – the mysterious valley. 5 mountain land into the sky, the mountain one meter intervals, forming three narrow stone alley, for visitors to walk through and out. Lane looked up from the bottom, both indecisive, or left view of the right look, I saw a trace of the vast blue sky into a line. This magnificent views of the spectacular Sky turns out to be rare. The third off – the sea cliff. It is characterized by rugged, tough road. With this off, both 3-meter-high cliff to climb, they go great tide of paths. However, near misses, great sport.


 Sea sea


 Haiyuan for the conch is said that this special fairy bath. Conch fairy came down after the earth, no one involved in this sea, calm, inside and all kinds of creatures multiply and grow, and with “Xian Qi.” People can smell the smell ears and eyes out, eat its meat may prolong life. Today, domestic fish, shrimp, crabs, clams and other mast is still a special color of fresh, delicious, and the open sea like sea food there were significant differences. Today the sea the sea, visitors can be described as fishing, the best choice of fresh products, which not only make you gain something, but also to bring you good luck.



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