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Dreams and Car

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Ash trees in front of ocean, SJ fragrance after the right has become left-adjacent community, and leisure entertainment a good place. In the childhood memory of sitting all day under a tree next door to remember that old grandmother. Time like the sword, time flies, ten years of time passing by, passed and I shifted from the little girl covered with mud into a slim girl, and a grandmother tree seems like the original, the nest, without a mouth, teeth, smiling looking at each of the past pedestrian … …
Remember every day after school, always hurried meal, to say that old-fashioned grandmother under a tree listening to the story, or joy, or terror, day after day, I grew up in the story, but I did not find aging grandmother in the story but did not know day from the beginning, grandmother always facing the passing vehicles absence of a daze, his mouth and then muttered, running much faster than the coach, do not know what it feels like sitting ah? Every time I hear her finish, I always looked up to her innocence, said: “Grandma, I grow up, be sure a lot of fun driving a car take you to the place!” At this the grandmother’s eyes squint music become an every, always happy touched my head and said: “Chi Chi Zhenguai, quickly grew up, my grandmother waiting for.” So the story of the grandmother, the grandmother with the commitments I have gone through childhood.
Young’s memory, mostly to stay in school, grew up, bid farewell to the past that crazy girl, not in those old-fashioned story of nostalgia, the commitment to stay with the grandmother in the bottom of my heart, set foot on their own study path. Occasionally home, only the pass rush, polite greetings, no longer cling to the old lady sat beside, never ever mentioned to her that promise, not to have forgotten my grandmother did not want to forget, but he as a desire, a joke, I also have not forgotten, but that was early, after plenty of opportunities. But I ignored, I look forward to the same grandmother who grew up in the process of experiencing the aging process even more ruthless.
The experience of reading out the past few years so I am more mature, more sensible, I finally graduated, after several Zhanzhuan, returned home to work, but the busy life here is diluted when the desire to childhood memories. Until one day after dinner I came out from their homes, walked straight up to these trees Laohuai tree, but a good quiet, empty, all the laughter remained in the memory. Grandmother do? I ask myself aloud, looking tense looked around, everything seemed asleep, except the water Ryoma car on the road, the steady stream of vehicles, no other trace. My heart sank Meng, walked back home and asked her mother, grandmother Laohuai tree it? Old grandmother, her children were picked up, and take turns taking care of her, I heard that is now dying. Mom answered the same tone is very deep, suddenly my heart pumping a bit like what was froze. Childhood Laohuai trees all laughter eleven emerged mind … …
Since then, every day after work, I have to stop at Laohuai trees, in the memories of childhood nostalgia, but also in the hope a miracle to happen, I do not know, the hearts were always more concerned about, and tolerance does not live to see the past, particularly the heart of this Sunday’s boring, if there is a feeling that is not clear. Finally I heard a shocking piece of news, grandmother gone, with my regret, along with his own desire, forever gone … … when the evil mind a blank, I do not know what went Laohuai tree , ears always echoed with the grandmother’s promise: “Grandma, I grow up, be sure a lot of fun driving a car take you to the place!” “Chi Chi Zhenguai, quickly grew up, my grandmother waiting for.” … …
In my memories so painful, deep remorse when there is an especially eye-catching car slowly stopped at the door of the grandmother, looked cry Looking back, the car was printed prominently word: China Bingai Association. At this time the cry has been replaced by all, and I feel there is a sudden relaxation, wiped his eyes the tears turned to the old Ash said: Grandma, you finally achieve their aspirations


Helicopter 1800 Meters to Capture Illegal Car Shanghai,China.

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“Not allowed to stop the slow lane, drove off as soon as possible!” 7:30 this morning, the Beijing-Shanghai (G2) over the Shanghai section of the highway, a police helicopter flying, air traffic police constantly advised by loudspeaker from the illegal stop of the vehicle. Reporters learned that the city traffic police system in order to ensure depth and civilized demonstration road transport activities to create effective, Shanghai police to enable the police helicopter involved in creating activities. In the future, mobile “Eagle Eye” over the highway in Shanghai is to conduct real-time monitoring of traffic, and capture illegal driving behavior, traffic police department as a basis for punishment.

Mobile “Eagle Eye” appearance over speed

8:56 this morning, Xu, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed helicopter (G60) Fengjing exports up nearly 500 meters and found a black car parked Zhejiang license in the emergency parking road, according to the specified place warning signs and did not open double jump lights. Air traffic police that its propaganda through loudspeakers prompt the driver to hear, immediately left the scene.

9:08 AM, the helicopter found in the G60 exports up nearly Shihudang scavengers on the highway with a center of isolated green belt at picking up litter, then aerial propaganda, immediately leave the highway to remind its scope, the briefings Public Security Bureau Songjiang Traffic Police Detachment, the traffic police to the scene to dispose of your possessions.

Since then, the police helicopter has the G60 on the downlink and uplink, respectively, found that two large trucks parked in the emergency lane, and none of the warning signs, the driver shouted to hear air traffic police quickly left.

9:30, a police helicopter was returning back to the ground, the reporter from the Shanghai Public Security Police Air Force learned that, during the morning rush hour today, G60, G2, G15 three little highway traffic, good traffic order. But there are still some sections of the emergency lane parking fail to set up warning signs, and pedestrian and other illegal activities on the high speed.

The air can “see” illegal license plate number

It is understood, the city police helicopter transmission equipment, digital video map, shooting distance of 1800 meters, perfect for capturing all of the vehicles on the ground grade. Helicopter on the highway for traffic management, one can be exempted from the impact of road traffic congestion, quickly reach the scene, the initial disposition; two roads you can get more comprehensive information for analyzing the traffic police, traffic congestion information the first time release for the general public to facilitate travel; third space can be linked quickly to the part of the vehicle, be punished.

Police said the highway driving on the common violations are: vehicles do not follow the lane, illegal occupation of the emergency lane, block the plate, speeding and illegal passengers up and down and so on. These traffic violations, is of major highway accidents caused serious safety problems, it is precisely this model of civilization road transport activities to create a remediation focus.

“Air traffic police” to the normalization

At present, the city police have set up the first specialized domestic air traffic police force, has been since March 25, every Monday and Friday morning and evening peak hours, respectively, to strengthen the North-South Elevated Yan’an elevated inner ring, the ring, city ​​”three vertical and three horizontal” main road, air and highway patrol. Nearly 4 months from the actual point of view, the air traffic police in full mobility, rapid and other advantages, the initial formation of open space “interaction, joint logistics, joint office” model, in early disposal of major road traffic accidents, traffic congestion and other advantages judged prominent, obvious effect.

According to reports, police highway patrol helicopter involved in monitoring, will be divided into regular and irregular modes. With immediate effect, the air traffic police every day 7:30 to 9:30 pm, 15:30 pm to 17:30, will be on Beijing-Shanghai (G2), Hu Kun (G60) and Shen Hai (G15) High Speed create highway road three (Shanghai Section) to carry out aerial inspections. Found that the air traffic violations, traffic police will depend on the situation of air traffic police call for correction at the ground. In the future, the air in the city traffic police enforcement and road traffic management, will gradually move toward normalization.

Mobile Phone Holder

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I have a cell phone, maiden name called Philips, has been with the owner for four years. Youth gone, the whole body is wrong, the keyboard is not so sensitive, blame those Sipilailian dust, to say we should come to my rest. I am a little duck who do not know when it fell where, and that only two years ago, but the owner gave me the glue. I have been dropped several times, I Ziyaliezui pain, but it looks as if the owner even more painful than I, “ah” to shouting and quickly put me in his arms, he kept touching , while cried, “I feel bad dead friends” really popular with ah and soon forget the pain.
Four years ago, waiting room, the master and I do not understand each other, that frame will have to take her to the distant city on the University of aircraft delayed a full two hours. Bored bored owner, took me out of the box from the packaging, so the first time we met. She is very excited, laugh laugh, both hands are at a loss. Alas, it turned out that girl was actually not used mobile phones honest, to play with to play with, finally will play games, and her music … … get the total, said the fate of people, in fact, too often people do not play with the fate of other things you ? I is an example of a square-shaped big man, wearing a silver shirt kit black leather jacket, full metal texture, but also a sense of great weight of the performance of the mobile phone, this should be a symbol of successful man , actually falls a little girl’s hand. Who will understand my feelings of boredom? This is one more sad thing, when you’re someone else’s ignorance and ignorance sad when others have not found or do not care about your sad. Thus, in anger, they also get angry for their own ignorance. A large part of the first two years, I was left alone in a dorm room, bored, depressed, angry, thought to want to. Only at night, only not in class, she only then I am out, send twelve text messages, phone calls rarely hit, and even her roommates are the record straight for me.
It was a day of anxious depression, I will be thoroughly changed. I do not think they should have what the masters of satisfied staying for her day, even if a text message will be very happy. Should be an ideal word, and it runs counter to the total reality. Do you think he should do, he thinks you should do, if the two should be from the conflict, would you blame him, blame you, often people will ignore a problem: I should ….
The future is always unpredictable, depressed two years later, I finally became a master of close followers, no matter where I will bring, but also often worried for my safety. I also witnessed a host of changes in the past honestly, a girl, now total an SMS flying, “name yet?” “The next lesson in which the ah?” “Hungry, where to eat?” . College life for her, is more relaxed, more and more people are happy, but I still believe that the owner stay in dormitories and the library too much time, even if another wonderful book in the world, is a pleasant Ah live in reality. Often, three hundred text messages a month, and the remaining two hundred. Sometimes I have to worry about, the owner of the friend is not too little, will not feel alone? But the strange thing is, the owner looks good mood every day, very happy smile. Hey, forget it, as long as she was happy enough.
Now, my own past is quite satisfactory, and the owner gave me accompanied by a small mobile phone chain, like jewelry, a little nondescript bar, but this is the master of grace, ah, will have been accustomed to wearing wearing. My only anger is that the owner of a bad company, said mobile phone radiation, affect the health, do not put to sleep when the bed. So, I have every evening to sleep next to the master of foot, helpless ah!

Motor Hotel

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Motel, from the original English Motel, motor hotel is the abbreviation. Motels and hotels generally the biggest difference is that motel room to provide parking spaces and connected to the first floor as a garage, on the second floor of the room, this detached family is a typical motel room design. Motel is also the name of a film.

Motel and hotel is the motor of compound words, that motel, is not before the hotel room, you can stop, and people sleep in the car, but more than parked outside layer of protection only. Motels and hotels generally the biggest difference is that motel room to provide parking spaces and connected to the first floor as a garage, on the second floor of the room, this detached family is a typical motel room design. Many motel near the freeway interchange, or at the road from the more remote towns, easy to travel with car or motorcycle as a tool for travelers lodging. In China, the distribution in the country’s hundreds Motel (motel) Although the hotel chain called “motel”, but is actually a business hotel chain, while in Japan, Taiwan, motels sometimes “love hotels” is synonymous In Taiwan, many areas along the highway, the newly developed re-designated scenic town or near the distribution of more motels. Due to fierce competition, making the motel business to casual way, interior design to meet or even surpass the standards of fine restaurants, as well as theme-based room design (such as Hawaiian-style, sci-fi-style), to apply for housing guests no longer limited to passengers, but extended to the general public’s recreational needs. Such motel industry is often claimed to be “fine (car) hotels” or similar naming, in addition to overnight lodging for the average tourist, but also provides limited short-term housing (rest) service, which means the clock hotel-style rental, role in Japan’s love hotels, etc. (Getting ブ ホ Te Hikaru) is similar. There are also some mining in recent years, holiday villas (Villa)-style motel after another opening, motel location is also open to the urban area from the suburbs gradually shift.

China Taxi Strike

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The morning of August 1, Hangzhou, large-scale taxi outage events. It is reported that Hangzhou is currently a total of more than 8,000 cabs, about half to two-thirds of the vehicles have been shutdown. Preliminary understanding, Ludu, starting low, “copies of money” is too high and so is the main reason for the outage, taxi drivers have been proposed to reduce the “copies of money” to improve the starting, lower operating fees regulation demands. One driver just such an account: a shift of income roughly 500, elements on the money to pay $ 220 oil costs around $ 200 a day income down so only seventy to eighty, and then get rid of room and board, etc. spending almost nothing left. Although the outage can cause damage, but the driver say, “This is really a last resort.” Prior to taxi drivers, transport control department has been reflected many times, but six months there has been no satisfactory results.

Hangzhou North Station, terminal, respectively, near the South Bus Station and other taxi outage phenomenon. According to incomplete statistics, the number of outage of more than 1000 taxis.

A driver representative said the outage forced, “only seven per day, $ 80 income,” they demand, to reduce the elements of money, improve starting, lower operating regulatory fees.

A surname Hu driver has opened in Hangzhou, a taxi nearly four years, he worked out an economic loss if the day shift can run $ 500 class fee to pay 220 yuan, 200 yuan in fuel costs, if you encounter a taxi withheld fuel subsidies, one day only seven, eighty of income, which also include room and board and other expenses. Hu rented house in Huzhou Street, he said, the original rent is only 260 yuan / month, has now risen to 750 yuan / month.
Hangzhou Road Transport Authority officials say, the driver of these outages live in the vicinity of the Rough outage, they believe that road congestion, low income, do not want sports car. According to its introduction, outage of vehicles more than 1,000 vehicles. Data show that the total number of taxis in Hangzhou has reached 8495, with plans to add 400 this year.

According to Hangzhou Road Transport Authority, said the outage to address the problem, immediately issued a temporary program in Hangzhou, from August 1 foot from Hangzhou taxi business, government subsidies for every 1 dollar, the program is valid until the introduction of the new program so far.

Hangzhou taxi price adjustment program has now entered the depth demonstration period, 10 will be completed before the end of the program. The research and estimates, it is more inclined to the existing 10 per 3 km starting and $ 1 fuel surcharge unchanged, to ensure that prices were generally steady, but the implementation of the restructuring of prices, increased costs due to traffic jams caused by waiting and long Kongshi return fee.

Hangzhou Wang Yi Chuan, deputy director of traffic transportation Authority, said the adjustment principle is that government make up that business so that passengers get that all the revenue used to increase the line driver, the driver is expected to increase the monthly income of 1,000 yuan.

Self-employed Truck

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Thomas Edison had a large factory fire, nearly a million dollars worth of equipment to naught. 67-year-old Edison heard the news rushed to the scene of the fire, employees believe that the face of ruins, he will rage extreme. But Edison’s performance is very calm, and even smiled and said: “The fire burned all right, all of our mistakes are burned, and now you can start again.” He’s saying that to understand a truth: a good thing bad, it depends on the attitude of the parties. Strong-willed optimism in face of many problems, there can always hold the attitude, experience misfortune will become stronger. As Edison’s famous saying: “My success but failed to obtain from the way of.”
Life is a mirror, you have to cry it tears it, you laugh it it is also laugh, happy is the day, is not happy one day, why not optimistic happy to spend every day?
Optimism is “a disposition, people can see things more positive side, expect more favorable results.” Some children may be born more optimistic, some children and vice versa. But psychologists have found that optimism can be developed, even if some children do not have the optimism inherent quality, can also be acquired through the efforts to achieve.
Optimistic about the quality of the child to foster parents must first have an optimistic way of thinking. Parents in dealing with their own problems and family problems of optimism, the child has an important role model, children gradually develop through observation and imitation optimistic quality. If the moment it rains, it is necessary to guide their children, said: “It’s raining.” Instead of saying “damn day, and rain.” Because this does not change the fact that it rains. Of course, even said, “Great, another rain,” and do not make any change in the rain, but if this words to your child, the situation is different! “Look, good, and rain a! birds singing, the grass is also singing, they have been nourishing rain. “This will pass to the happy child, let him face no matter what kind of environment in which to maintain a pleasant mood.
Parents criticized the way the child’s correct or not, significantly affect the character of the child in the future is optimistic or pessimistic. Criticism of the child’s parents should be appropriate and not to exaggerate the error several times into a permanent fault, you should let the children understand the child’s own mistakes can be changed, and know where to start to change.
Children’s self evaluation is largely based on the evaluation of their parents above, so parents of the child’s words and deeds should be encouraged to appreciate the main, and the kids know how to discover the strengths and highlights the church doing things the child optimism.


Summer Holidays and Children Wash Hands With Their Favorite Car

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Summer holidays and children wash hands with their favorite car so that both children develop good work habits, but also eliminates the need for car wash maintenance costs, but also the most critical is to establish rapport and children’s feelings. So the baby to develop work habits, right from the start this summer.
On the car wash, in fact, many people have some doubts, for example, summer, sun exposure after the vehicle is not advisable to wash; also make use of high-pressure water washing, because some of the dirt under the pressure of the water can wash away natural; course If the condition is not allowed to carry a bucket of water if you can, but pay attention to frequently changes the water. Maybe you will find that even very serious cleaning, some gum and small insect excrement will still stubbornly stuck in the finish, the water is difficult to wash away the dirt as much as possible do not use brute force to scrub, because now the car paint surface finish are high, even with a soft cloth will cause small scratches, so the correct approach is waxing.

In fact, the effect of ground wax seal the glaze is not worse than the one to paint on the wax can effectively remove stubborn stains, and some small scratches on the wax can better repair. Once a month to play a good wax on the car’s paint protection is still very useful, but there are three points to note here: First, the wax is not too frequently, because after all, abrasive ingredients in the wax; Second, be sure to use the regular factory wax products, not only will not play poor-quality wax paint protection effect, will cause permanent damage to the paint; three should be in the cool air to car wax, or one can cause heat stroke, the other vehicle surface temperature over high adhesion of wax will fall, thus affecting the waxing results.

Automotive hand waxing method is very simple, just the right amount of wax applied to the sponge, and then in a certain order repeatedly applied on the line. Note, however, is that each channel should be on the road smear smear has some repetition, the wax should not be thick, as long as the uniform on the line. Generally applied wax finish in 5-10 minutes you can be wiped off after polishing, polishing use a clean soft towel, appropriate force to the body from the roof to remove remaining wax. After polishing, but also carefully examined the door, lights, seals, etc. are remnants of a car wax to prevent not wipe the wax over time will cause corrosion.

People are always complaining about his lack of time due to busy with their families, in fact, as long as a bucket of water, a box of wax can make you happy baby led an afternoon. Of course, do not forget to call it a day after urging children to wash hands, with a cool drink and reward yourself with what the kids busy for the car, I believe you and your family must also find a long absence, therefore relax and joy.