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Autumn Plexus Around the House

Autumn plexus around the house like Tao, over the fence around the edge of an increasingly oblique. Not spent in preferred flowers, flowers to do this without spending more. September garden, early autumn light shining, soon to bloom chrysanthemum season, as the poem says: It is the last wave of bright garden flowers. Today, we recommend not to include traditional Chrysanthemum, as well as more Neighborhood Asteraceae family.

Asteraceae plant with flower border design and
Compositae choose to decorate your garden or flower border – this is a wise choice, but you can proudly tell visitors,: Asteraceae This is a theme garden. Of course, this will be a saving garden, because usually the same species of flowers and plants have close to most of the habits and conservation laws, conservation will be very easy to master.

Choose a different flowering Compositae
Ornamental plants in the Asteraceae there are too many to choose from, from spring to autumn. Spring Rooster Daisy, Margaret, yarrow, summer Bin Ju, Echinacea, Rudbeckia hirta, autumn chrysanthemum Heaven, Snake whip flowers, sun flowers, marigold, chrysanthemum and a variety of Dutch chrysanthemum Compositae of the autumn bloom throughout the spring and summer bloom. All garden owners want their gardens three quarters of flowering, evergreen, so have a lot of family Asteraceae Places to choose from, enough to get you a dazzling. Usually in nurseries around the flower market and can see all kinds of ornamental plants Asteraceae


Choose which Compositae plants as your main garden is not difficult, the difficulty is how to make a harmonious match between these plants – the color is part of it. You can choose the same color Asteraceae ornamental plants – such as the classic yellow line, pure white lines, the mysterious purple, red line, and so warm. You can also choose the more remarkable color contrast – such as gold and blue, white and pink, together they create a different color effects to produce lively, rich garden situations


Plant type scattered
Flower arrangements throughout the plant can follow the principle of general application: low to high before, do not block each other.
The size of flower parts also need to consider not all flower heads of Compositae large, nor are the types of flowers; to do with the size of a harmonious, complementary, highlighting the sense of balance to flower border – not domineering, not too low-key. From the little Baijing Ju, Ju clusters of the Netherlands, to the tall sunflower, Dahlia, they each have their own body, but also have the effect of the performance. Bai Jingju suitable for planting in spring flower border of the most lateral border of lace like flowers in general, also suitable for the form to reflect its purity potted flowers. This season, the Dutch chrysanthemum stage, so it was fascinating purple flowers dotted your flower beds now!

Planted with other flowers
Compositae you can buy a beautiful garden is not enough to show, you can also use other plants to accessories or foil. At least those flowering shrubs, small trees, ornamental grasses, turf, etc. are possible. The so-called red flowers with green leaves still need, is the truth. However, with the Compositae time to pay attention to their habits are similar, like warm, humid flowers, accompanied by less suitable as the Compositae, Asteraceae cold, but because a lot of heat intolerance.


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