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Nearly middle age. This toy has some age and not close the distance. Year-old son on the face of modern toys, bored look, can not help recalling the tragic, then suddenly back away think of his childhood toys.
The times are growing, but also replacement toy. If you still blindly to cope with the past toys today’s kids, I am afraid that these living conditions to be excellent, lavish and generous children of ridicule. I often go out and buy toys teeth when the salesperson said: “expensive things, we are afraid to think like a child.” Verbal echo that salesperson, and action is quickly handed the standing of the toy my son, and then calmly took the money from my hand. Indeed, today a few hundred dollars or even tens of dollars worth of toys have been rare, but added a few dollars and cents may not be able to find the toys probably draw a few.
Precisely these angles can be a few dollars of toys, enough to make a child, I do again and again and again to dream. Or to the special good results or to listen to or look at the absolute heart of parents, etc., is possible (not sure) to obtain. Because such opportunities rarely and often fall short, therefore a great man of the highest childhood follow the instructions “do it yourself”, smart people to play the intelligence, work together to create an entertainment has been entertaining people and a toy. Growth in the military compound, the hero in the deep-rooted history under the influence, first thought to be the father as military strikes. Can never win fighting a war without weapons, and lessons in blood in the parents confirmed that there have been over. So, think of the first toy is the gun. Early production is a wooden gun, according to the real thing on the board the proportion of sawn gun type, and then engraved with the bolt, trigger, front sight and even what screws, sandpaper and then polished and finally the paint brush, looked and genuine shape. If no night suddenly on top of others around the waist, enough to wet his pants the other on the spot. Not just how large this effect during the day, only very hard through your mouth to call to indicate the intensity of the war. Usually only in those wooden guns girls Xiong Baba humbly borrow to us performing on stage, “do not love red makeup armed” only with the pride of dance. But it’s opportunities are few and too small to also realize that even our own wooden gun, whether on stage or in the next stage are always just a prop.
Fortunately, they invented the wire gun. This gun is for our generation no stranger to it with a thick wire bent gun type, and then tie ribbons on plastic can. It is different from the wooden gun that can be used on leather bar to launch the “bullet”, that bullet is a real paper bombs, the old books, old newspapers off from Diego, who also came close to shooting to hit the green and purple. Thus, the renewed war in the compound, each a house, every road became a battlefield. Intensity of the fighting as much as the current “war in the Middle East” or “the war in Bosnia.” Only later escalation of the war, was in the “paper bomb” in the folder stuffed wire, injuring the eyes of others caused heavy damage, and alerted a compound of real soldiers. They besieged, ordered “their arms”, we are weak, have no choice, immediately in front of a very strong regular army obedient to cast down, the gun was sent hundreds of branch wire ordnance in the stove.
No gun then peace it. In the evening, everyone under the olive trees while singing a peace song while sitting round “peace of the car.” This is another invention of our car. Tens of centimeters in a square wooden post lower part of the installation of an axle, mounted on the wheel shaft at both ends. In front of wood saw a gap, then nail a steering wheel as the “D” shaped stick, and also the placement of the bottom of the wooden wheel, then put together and on. Sitting is called “beads slip car” car, along the sloping concrete inertia term decline, scroll all the way to joy it. Later, almost every child has such a “car.” “Beads slide car” and top, gun and weapon models are wire We are proud to call “four great inventions” and comparable with the ancients.
It has also imitation of foreign cards, darts, shuttlecock, bamboo guns, slingshots, etc.
That made difficult when the number of weapon model. Face an array of automotive shop toy aircraft and tanks, we can not afford to do only their own. See the ordnance used in foundry casting model big enlightening, they put the accumulation of the bullet (from a range excavated) were all brought, into the heated pan fire, so that the lead bullet out of case of hot melt, and then clamp the folder to the warhead, the water poured into the lead within the prepared mold, cooled, after setting out, grinding with sand paper thin, so the tanks have a car. I was doing was a fighter, to the courtyard outside the school, many students outside the compound envy … …
Liuniansishui, we bid farewell to bid farewell to childhood toys. Today, from near and far and Youyuanerjin to notion, still think fondly of childhood has been very smart and capable. If the year is because the money to buy toys; year if it is because we do not expect parents; then if it is because … perhaps because so many “if it is because” only in our childhood have today in retrospect many memorable implication worth exploring. I absolutely do not blame the kids lack of imagination to create a lack of meaning, after all, social development, and toys are modernized. High-tech toys that not all children can come imitation, that of course can only buy a. Now the children want their parents to the toy on the red and not up to never give up. One more thing how can not care, and like my son have a few boxes of toys, it is difficult to find a few pieces are complete, such as the lack of feet off the hands of the Transformers, not walking the electric car. Toys so, there are many other similar encountered.


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