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Should have organized, we have a line 36, with a visit to Xi’an, not to mention tours Terra Cotta Warriors, Huaqing Pool shopping, say within three days, 24 hours train journey on the cradle, I was shaking became astronauts !
November 4 at 7 pm, we embarked on a train to Xi’an, a hard seat for various reasons. Beginning, we excitement kept a son, a group of four people, a group of six people, playing poker, eating things that do not play poker on the chat. Our leaders used a poker, teach me to play Chase the Pig and two other colleagues, leadership can be described as “wily,” but I got the three of us there is no strategic method of operation of the cards do a puzzling, as well as confused and disoriented, and then amused laugh … …
The car box filled with our people, units in the past tense, busy and solemn atmosphere suddenly disappeared, everyone was cheering, joy, joy overflowing everyone’s face. Everyone is really excited about is not easy music peace!
5 hours passed so quickly, after zero time, everyone very different, and still withstand the boil is not very happy he, who almost toughness, began gradually moved, eyes closed leaning back , and accidentally, to sleep, but along with the train shaking his head involuntarily forward a knock and a rude awakening, and then positioned against the seat back upright narrowed to.
Time and again confused, and again like a worm, like nodding and wake up and bowed. Amused everyone ha ha straight smile.
Old like this is not the answer, so we give birth to an idea, a row of three people to help each other, you depend on me for a while, I pillow you for a moment, and take care of each other a break. To sit a long time, natural control can not stand the legs, feet on the child freely out into the seat opposite the place of small account, so it goes, we still surprising. At the time, next to a fat person can rely on a soft “sofa back,” can really be pain in the blessing of the lucky people it! If the next one to die thin, stiff bones, sediment will you get uncomfortable …… Ge
The scene was indeed very interesting, you Kanba: Some people twisted his head, crooked body; some people sit is not, nor is the legislation; some people’s eyes could not open, and closed not on; Some people, before nodded, shook his head left, right, shook his head … … Oh! Not to mention more amused miserable like it!
So, some people give birth to a trick, with the camera to each person’s face taken off, so after we returned to the flat together, “enjoy.”
This Yaoyao Yu Xian train trip of 12 hours, before finally coming to a head in at 6:50 on November 5th time-sharing, we finally arrived in Xi’an station, in a guided, fatigue, a night of us, but also riding a 2-day course of travel.
Our schedule was tight, and in at 21:00 on October 6th, they set foot on the train home. This way back is actually quite lucky, we get a sleeper, four to a hut, and everyone “to live adjacent to the” natural and ultimately “string door”, we were given their luggage snack Xi’an: Shaanxi Ten strange, persimmons, pomegranates, dates a head, stone bun, steamed mutton, etc., and eat.
I am the person lazy, one on the car, lay covered with do not want to move, despite how I do not blame everyone stopping by, but I still covered by the pleasures of its own, had intended to write about feelings, but when the environment I was a little chaotic, write fails, afraid of my colleagues say I go abroad, like, so he opened P4, plug in the headphones while listening to music while watching the book (which is before I download prose, ready to watch the train, which finally put to use under the compensation.)
Train was slowly moving forward, I feel a train of clicks, nestled in the arms of the train tremble, as if lying on the mother’s cradle in general, carried away.
I do not know why, after another night of bumpy journey back to a warm home, I suddenly found that the fluttering lengthy “Wonderland” is still with me, ah! Originally, I had drunk it!


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