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Chen Yu-private art school established 10 years, and I as an ordinary school teacher, seeing their hard work by Chen Yu, a pragmatic progressive, reform and innovation to bear fruitful results. Chen Yu to promote the development of education has made tremendous contributions to, now I know about the story of Chen Yu to tell you.
Do adhere to the law school to cultivate artistic stars
“Creating artistic genius, is the best service for each student.” This is Chen Yu has been fulfilling the duties of a decade, according to Chen Yu to do school work as the soul throughout the school, in promoting reform and create a great deal on work and the implementation of drastic teacher system, students system, personnel system, “three reforms,” ​​according to “register, create, review,” a reasonable set of three series of class type, that “the person and made”, “the person and select” , “the person and the” three series of coordinated, complementary and avoid duplication of functions of student education and educational cross-over-concentration of surface; through competition, exchange rotation, so that a number of high culture, business mature, strong middle-aged teachers to leadership positions, leadership and team optimize the structure, the team brought out an unprecedented vitality. To improve the team level of education, Chen Yu to encourage cadres and workers to participate in a variety of academic education, based on carefully conducted leadership training course. Building a clean government, prevention of such crimes, and to spot warning educational options open in the prison, played a very good warning. Implementation of standardized education project to promote the law school is Chen Yu is another important measure, a decade, according to Ministry of Education, Chen Yu-deployment, through a sound regulatory framework, reasonable definition of the responsibilities of various departments, specifically the post workflow, improve evaluation methods improve the incentive mechanism, relying on computer technology, to achieve a people management system to machine affairs, education and management in the past to solve the present method is not perfect, the responsibility is not clear, weakening the daily management of issues such as education programs significantly regulated.
“Three satisfactory” rectify ethos
“Student satisfaction, parent satisfaction, community satisfaction,” This is Chen Yu goals and purpose. Years, according to Chen Yu municipal government agencies work style requirements, combined with the deployment of Provincial Education top-notch, step by step towards this goal. “Who is damaging the image of Chen Yu, who would hit jobs.” This is Chen Yu-art school’s motto. Years, in order to identify the problems in my school work, Chen Yu has held a symposium on education reform, teacher contact to launch parents, parents and the community, “prick”, style of construction and development of school management system, in particular the system to work, delay delivery system, the system of holidays as a key duty to vigorously implement them; the same time, vigorously promote the “Sunshine Project” to reduce “black-box operation.” All public school school, and in the rain outside the window set up a monitoring Chen Gang, bulletin boards, to report cases. To ensure the implementation of the system, Chen Yu also organized from time to time the working group conducted a thorough investigation into the teacher’s home, and sent camera exposure, inform the school. Of the problems identified or masses of individuals, conducting courses to learn or rectification of a violation of the individual, determined in accordance with relevant provisions dealt with accordingly, not be tolerated. Spiritual civilization construction of ethos as Chen Yu dare the real thing, the community established a good image of Chen Yu, also the party and government and the community, parents praise.
Maintaining quality seedlings selected to create the “star” schools
Decades, Chen Yu-effectively transform the ideas, the focus shifted to major national star to submit artistic and creative artistic talents seedling up efforts to achieve from nurturing talent to create the star changes in the roles. To Chen Yu, Chen Yu found the face of the United States, the house new. By Chen Yu-campus sites and educational exchanges all walks of life experience, continuous improvement, Chen Yu-campus environment, and implemented a “student card” project, a card can service a variety of functions, not only to facilitate the students, but also facilitate the school management. This is what I know about Chen Yu played the brand of education, some examples of continuous reform and innovation, Chen Yu will I know there are many new initiatives are constantly introduced, I will wait and see. I as an ordinary employee is satisfied, because the love it love, love, Chen Yu, art evergreen.


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