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Two Tigers Love Story

Afternoon rest, stay right at home at the computer in a daze, then the uncle’s phone, very happy, in any case he still remember me, this is when I need is a phone, so I know I have a real existence. In the home the car heard a personal cell phone ring tones are “two tigers”, so, ah, thought day, thought, the thought of him, think we are two tigers, two tigers thought about the story. Everyone has heard the song two tigers it, know that this is a poignant and touching love story who should not be much of it, with you Tell me.
A long time ago, the Kingdom of the Tiger has a brother and sister, pregnant with their own special ability. Brother with a pair of telescope, can see small things very far away, my sister with a pair of ears can hear a very small voice. They grew up together, happy together with the sad … … leisure time, they always went to the mountain hills, brother overlooking miles away distant land, where the front of my sister tells of all manner of things; sister to listen to the breeze came the message, facing the church came the distant brother singing like an angel singing … …
Perhaps the reason is a long time together, they fell in love with each other. Although they know that this love is not allowed, but they just can not control themselves. They put aside all restraint and began to enjoy a desperate love. However, the paper is smoke there’s fire, after all, their relationship has been found … … father, big fat ting, the mother in tears, both pointing to the neighbors, the two desperate to prove innocent affection for each other, but , due to the shackles of moral values, they are not allowed after all, has no way out … … In order to prove unfailing love for each other, their eyes blinded brother, sister, get their ears deaf, do not Why, just because they believe that since not everyone’s blessing, it has the ability to use what, anyway, both of whom are not happy couple … …
Long, long time, there is a musician to hear this poignant and moving love story and was deeply moved. Mixed feelings, he compose a song touching song.
Love is not recognized by the secular is heavy, because it gives a heavy feeling of love is sad, I know the story about two tiger has been a long time, has often heard this song can not help the grief, lament two tigers that epic encounter, love is a matter between two people can not unethical, red is not breaking the shackles of worldly, would have to bow to face reality, do not necessarily have a love, it seems that those unforgettable love are not perfect, and perhaps never will have not a regret, not sake is the best. Although the move but do not support the practice of self-mutilation that two tigers, love is a hope that she (her) health, happiness, happy, although there is incomplete section of the love, though not recognized by the world, but as long as the limited air heart, love, love the world will still be her (his) presence. Love Do not cling to beg forever, how much can never ever said, but one day short of love into a relieved, will disappear one day in each other’s sight, how far will always love the end of life? Even if a tiger is gone, another tiger does not have courage to face the other side of life, life will continue more in love forever.
If the story of the tiger is not brother and sister, is not on the happy ending, if not unethical, if only pure two tigers, why can not love, if not brave, you can not rely on love, if love is just afraid to give up speech, and that Is not love?
Must continue even if the heartbreaking love, and love life will be wonderful.
Even if the shackles were also diminished the hearts of secular love, hidden it in my heart, silent love.
Even destruction must love, so love the embodiment of the dust, everywhere


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