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The Term is no Stranger to Fashion

The term is no stranger to fashion, Shanghai TV has a section called: fashion. I sometimes see, I like the host of Yin Li. Look at this program, you will know what most of today’s fashion. Not catch up with fashion, is the need to know these two.
I deliberately checked Modern Chinese Dictionary, the explanation is on the face of fashion: the fashion.
I think both now and in the past, I do not ride with the fashion industry. Previously, anyway, we do not how fashion, fashion does not matter and out of date. Now, the outside world is too fashionable. And I’m still not really fashionable.
First, never make-up, not bought lipstick. Except performing on stage. I like natural beauty. In person, every day of make-up must be, if one day you do not occasionally make-up, then it seems like a very patient, great contrast unacceptable. The second is basically no designer clothes. Certainly not because they do not like it, but either not the right size, or almost inclined expensive, I was reluctant. So one or two brand in the region when the garment is used Qizhe seasonal pricing to price Jianhui Lai of the following. The third is still not fully automatic washing machine. 2006 Chinese New Year only for the washing machine, I am determined to buy a semi-automatic. Semi-automatic clothes on two luxury enough, too much fuss over the use of automatic. And willing to participate in the process of washing clothes, it is a good household chores. I am sure if you buy the next automatic update, to time the market is estimated that there will be no semi-sold. Fourth, after the age of 40 no longer burns fat; never dyed hair. My hair is not entirely black, with dark brown, fine hair but will not bend, shiny straight hair is very suitable. No white hair, so there is no staining necessary. If so, I will not have white hair away hair. In addition I think the Chinese people the most beautiful skin with black hair. I am not against people hair, because other colors, black will be more attractive.
In the dress. I love beautiful, generous, bottom line is to date on the line. I think the key is to wear clothes to know their body features, which suit their style or color, as long as the purchase, with the right mix is ​​the best, not necessarily the price you have to wear brand-name or only the United States. This is my dress principle. Son to wear brand-name sportswear or jeans I have no objection, if of my money to buy need to think twice. Her husband does, to buy him he did not appreciate, apply one of his words: ass photographed himself away, and still, forget it. Men to wear clothes texture good, the bad combination, is small but efficient principle.
I feel in some respects still more fashionable, for example: I use electric toothbrushes, listen to MP3, my colleagues have bluntly said they only do those things! Asked them why, the answer is: do not love songs, so do not. Do not you know not only the songs with MP3’s, so give them sweep the blind, did he realize that: Oh … … need it. So, do not to evaluate or treat the subjective will to new things.
Fashion is not something young people’s patents. For example: all students of fashion in favor of parents can be realized under. I do not agree on this one. I’d rather if they can not afford to fall behind a little. Fashion adults the right to hold in their hands, if you do not who put fashion how do you like that? ! So, reality, people do not have the ability to pursue its stylish, sought after fashion can not afford it. So, the most suitable person should be in the fashion of young people, or 35 years of age. They have the ability, is the real fashion people. Want these people to seize the good times to fashion a good, do not because the child is small, heavy housework, busy with work, and I feel bad ignoring fashion, I am your spectator, I am glad you pleasure, is a good thing!
Fashion wind, fleeting! Therefore, the most fashionable, is the least fashionable. Because the vitality of fashion stuff is very short, it will soon be replaced by something new. From this point on, most people are hard to keep up with the pace of fashion. So, for he is the ordinary people of fashion forever.


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