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I Love the Train Bound For the Column

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I do not know, is not the end of or all of the journey has no end. I remember that year, I stood a stranger in a twilight site, the sunset bent my shadow on the rails, the wind swept trees near the site, raised Yi Mei and my long hair.
I am still in those two parallel lines or by the myriad of tracks parallel lines to form before the panting to see a train stopped in front of me, and sighed and ran through the city. What wind is to sneak into my eardrum, with a moist dew of the night and the cool earth, suddenly, all over the world only a strange, crowded and desolate.
My other issue that roaring sound of the train, from the unseen depths of the distance, through my dreams, sigh parked in front of me. Loud voice that I regret and nostalgia, with the ambiguous heart Ripples of light waves.
I was pushed forward to be sent to the location of a carriage window, head-rub shoulders, are not expected unfamiliar faces. I finished sorting their simple luggage, look out the window in thought, ideas, and numerous trains running up like the direction.
I am not used to silence talk with people, behind the closed eyes, my heart was running very rapidly spread to distant context of a clear track, monotonously derived from the intricate maze, the people have been deserted or enthusiasm to the new place, to the noise in the distance may perhaps lonely. I want to reach the site is that happiness, true, warm.
I know that every trip journey by numerous accidental and uncertain form, I understand, at the same time the same train car go the same place the same, is the world’s fate repair a few, but I was right close insurmountable distance I can only face the strange silent smile, with a train ride journey toward destiny, but I do not know one had the heart with internal injuries in the home can call and continue to love coming to the end of the roar in the stand?
Night has been deep, still only train a large body shaking, countless visitors filled the intervening north-south have been asleep, and occasionally has a thin whisper passed twice ears. Look at the text messages on mobile phones, also soak into the family who brought back from home and love blood temperature, such as listening to a whisper in the wind, if they are holding a pair of warm, because it is loaded with too many blocks in the chest love and wait.
Night, I open their eyes wide breakdown time, I never thought he would this day, years of age, two years of age, Up to 30 more than half of the moment, again and again let the train take me toward a foreign land went back haunt. Once, I rest content with the home set in life, that kind of life would be extended to the situation cautiously, no surprise no interference, but I Zhongshi most edge of the crowd, I feel like the line in the wilderness, desolate deep in time, desolation in the dark, including life and emotions.
I am not in the outside world is full of wonderful, but helpless, for many years of hard work, I always maintained a posture of a drop of water will one day, a moment Passed fall on earth. The city’s hustle and bustle, and never gave me forget their place of origin, living debris were thrown in the corner of every city, so I would like to come back from a foreign land at the back to leave the garden landscape Wada, were returned to when friends and lovers in. The original, moving and dependent care in two places and waiting quietly grown in Acacia. Place of origin, not just time, there are love, because it has been a love waiting for me in to the office, it is different at different times to remind me face some of the causes of the fact that I remember, and warm outside my home all years.
As a result, wound up the other side, I removed a strange site to another new mood to the home from a foreign country, the fate of the maze, such as the wilderness of the wind, spread in front, emitting a strong but trivial real human breath, let me facial features graceful, long distances, and the expedition trek across the desert Miao, struggling around in a big circle, life went back to place, I love back home.
Today, the life time of wind surprised, streamer to throw, the roots lost, death can not recover.
When looking at a train passing through the site, I will stop, with all his heart and strength, watching it, imagine it the appearance of the year; thank it, I came to love the sites set out until it disappears from the front. Then turned quiet, continue with this life ordinary and real every day.


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