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My daughter love to eat crabs, he said that today haunt me a long time ago, the last, six crabs eat her breath it, and she is also particularly love to eat! He said these when the eyes smile, a soft light in the glittering.
She knew, he said that “she” is his wife.
She wanted to tell him, in fact, she love to eat crabs, but still these words swallowed into the stomach.
Meteors in July, the sun was burning in pain pores tie, her heart began to cool a little.
She followed this man, has for three years. Three years, she declined a lot of good suitor, twenties Zither Love, seeing the petals of a felled wandering Oh.
Her to wait. When he realized the phrase promise. He said: “They’re children, I wait six months, I must …”
Wait six months, it will be his bride, right? She thought.
So, six months, and six months, her long wait is a lot a lot of sadness.
Sometimes, she would considerate to think: Yeah, after all, a marriage, even one thousand one hundred holes sore, like disintegration, is not easy. At this time, he owned her in my arms and kissed her: “It is you, most know me!” So, she felt, all the grievances, the value!
Originally Today, he said to her to relax, go halfway, but suddenly filed a crab. He said the matter had been promised her Nianglia not forget, I another day to accompany you?
Well you are trustworthy, you promised me to do, when to deliver? Held the sunlight, she suddenly, angry.
What happened? He was mutated and made her somehow.
Forgot? Of course, where you will remember? Or buy your crab it fast! She glanced at him coldly. He is also looked at her in amazement, eyes staring into a triangle shape. She suddenly felt himself in love with this man, the original is so wretched.
A tingling, like the thorns from the heart as the next needle to tie up.
In early May, he said, to buy her a box of Coke. Originally, buy her own, she never climbs he had something that he insisted that another day, he bought her. June, he said once, now, to July, and he forgot, he forgot his little promise, forget, she is thirsty, thirsty to wait for him, so he bought a love Coke … …
Today, in order that “does not love his wife” and daughter, he is willing to leave her, from east to west, braving treacherous sun, the body flow of a sweat, but forgot, from her in front of supermarkets, Shunpian Mai a Coke to her box.
She do not want to tell him, it looks like, it seems that she is not worth the struggle when a box of cola. She thought, the promise of a box of cola, hard cash, then he promised her love, marriage, for life then?
She ran a home, crazy but also adding that, once bought three boxes of Coke, Gulp filling a bottle and a bottle, drink straight abdominal distension. When a gas explosion, “bang” to flutter her face when she Cancan laughed, laughing face of tears. She suddenly felt his promise, his love, much like a bottle of Coke Yeah, stimulation, temptation, but in fact, just the gas and foam!


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