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I Love Perfume

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Weekend water and soil, the phase a crystal clear glass vase. The bottle resembles a plum flower, so I had to give it a name – called plum vase. Mei looked at the vase, actually can not think what to spend plug? So, after arriving home found a discreet corner of the plum vase on there.
One day, I went to the drawing class, looking at the bottle out of the studio, large and small cans of God: thought, if the painting when the plum vase used to rinse the pen is not very good? Plum vase of space, water containers and more transparent sound, each pen can also see the rinse process, it is not very interesting! Home after school, from the corner out of plum vase filled with water, I put the pen on the plum curious vase water and gently shake, or hug with just the brush, as if just woke up, stretched out lazy little Maomi waist, loose open pen hair gradually, one by one, clearly visible. I said to myself, saying: “ah! Really good.”
By chance, the fate of plum vase has changed, I more or less for many years to develop habits also changed. That June day, a deep interest to practice at home, Chiang Kai-shek freehand painting peony, suddenly the doorbell really shocked me, could not help but subconsciously raised his head and looked at the wall clock, oh! The original is the time to school, seems to have no time to pack on the table drawing tools.
Open the door, come in a rather old one and her mother, a rather gave the “good teacher”! So I am pleased to quickly bent down, picked up this is sensible, intelligent and lovely girl, in her delicate face on another pro-pro. Then, led a rather into the piano room, her mother lost in the living room.
After-school break, we came to the living room, butt not firmly secured, a rather pointed to the mother could not wait to plum vase said to me: “the teacher,” vase “is used to rinse pen multi Alas, that it was shabu pen items can I see it, you quickly brush it clean, to buy a few bundles of Lily flower plug, “that not only the fragrant smell of flowers! And people have the spirit of the na.
I stared, surprised asked: “Is it true? So magical?” She nodded yes. Then, I began to teach the method chosen Lily: the selection, pay attention to take shots of straight, no pests, “Flower” and “bud” the layout of the uniform, patchwork, growing fine varieties; selection, the best a bunch of bulls every morning and evening for twice the water, changing the water before you look at the bottom of spent rods have spoiled, found immediately after the crop oblique cut with scissors. Thus, in about a week to maintain flowering.
Years of life, so I do not spend money to develop the habit, flowers and elegant though, after all, is a consumer, this is a bit wasteful? Heart reluctantly, and only the lure of live flowers, flower shop will go in the direction toward involuntary.
Entered the shop, eyes full of “flowers of the world, a sea of ​​flowers, flower fragrance, spent on people, people in the flowers; fascinated, stopped for viewing. Really a lot of varieties of flowers; main perfume lilies, roses, lotus and other flat line, the selection of a few bundles long pink Lily, that satisfaction of the party paid for. holding perfume lily, a ray of fragrance, fresh, elegant floral, Ruoyouruowu, giving a hint of romantic feeling. looking forward to the cabin full of romantic longing.
Lily: Dutch origin, families and genera: Liliaceae Lilium, is a perennial bulbous flowers, there are six petals, three petals which is true, the other three grew up to become the petals are sepals. There are willow-shaped leaves, bamboo-shaped. Lily in the East and West, are the holy symbol. Lily is Lily of the queen, she’s always so confident of the petals open, there is no luxury of color, only an elegant Fanghua; do not have much to do vulgar distractions, and only great love.
I love Lily, love her extraordinary, subtle and restrained temperament; love her fragrance lovers, intoxicated with the joy of the soul; love her aloof, willing to sacrifice the spirit. Her life, though short. Yet the sight to behold, restrained temperament will always remain in subtle earth.


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