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Hong Good Bed to Sleep

Do not know that you are not and I have a similar experience, who are willing to spend money to buy expensive clothes, but for household goods is not so concerned about, really fair without and foul within. With the elderly, the requirements for the clothing styles from the simple style extends to the use of materials with both hands, and asked the family not only have a beautiful quilt is the quilt, but also to comfort, superior materials.

After all, people’s life, one-third is spent in bed, better themselves, not only put in to eat, but he can comfortably make the nap, while others can not see, but comfortable only you know, so when I started to pay attention Moncler down jacket at the same time, I begin to focus on a household brand, it’s called sleep soundly MINE.

If you must bring together MINE Moncler and sleep soundly, then look for common ground, a popular style, there are choice point is the most expensive white goose down. Can be said that down the field, white goose down is a symbol of the most advanced of its history can be traced back to the 17th century, white goose down that time because a small amount of expansive, very rare and can only say that private supplies, has been a royal special, it can not can quickly match the superiority of the nobility to conquer Europe and America, the designated family warm for many materials, even in the 19th century has spread to China and China Royal is also attracted to whom.

As we all know, good quality velvet longer filaments, the formation of a corresponding large velvet flowers, can be subtle and a lot of still air, in order to fully prevent the heat to spread around, with a high degree of insulation. Compared with the other down, white goose down filament longest, so warm and prices are much higher than the gray goose and duck products. So to choose to choose the best, in fact, the quilt to the top of the French white goose down, to sleep soundly MINE here, has become the standard configuration, which is sleep soundly MINE, top furniture brands.

I say French white goose down in sleep soundly MINE here is just the standard configuration, it is because sleep soundly MINE materials are best in the world, the world’s best material collected here, was to play the endless sleep soundly MINE artistic imagination , together woven into our dreams. Silk imports, imports down, thousands of long-staple cotton yarn, collagen, and even we can not even ever heard of things piling up a mountain where, for example, in 2008 to Germany and Iceland Yan Mei MINE implanted into the bedding in the duck, then what created a sub-brand of the leading luxury home myth, and it has been more than 30 countries and regions around the world the best raw material suppliers to cooperate
 Entered a new era, busy life so that people have higher requirements for sleep, do a top household brand in the UK the idea of ​​the River Thames in London came a spark of Johnson’s Tearoom, and soon MINE Art Studio “Impression” in Paris in the second year, the brand was registered in London MINE ST.John ‘s Wood, in the new millennium moment MINE brand was born in London, Oxford Street, the brand opened the top so that more people can enjoy the dream of sleep.


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