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Capital from China to the U.S.

In 2011, global financial markets exhibited the characteristics that make this year a turning point has to have some meaning, and the next view for 2012, probably because of this transition and will become more clearer. However, geopolitical turmoil and crisis hotbeds of policy puzzle still give next year’s market trends uncertain.
In the past few months we have witnessed scenes never seen over the past decade, in fact, determine the nature of these phenomena may affect the success of your investment next year. We first met in August to reduce the foreign exchange reserves surprising, if you think this is just the point that the roof leak rainwater, then the next thing will be slightly more serious cases, the central bank declined for four straight months of broad money growth and increased speed less than 15% of the fact that the market is indeed on much less money, which directly led to China’s financial markets to commodities from the stock market, the collective market crash.
We have been proud of that, China has never been short of money. Central bank in the past decade to increase the money supply more than four times the monetary authorities dare to act in such a basic fact is that China increased reserve assets day after day, when these reserve assets flow into China, the central bank may not do not have the same number of yuan to buy them, this is called “hedging” phenomenon has made China the center of the global monetary flows, it is like a black hole to attract an influx of global capital, but in the last month, the sudden foreign exchange allows investors to reduce the suffering head with a blow, this is a problem that in many of the evidence before us, we will see the question almost answers. The latest is that the yuan against the dollar limit of the phenomenon occurs for several days. And just two months ago, U.S. politicians are still to put pressure on RMB appreciation and brains, they both hardware and software to the Chinese leaders propaganda, this noisy two countries for many years.
Since then, they may be no need to fight for this thing go on, perhaps the demand for the yuan two months ago, reached its recent peak, the yuan trading in the market may have found its proper value. U.S. politicians, now you shut up!
Those described above, may be just a group of insects flew out before the earthquake, or a cat just died. It’s just a sign of things rather than the whole truth. What will happen next time, we absolutely do not need the next definition. But we can be sure that the above mentioned shows that the capital is flowing out of China, the destination is the United States.
The reality of China is the world’s ongoing capital campaign, a microcosm of it, at the same time, the crisis of capital are also the eurozone source showed the same scene, it seems many people have observed that in the Eurodollar market, the dollar interest rate is growing up, because when all banks and companies seeking to hedge U.S. dollar assets when the dollar’s purchasing costs and borrowing costs are rising rapidly, which makes dealing with the debt crisis are government heads of a headache, they The Fed last week joined hands together dollar exchange rate will be lowered by 50 basis points, this will of course reduce that market panic, or even the arrival of the new crisis, more come later.
Global capital flows back to the United States led to the most direct consequences of the U.S. dollar against major global currencies appreciate, over the years, global capital flows have two important characteristics: First, the U.S. has to continental Europe, the second is from developed countries to emerging market countries , especially in the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis is more apparent that the flow characteristics. As the euro-zone economy has been in the past few years, low inflation and steady growth in the state, while the appreciation of the euro against the dollar in the channel, attracting a steady stream of U.S. capital flows to Europe. Meanwhile, between developed and emerging market countries, the existence of huge spreads and currency appreciation in these countries caused by asset price inflation, capital flows from developed to emerging markets, the trend is more evident. In fact, when the dollar is from the U.S. to global capital flows, global liquidity will be relaxed, and returning to the U.S. dollar, the global liquidity will begin to shrink. In this background the market continue to look toward 2012, you will feel suddenly see the light?

I Love the Train Bound For the Column

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I do not know, is not the end of or all of the journey has no end. I remember that year, I stood a stranger in a twilight site, the sunset bent my shadow on the rails, the wind swept trees near the site, raised Yi Mei and my long hair.
I am still in those two parallel lines or by the myriad of tracks parallel lines to form before the panting to see a train stopped in front of me, and sighed and ran through the city. What wind is to sneak into my eardrum, with a moist dew of the night and the cool earth, suddenly, all over the world only a strange, crowded and desolate.
My other issue that roaring sound of the train, from the unseen depths of the distance, through my dreams, sigh parked in front of me. Loud voice that I regret and nostalgia, with the ambiguous heart Ripples of light waves.
I was pushed forward to be sent to the location of a carriage window, head-rub shoulders, are not expected unfamiliar faces. I finished sorting their simple luggage, look out the window in thought, ideas, and numerous trains running up like the direction.
I am not used to silence talk with people, behind the closed eyes, my heart was running very rapidly spread to distant context of a clear track, monotonously derived from the intricate maze, the people have been deserted or enthusiasm to the new place, to the noise in the distance may perhaps lonely. I want to reach the site is that happiness, true, warm.
I know that every trip journey by numerous accidental and uncertain form, I understand, at the same time the same train car go the same place the same, is the world’s fate repair a few, but I was right close insurmountable distance I can only face the strange silent smile, with a train ride journey toward destiny, but I do not know one had the heart with internal injuries in the home can call and continue to love coming to the end of the roar in the stand?
Night has been deep, still only train a large body shaking, countless visitors filled the intervening north-south have been asleep, and occasionally has a thin whisper passed twice ears. Look at the text messages on mobile phones, also soak into the family who brought back from home and love blood temperature, such as listening to a whisper in the wind, if they are holding a pair of warm, because it is loaded with too many blocks in the chest love and wait.
Night, I open their eyes wide breakdown time, I never thought he would this day, years of age, two years of age, Up to 30 more than half of the moment, again and again let the train take me toward a foreign land went back haunt. Once, I rest content with the home set in life, that kind of life would be extended to the situation cautiously, no surprise no interference, but I Zhongshi most edge of the crowd, I feel like the line in the wilderness, desolate deep in time, desolation in the dark, including life and emotions.
I am not in the outside world is full of wonderful, but helpless, for many years of hard work, I always maintained a posture of a drop of water will one day, a moment Passed fall on earth. The city’s hustle and bustle, and never gave me forget their place of origin, living debris were thrown in the corner of every city, so I would like to come back from a foreign land at the back to leave the garden landscape Wada, were returned to when friends and lovers in. The original, moving and dependent care in two places and waiting quietly grown in Acacia. Place of origin, not just time, there are love, because it has been a love waiting for me in to the office, it is different at different times to remind me face some of the causes of the fact that I remember, and warm outside my home all years.
As a result, wound up the other side, I removed a strange site to another new mood to the home from a foreign country, the fate of the maze, such as the wilderness of the wind, spread in front, emitting a strong but trivial real human breath, let me facial features graceful, long distances, and the expedition trek across the desert Miao, struggling around in a big circle, life went back to place, I love back home.
Today, the life time of wind surprised, streamer to throw, the roots lost, death can not recover.
When looking at a train passing through the site, I will stop, with all his heart and strength, watching it, imagine it the appearance of the year; thank it, I came to love the sites set out until it disappears from the front. Then turned quiet, continue with this life ordinary and real every day.

Home Interesting things

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Liu Ke Zhuang words, saying: “send-off like in every family like.” I am a guest in foreign land when little more time at home, born in two decades. And to every family, there are Su Yi sigh, water shield perch of thinking, go read hereby hereby.
Families of a poor family, little. Seven houses, one the walls, a gatehouse, a toilet, a septic tanks, a garden. Issued by the Government turned the homestead, on 194 square meters of words, should not “flat” it!
House is a typical “North way”, commonly known as “Hulu Tou.” Mix water with clay red brick, four mix water with clay mix water with clay in the two higher, into the higher part of the triangle. Overhead two beams, there is also a beam (determined according to number of rooms). Row sub-purlin beam, bamboo, overlying layers of felt paper, and then tiles blanket, no eaves. This durable buildings. These houses and the younger brother the same age, ten years had never been repaired. Mother often jokingly said: “If you build a dozen years ago, such a house, wife scrambled to the home run; now and then build this house, let alone a wife, and even a mouse can not marry on.”
Garden is very small, and the chaos during wood Yokomagura home base. To not clean, often dog points, fresh sheep feces. Keep a dog a home, sheep, sheep dog when it jumped into them, wanton spoil. I therefore use the nets and a few dead wood to be a temporary fence. There are also a few pigeons who do not understand fun, satiated, the Puchi meantime, rest, voice training, shit. Status of the family wash water, foot-washing water, laundry water, frequently spill the meantime. CD garden flowers woven emerald, white spit red blossoms, butterflies provoke waves back and forth a group of bees collected powder smell fragrant, slightly interesting.
Seven houses, I take one with the brother, is also the bedroom as a study. Jian Chen a Ghost Story by thinking, fast and wet Zhou a, Zhao Lihong has four steps, fasting, and also named the climb the wind potential with Ya Yuan Zhai. Brother hanging from the walls of the pro-book. I often self-care and laugh, I am not a fish, dragon, can not jump into the water lines, not to soar and rise, games, text only!
Fast in the impression that the dirty. To not sweep, do not wipe off tables and chairs, the ink messy, chaotic hanging clothes, shoes stacked. I am lazy by nature, although Chen Fan Xi, hardly their aspirations, and therefore do not have to listen to “a house, has died, how to rule the world,” preaching the face plate. Mocun President said that men first impression is dirty, good idea! But Zhaizhu will not ears neck, the soil hypertrophy, planting grains. Wall of the book are portraits, but also star stills, it is neither fish nor fowl. There is also a flute, blowing freely leisure play.
Home with music, their music has four.
First, is the joy and Wudi. Brother, Fang XVI junior high school. Learning calligraphy more than five years, writing a good character of Yan, is also proficient in poetry couplet, I grow the game together. He has a joint: “dirty little low eaves, Weak rock hit, drop, drip two or three drops of water dropping water.” There is poetry idiom, there are some philosophizing, I brake hard. Trying to come up a few days, barely Couchu second line, may still not work. “Sunset Rong Jin, the birds return to the mountain, listening to birds, several birds, product birds, birds secluded mountain.” We were all love chess technique, has been idle, they will kill them. I do not fine chess. Neutrons are not under the indecisiveness is Lazi go back, often prompting him grumbling. Sometimes quarrel, heated neck red, and finally push the chessboard into the sky, walk out. However, for a two people to crash and burn, but also laid out a battle. With the root of love, brotherly friendship, can glimpse.
The second fun – fast in reading. Nothing life hobby, only a soft spot for the book. Huang Shangu says: “Three days without reading, the language will feel tasteless, terrifying, students during this mortal life.” I have no such lofty, recreation time being nothing. Pirated books, mostly in fast, genuine open price, I simply can not eat food, clothing, and only distance and not fondle. Where the book can be read. Walk, work, couch, catch the bus, go to the toilet. But my favorite night of fasting in the study. Then stillness all around, the only family breath snore alarms, candle, force is black, single owner books, leisurely Heart. I am very sensitive to the use of incandescent lights, one affected family sleep soundly, and second light make dizzy, hard thought, imagination. Hua month broken windows, when the pale shadow map wall, touching it straight with the ancients? May also wish to do a do ‘Hongxiutianxiang night reading, “the romantic dreams. When mice are a frequent night time, a regular visitor. Around the bed over chairs, bird’s-eye light drilling kitchen, break me Shenning. For the mouse, I had sort of apology. Township saying goes: “Eat food Teng store hungry rats.” I am the good, the people eat, the hungry rat, I at fault also. So I will prepare a two buns every night for their enjoyment. Happy to visit there mosquitoes, hordes, buzzing mess-ming, kowtow touch brain, everywhere there is all-pervasive, I do not know how much I suck the blood itself.
Fun of the three – listen to the rain. Those who love listening to the rain, there are many similar. Yishan Withered Lotus, EMC keep the window listen to the rain, listening to the rain Jiang Jie’s life three: young listen to the rain, river candle dazed; listen to the rain off the boat in the middle-aged, low cloud wide river; bald listen to the rain, under the monk Lu, subjugation the pain during penetration. I also love listening to the rain, the night on the couch, at first glance lightning glitter, they heard thunder rumbling car thrust, suddenly sound of a crash course in the open. To rain! Eer rhythm, beginning on the Indus; scarred Chi Chi, but also into the pyre; tick, with tile and Ming; rattled, porcelain played sound. Then the wind suddenly began to rely Showers. Its sound like livestock beach, Wan Madhi Ben, competing trampling; and if the ancient battlefield, gold Zheng Jie Gu, armies at war, a ground-breaking. To be the rain,, but also to listen to peristalsis of earthworms in the hospital, listening to the pond frogs, listen to the sound field crops jointing.
The most interesting summer home, go on Yan Mountain Zi, spit cool evening air. Crickets chirp foot of the wall, pack money, travel back and forth on the ground weave insect, insects flushed down the black shell, mosquitoes tour. Drag a square table in the hospital, the family group tables and sit together for dinner. Table with vegetable soup with bread, vegetables and a few Ratatouille, but after his mother’s hand, supplemented by oil, salt and spices, has also delicious cuisine. Eleven family tells us. A Mother’s mouth quickly, then most human farming, talk about anything. There are also witty interludes, it is with amusement, the vision is sometimes made of the lack of the tread will hand. Father of silence, bad words, often down to eat, and occasionally look up at the mother, would then smile. Brother simply laughed. I, however, regardless of filial piety, to find the mother’s ballast, anti-phrase with ridicule, prompting her stare stamp scoff. A person is enjoyable, the dog suddenly jumped up, snatched the hands of the steamed bun and ran. I catch pole fight angry, distressed care of the mother is busy. Heart-inch grass, Chunhui grace, often accompanied by their parents knee, how’s life, when?
Home can not remember, although there is no record of significant, although there is no significant value. Often busy day length CD, with the thinking with the mind, and talk to myself and others Ziqian

Ice Cream in the Left

Landscape Rather, the imagination has again and again with each other, he would ask her, like to eat. She is the Eau of the people, no more for food, just keep a childish people do not know the thoughts and preferences, then loudly told him: like ice cream.
That summer, opened a cold street corner shop, she visited almost every day, every point of the current system on a glass or two of ice cream, but no sticky alcohol concentration, and dripping icy, her Fall in love with this flavor, but also love on its name: tiramisu. Have to find a tiramisu to read the story, hidden for many years between the original number which lovers Memorial and expectations. Earth is too large, then, “take me away”, sometimes turn into a heart can only precipitate. The earth is too small, then, “Remember me”, but that is between two people for granted.
Later, she told him that the house cold store to shut down. At that time it is winter, she wore thick cotton jacket, also in the final period of operating time, every day to buy ice cream. The young man looked at the store skilled milk, chocolate and ice mixed together rumbling sound in the cold lonely winter in the small room, it is too big a word, she feel noisy, I always feel like walking the train rises to land the aircraft deemed sound, “take me away” and “Remember Me”, then in such a voice, more and more clear. Up with a thick woolen gloves, holding cups cold Qin, she just moving rapidly to run home, in a warm room, the tiramisu drink into the veins, then, pick up the phone, the simulation the familiar call the number, then say a silent between heart I do not know how many times repeated the words: she wanted him. She did not really talk with him, and told him she say, only because, if the carrying too much within the landscape, the landscape outside of how he was safe.
Then finally there is no tiramisu, that shop for the store, start early. But, she never go to patronize, they prefer to distant places to eat breakfast. She do not go into that place, no way to imagine, as a sweet ice cream everywhere is cool place, and now will become dust and smoke the fire looks like. She also finished hardcover buy the kind of ice cream tiramisu, but it is too sweet, too strong, totally not the taste of summer time. She always jokes that he still love ice cream, she did not tell him she thought he lost it when the taste of summer, she, like tiramisu, more lonely to him.


Ice cream, so he often called her. Often want her sweets, the more some eat a normal diet. In fact, she will do some cooking, a little Eau. To meet, she had drafted a menu, not even knowing each other.
Foolish with shrimp and green beans and natural Bai Shengsheng lily with fried, steamed shrimp after the hot water blanch the beans slightly, there are washed sparkling fresh water lily, after a little heat Youlin ironing, put In the clean bowl of plain, it is intended to hide the lily golden hook Chui, she sent her since he has been successful mind.
She is not happy with his drinking, she can not dare to try Huadiao heard so much about do fish. Cut thirty-two lemon, put it on the fish fillets, topped with Huadiao marinated sauce, wrapped with butter paper and put in the steamer, and other cooked fish after transfer to a plate, sprinkle with parsley and onion, then fish Hong overflow with wine breath, for fear it will steal his early greed among articulate meaning.
Her seaside home, do her good seafood. The clam skilled Lek stripping out of hot water clam, and then cut loofah on-chip, and then on the point a in its medlar, water boiling, until well cooked, the juice topped with the tone has been prepared, Mazumdar white lights in green, red face right into every small tower at the end, hope of tempting.
She will then make a simple papaya pudding, papaya juice with added sugar, fish powder and refrigerated, frozen after forming her specially shaped mold with a plum, orange, papaya made of blossoming plum, lay-up on the ceramic plate , innovative color lining in the dim color on ceramic, such as under extreme joy with peace.

Chocolate, so she often call him. Often told him a good meal, a good rest. She knows he has good skills, can do some worth showing off in front of her dishes. She has been secretly meet for him to be a food shot by him, but he never mentioned it to the meet.
At that time, he does not have to make more busy, always good food only he can do his good stew meat with tempeh, fermented glutinous rice and other seasonings to the meat fried, steamed, dressed with a casserole, this time, next casserole is filled with little fish on the Huadiao incense, can not help but think of the ancient altar of the pit, or the feast together, they should be out just like fermented rice altar.
He often said, can do the mushroom chicken, her favorite dish, not because of eating, but the dishes because it always reminds her of home, think of childhood, have been for her to do a similar dish the Road .
Finally, make a laver egg soup, shrimp, dotted with some parsley on it, put on the table, and eventually became a meet of this feast. If you meet into a feast, a table top, this road is his dishes, that road is her delicate dishes, which meal, like the break and over the Lovers, a seat the most tempting tea millet fireworks.
Engine can also be one meal with a cup made of chocolate ice cream sundae, if the time is summer, can enjoy the cool air and soothing, if the time is winter, more than a shoulder heating opportunity arrived.
Often such a formal imagination and think distinctly in the current side without the slightest show of dignified meaning, but, then solemn thoughts have been the fate of the placement of a fairy-tale phrase. Ice cream and chocolate, never met a real cup.

Earthly seen too many old, gloomy in the years between scattered in the body, not orderly. When her face has deep emotions hidden in the folds in the tuck, back when he is with the temperature of the gully, she only hoped that she is still mid-summer ice cream princess, and he will always be no food Prince is not of the chocolate. If set the princess and the prince of the title, is not she will not have to pipe water, he in the mountains outside, they do not have scruples, which she wore at the cool shirt he wore over a quarter who ring they do not care, she was always on the left, and he has been in the right, across the I’s distance.

China Nandaihe Sea Cable to Play Heart

Beidaihe summer has be Nandaihe, with the famous Beidaihe a river but a bridge. Here the beach, soft sand tidal flat, wide and clear water beaches, tidal stability, clean air cool, unique beach were many tourists hailed as “the first bath.”

 On shore, forest green, tree shade, hiding during the tour, Xia Ruchun day. It is fully equipped with the ocean, beach, air, sunlight, green world travel coast of the five elements, is the sea bath, solarium, sand bath, air bath of the best natural places.

en a tourist hot spot, but when you are tired of Beidaihe in general under the dumplings, you can go to and it is only a bridge from Nandaihe play, has been renovated with great changes here, to challenge the sea cableway arm? That immediately come.


Nandaihe new landscape:


Sea cable


For visitors to tour the island and the sea with a total length of 1039 meters, the double semi-enclosed, smooth, safe and reliable. From the beginning to the island together Xiange cents Lo Court about 15 minutes per hour, can carry 560 people, is China’s only a cross-sea cable. If you are fortunate enough to cross the cable car ropeway will enjoy Nandaihe from the air and scenic wonders of the island.


Conch fairy


Myth and fairy conch fishermen in the sea baby boy married, not only do as the Romans, hardworking homemakers, but also often advantageous time to come forward in the apparitions, problem-solving for the fishermen, to keep the peace. Sometimes encountered stormy sea fishermen, boats can not rely on shore, her songs while singing snail, hold the wind and waves, while the body – the upper and lower shells boat carrying fishermen. Later, in honor of her fishermen on the beach built up a 4 meters high, semi-horizontal tail personal spiral sculpture, and often for the sea safe to pray before the statue. Now we will move to Sin conch snail fairy statue island for visitors to view.


Sin Lo Court


The Court of conch fairy shelter, practice-specific. According to legend, was originally an ordinary female conch conch fairy, after 600 years in the immortality of this practice, which was called the Court House side screw. It is located in the middle of Sin Lo Island, 26 meters high, the bottom for cable winding station, the top for the antique tower. Visitors in addition to overlooking Nandaihe panoramic view over Beidaihe summer have style, but also hit the bell in the bell tower to please. That long period of peace bell is a symbol of good luck and you are. Meanwhile, here is the best situation of people watching the sunrise, early morning to watch the sun rising this beauty, but also a great enjoyment of a rare life.


Windmill Group


There are seven groups of different sizes and shapes of windmill components, see the sea as a driving force, the greater the rotation speed faster. Windmill farm in the most striking is the strange brew car, it is poor use of windmills and wave power and running water for upgrade, that is strange and makes the heart odd shape.


Three off


 First off – Shihmen off. Shihmen only magnificent, but also confusing. Door in door, visitors started to go out the door door door in taste characteristics to the door in the dazzling, went out relaxed and happy. Second off – the mysterious valley. 5 mountain land into the sky, the mountain one meter intervals, forming three narrow stone alley, for visitors to walk through and out. Lane looked up from the bottom, both indecisive, or left view of the right look, I saw a trace of the vast blue sky into a line. This magnificent views of the spectacular Sky turns out to be rare. The third off – the sea cliff. It is characterized by rugged, tough road. With this off, both 3-meter-high cliff to climb, they go great tide of paths. However, near misses, great sport.


 Sea sea


 Haiyuan for the conch is said that this special fairy bath. Conch fairy came down after the earth, no one involved in this sea, calm, inside and all kinds of creatures multiply and grow, and with “Xian Qi.” People can smell the smell ears and eyes out, eat its meat may prolong life. Today, domestic fish, shrimp, crabs, clams and other mast is still a special color of fresh, delicious, and the open sea like sea food there were significant differences. Today the sea the sea, visitors can be described as fishing, the best choice of fresh products, which not only make you gain something, but also to bring you good luck.


The Term is no Stranger to Fashion

The term is no stranger to fashion, Shanghai TV has a section called: fashion. I sometimes see, I like the host of Yin Li. Look at this program, you will know what most of today’s fashion. Not catch up with fashion, is the need to know these two.
I deliberately checked Modern Chinese Dictionary, the explanation is on the face of fashion: the fashion.
I think both now and in the past, I do not ride with the fashion industry. Previously, anyway, we do not how fashion, fashion does not matter and out of date. Now, the outside world is too fashionable. And I’m still not really fashionable.
First, never make-up, not bought lipstick. Except performing on stage. I like natural beauty. In person, every day of make-up must be, if one day you do not occasionally make-up, then it seems like a very patient, great contrast unacceptable. The second is basically no designer clothes. Certainly not because they do not like it, but either not the right size, or almost inclined expensive, I was reluctant. So one or two brand in the region when the garment is used Qizhe seasonal pricing to price Jianhui Lai of the following. The third is still not fully automatic washing machine. 2006 Chinese New Year only for the washing machine, I am determined to buy a semi-automatic. Semi-automatic clothes on two luxury enough, too much fuss over the use of automatic. And willing to participate in the process of washing clothes, it is a good household chores. I am sure if you buy the next automatic update, to time the market is estimated that there will be no semi-sold. Fourth, after the age of 40 no longer burns fat; never dyed hair. My hair is not entirely black, with dark brown, fine hair but will not bend, shiny straight hair is very suitable. No white hair, so there is no staining necessary. If so, I will not have white hair away hair. In addition I think the Chinese people the most beautiful skin with black hair. I am not against people hair, because other colors, black will be more attractive.
In the dress. I love beautiful, generous, bottom line is to date on the line. I think the key is to wear clothes to know their body features, which suit their style or color, as long as the purchase, with the right mix is ​​the best, not necessarily the price you have to wear brand-name or only the United States. This is my dress principle. Son to wear brand-name sportswear or jeans I have no objection, if of my money to buy need to think twice. Her husband does, to buy him he did not appreciate, apply one of his words: ass photographed himself away, and still, forget it. Men to wear clothes texture good, the bad combination, is small but efficient principle.
I feel in some respects still more fashionable, for example: I use electric toothbrushes, listen to MP3, my colleagues have bluntly said they only do those things! Asked them why, the answer is: do not love songs, so do not. Do not you know not only the songs with MP3’s, so give them sweep the blind, did he realize that: Oh … … need it. So, do not to evaluate or treat the subjective will to new things.
Fashion is not something young people’s patents. For example: all students of fashion in favor of parents can be realized under. I do not agree on this one. I’d rather if they can not afford to fall behind a little. Fashion adults the right to hold in their hands, if you do not who put fashion how do you like that? ! So, reality, people do not have the ability to pursue its stylish, sought after fashion can not afford it. So, the most suitable person should be in the fashion of young people, or 35 years of age. They have the ability, is the real fashion people. Want these people to seize the good times to fashion a good, do not because the child is small, heavy housework, busy with work, and I feel bad ignoring fashion, I am your spectator, I am glad you pleasure, is a good thing!
Fashion wind, fleeting! Therefore, the most fashionable, is the least fashionable. Because the vitality of fashion stuff is very short, it will soon be replaced by something new. From this point on, most people are hard to keep up with the pace of fashion. So, for he is the ordinary people of fashion forever.

Two Tigers Love Story

Afternoon rest, stay right at home at the computer in a daze, then the uncle’s phone, very happy, in any case he still remember me, this is when I need is a phone, so I know I have a real existence. In the home the car heard a personal cell phone ring tones are “two tigers”, so, ah, thought day, thought, the thought of him, think we are two tigers, two tigers thought about the story. Everyone has heard the song two tigers it, know that this is a poignant and touching love story who should not be much of it, with you Tell me.
A long time ago, the Kingdom of the Tiger has a brother and sister, pregnant with their own special ability. Brother with a pair of telescope, can see small things very far away, my sister with a pair of ears can hear a very small voice. They grew up together, happy together with the sad … … leisure time, they always went to the mountain hills, brother overlooking miles away distant land, where the front of my sister tells of all manner of things; sister to listen to the breeze came the message, facing the church came the distant brother singing like an angel singing … …
Perhaps the reason is a long time together, they fell in love with each other. Although they know that this love is not allowed, but they just can not control themselves. They put aside all restraint and began to enjoy a desperate love. However, the paper is smoke there’s fire, after all, their relationship has been found … … father, big fat ting, the mother in tears, both pointing to the neighbors, the two desperate to prove innocent affection for each other, but , due to the shackles of moral values, they are not allowed after all, has no way out … … In order to prove unfailing love for each other, their eyes blinded brother, sister, get their ears deaf, do not Why, just because they believe that since not everyone’s blessing, it has the ability to use what, anyway, both of whom are not happy couple … …
Long, long time, there is a musician to hear this poignant and moving love story and was deeply moved. Mixed feelings, he compose a song touching song.
Love is not recognized by the secular is heavy, because it gives a heavy feeling of love is sad, I know the story about two tiger has been a long time, has often heard this song can not help the grief, lament two tigers that epic encounter, love is a matter between two people can not unethical, red is not breaking the shackles of worldly, would have to bow to face reality, do not necessarily have a love, it seems that those unforgettable love are not perfect, and perhaps never will have not a regret, not sake is the best. Although the move but do not support the practice of self-mutilation that two tigers, love is a hope that she (her) health, happiness, happy, although there is incomplete section of the love, though not recognized by the world, but as long as the limited air heart, love, love the world will still be her (his) presence. Love Do not cling to beg forever, how much can never ever said, but one day short of love into a relieved, will disappear one day in each other’s sight, how far will always love the end of life? Even if a tiger is gone, another tiger does not have courage to face the other side of life, life will continue more in love forever.
If the story of the tiger is not brother and sister, is not on the happy ending, if not unethical, if only pure two tigers, why can not love, if not brave, you can not rely on love, if love is just afraid to give up speech, and that Is not love?
Must continue even if the heartbreaking love, and love life will be wonderful.
Even if the shackles were also diminished the hearts of secular love, hidden it in my heart, silent love.
Even destruction must love, so love the embodiment of the dust, everywhere