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The Story of the Bag

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“Despair” is heard, God dropped a bag on the roadside, the test begins.
This is the first bag was a passing monk. In addition to faith in the hearts of some monks, it seems to see anything. He passed the bag and continue to move forward toward his ideal place. Bags intact lay still, waiting for the arrival of the next person.
Subsequent arrival of a poor, his mean, but not described by A Bagong Moliere as he understands some live by. The poor found the bag, he did not know what is inside, do not know whether to open, but out of curiosity, he opened the bag. All of a sudden, the power of an exotic drilled out from the bag, lure him, like a fresh-baked delicacies, so that he could not resist, because the bag is filled with gold, fame and fortune. His hands trembling a little stiff. He was a little scared, not knowing that unexpected mutations give him any. He grew more and more uneasy, and finally decided to put the bag, put it back. The moment when the hands release the bag, he felt very unfortunate, but frankly a lot of heart. With mixed feelings, he said goodbye with the bag.

The bag and began to wait.
Then came a rich man, they saw him outside of this fiscal. He laughed, pleased, excited, grabbed the bags for himself. At this point there has been a philosopher, said that the rich get are some “cute waste, beautiful lie, you must also suffer with their mental suffering.” Yan Bi had disappeared. But what is the use? Bag of material things to meet the needs of the rich man, but also his spiritual paralysis, blurred eyes. Rich man with the bag away for a long time, step back for every bag will be a little heavier. Finally it back no more, he was reluctant to throw away the bag. In this way, he went a little way, and finally fell, dying not forget that the so-called “treasure.”
Philosopher appeared, that he is God. God said: “Money can make people more greedy, fame can make people even more hypocritical. People like a balance, when both sides put something uneven, it will skew. Want to keep it balanced, two must be consistent. money and fame, everyone would like to find, but get the same time, you will lose something. In fact, in addition to the bag of things, can we have a lot to choose, such as color, although we can not choose their own race, but we can choose their own way of life. ”

You will be picked up the bag it?
“Despair” is heard, the roadside and fell a bag … …
This story is interesting. People in general he is not easily put down the “filter bag” of. This is just as Napoleon said: “Man is dominated by the small toys.” Yes, that a small military medal by the “rule”, by the mere sum of the financial business of the “rule”, and the bureaucratic his post on the people affected by the “rule” teachers by the Certificate of “rule” … Of course we do not say that all of the “rule” is a bad thing, but if the soldiers are not fighting for justice, merchants are not taking meaning of money, and the bureaucratic infighting among the people, teachers, engrossed with the utilitarian … It is not very funny yet?
The story of monks is certainly a man of faith, he has the “pedantic” is suspected, but still hold their own beliefs, and constantly to mind the Garden of Eden, he is rich! Faith is a happy heart. If a person is not their own beliefs, they do not deserve that person. If a person has a firm belief in the right, his life will continue to glory.
The story of the poor by the courage and the experience of the limitations of fear and trepidation in front of the bag, but he eventually gave up the bag, is undoubtedly the right choice. Lee undesirable floating vanity, people should rely on their own labor to get the value of life, or, as philosopher said: “Money can make people more greedy, fame can make people even more hypocritical.” When a person is engrossed with these two things later, he will eventually be two things that “rule” and died. The story of the rich man is the most powerful footnote.
People were ruled by the so-called small toys in fact there are advantages and disadvantages. The key is the direction your life is like. When you put a small toy with you to make progress on the use in helping others, and with the innovative work on, your life will go more smoothly!


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