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Recently, Yang Qi Han soft mode Mainland suicide, probably will never make people doubt speculation. Received negative press due to a series of suspected impact of mental breakdown, Yang Qi Han 11, committed suicide in a hotel in Wangfujing, attracted numerous spectators. While the final scare, but rescued after attempted suicide again, Han Yang chess, cross-flow of her blood was sewing the last few needles only under the life insurance to.

Can happen, presumably beyond everyone’s expectations, but think about it, Han Yang chess final path of no return, seems to be expected. When the media broke with the “Nicholas Little Three” Li Meixi nightclub looking for duck incident, all the focus is concentrated to about 90 after the soft mode in this body. Some batches of its moral is low, was also questioned Yang Han and Li Meixi chess together speculation.

One after another, “the door to find duck” has yet to subside, the Internet has spread out of Yang Qi Han and Li Meixi caressing kissing of the world’s best video. Han Yang chess screen are half-naked appearance with Limei Xi, caressing each other while staged tongue kiss good show, see people gushing nosebleed.

Just at this time, called “treasure sister” characters beginning to emerge. Han Yang chess before on “the door to find duck” from the hands of Po sister, tragically his cruel revenge. “Same-sex kissing incident” treasure sister who also was down, a moment for many users to guess the identity of the Po sister have. Po sister’s face pressing harder and harder, Yang Han-half strong chess half pleading for his life, the results did not win the treasure poor sister, and then shocked the entertainment of the “masturbation door” was heard. Han Yang chess reached its highest point along the profile, and its reputation also will be reduced to low.

Event only a short period of two months, a previously not been known to everyone 90 soft mode, and it would become the focus of the media and the public mouth, which had said that “multiple gate” result. Every chess Han Yang was explosive scandal when the users are “speculation” to explain, however, Yang Qi Han was forced to jump today, users see things blow up, just believe Yang Qi Han was broke “multiple gate” is not just speculation that simple.

Whenever a normal girl, was broke so much impede the reputation of the event, will inevitably cause damage to their spirit. The Han Young chess has become the most vulnerable precisely the kind of person. When the treasure her sister again and again trampled dignity, Yang Qi Han finally chose an extreme way to end this torture. Perhaps this way is frustrating for her, is the only way out.

Yang Han suicide chess news, events within a few days in the major entertainment headlines appear. This is entertainment, is tantamount to a super earthquake. Just after the earthquake, how to clean up the current scene, how a young life to see the hope of future life, is the most important.


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