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Dreams and Car

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Ash trees in front of ocean, SJ fragrance after the right has become left-adjacent community, and leisure entertainment a good place. In the childhood memory of sitting all day under a tree next door to remember that old grandmother. Time like the sword, time flies, ten years of time passing by, passed and I shifted from the little girl covered with mud into a slim girl, and a grandmother tree seems like the original, the nest, without a mouth, teeth, smiling looking at each of the past pedestrian … …
Remember every day after school, always hurried meal, to say that old-fashioned grandmother under a tree listening to the story, or joy, or terror, day after day, I grew up in the story, but I did not find aging grandmother in the story but did not know day from the beginning, grandmother always facing the passing vehicles absence of a daze, his mouth and then muttered, running much faster than the coach, do not know what it feels like sitting ah? Every time I hear her finish, I always looked up to her innocence, said: “Grandma, I grow up, be sure a lot of fun driving a car take you to the place!” At this the grandmother’s eyes squint music become an every, always happy touched my head and said: “Chi Chi Zhenguai, quickly grew up, my grandmother waiting for.” So the story of the grandmother, the grandmother with the commitments I have gone through childhood.
Young’s memory, mostly to stay in school, grew up, bid farewell to the past that crazy girl, not in those old-fashioned story of nostalgia, the commitment to stay with the grandmother in the bottom of my heart, set foot on their own study path. Occasionally home, only the pass rush, polite greetings, no longer cling to the old lady sat beside, never ever mentioned to her that promise, not to have forgotten my grandmother did not want to forget, but he as a desire, a joke, I also have not forgotten, but that was early, after plenty of opportunities. But I ignored, I look forward to the same grandmother who grew up in the process of experiencing the aging process even more ruthless.
The experience of reading out the past few years so I am more mature, more sensible, I finally graduated, after several Zhanzhuan, returned home to work, but the busy life here is diluted when the desire to childhood memories. Until one day after dinner I came out from their homes, walked straight up to these trees Laohuai tree, but a good quiet, empty, all the laughter remained in the memory. Grandmother do? I ask myself aloud, looking tense looked around, everything seemed asleep, except the water Ryoma car on the road, the steady stream of vehicles, no other trace. My heart sank Meng, walked back home and asked her mother, grandmother Laohuai tree it? Old grandmother, her children were picked up, and take turns taking care of her, I heard that is now dying. Mom answered the same tone is very deep, suddenly my heart pumping a bit like what was froze. Childhood Laohuai trees all laughter eleven emerged mind … …
Since then, every day after work, I have to stop at Laohuai trees, in the memories of childhood nostalgia, but also in the hope a miracle to happen, I do not know, the hearts were always more concerned about, and tolerance does not live to see the past, particularly the heart of this Sunday’s boring, if there is a feeling that is not clear. Finally I heard a shocking piece of news, grandmother gone, with my regret, along with his own desire, forever gone … … when the evil mind a blank, I do not know what went Laohuai tree , ears always echoed with the grandmother’s promise: “Grandma, I grow up, be sure a lot of fun driving a car take you to the place!” “Chi Chi Zhenguai, quickly grew up, my grandmother waiting for.” … …
In my memories so painful, deep remorse when there is an especially eye-catching car slowly stopped at the door of the grandmother, looked cry Looking back, the car was printed prominently word: China Bingai Association. At this time the cry has been replaced by all, and I feel there is a sudden relaxation, wiped his eyes the tears turned to the old Ash said: Grandma, you finally achieve their aspirations


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