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A Little Boy

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Winter Solstice Eve, homesick, like him. Passing through a blog, see a text, the tears, the boy can not help but recall the bits and pieces.
Little boy came to this world, my parents and grandmother can be happy, but I was getting a little out of favor of. He looked at his family holding a good mood when I ran over in his little white ass of the five fingers on the printed flowers. Wow Lala he cried, but I was not scolded, but her mother was holding up. Since then, we have always been treated fairly.
Handsome little boy, everyone liked him. But gradually over the past days, the little boy is three years old will not talk. Finally to the old, the little boy will speak, can say the words without any logic. At that time, many things are self-evident. Despite this, our little boy or little baby at home. But being an outsider to cast aside, even the family have to accept that a strange look.
Little sister could not understand people like that face, to protect her little boy, she was giving Mom and Dad live up to expectations. So my sister has been like a small little boy boldly go before. However, little sister will be tired, will cry, complain about why the boy would not share with her some. But when her sister saw the little boy in the bubble in the music, enjoy, worry-free time to enjoy the good life, my sister always imply their own fuel, implying that he should make every effort to give the boy a better world alone.
Little boy’s life is very simple, and it is a little sister to share a simple pivot, the little boy who simply move to a little sister going.
Little sister go to school when the little boy will always accompany my sister to eat, help my sister to take bags to help my sister to push cycle. Sister forgot to take the watch, water bottle, when the little boy will always chase out. If sister do not return to school, the boy must be so Mom and Dad are all back, before they agree to eat. Sometimes, the father or mother something out, do not come back late, the little boy would sit at the gate and so on. No matter what the weather, he is the same. If more than 22 o’clock father or mother does not come back, he would cry until they come back he will reveal the smiling face, happy to welcome home the father and mother.
Little boy has been relatively little sister rich, because many times my sister at school, and the little boy at home, my mother will give the boy some of the money. Little boy will not spend money, put money in their own little storage drawer. Other sister to go home, little sister, the boy will give you the money, so my sister to help him buy his favorite tape recorder, video machines, tapes, etc., he often took out some money to my sister snacks, to share with your sister, and when my sister did not money to buy stationery, he will be happy to give money to my sister to buy.
Little sister live on campus later, the boy would come back every day looking forward to my sister, my sister back, but urging my sister to school. This is the little boy’s complex psychological, but it is the little sister the most pure love.
Brother, sister of a person not used in Guangzhou, sister homesick, like you.
Brother, sister January 20 a holiday, and other sister to go home, sister buy you new clothes, our whole family together happily Year ahead.
Postscript: finished, everything is still the only brother of laughter floating in my brain. Now think about it, if God let me choose one, I will choose this little boy came to our home. He is not our burden, he is our most simple baby, he is God’s gift to us.


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