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To See the Sunrise

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Water is quiet, the mountain is dark, people have become ink sketches. Wei Huan bird with bird, tell the world, the sunrise of a wedding that is already opening.
I can not see the screen with you to open, but you brought it for my first lift up the rhyme cavity. No matter the color of day, regardless of dust settled, it revealed Qiaoyan smile shiny and hi brow. That at the day, there is no cloud cloud or will have to do is pull it a red shirt. Occasional passing clouds clear, between the eyebrows into its micro-Dai, and hung on the shirt, the color embroidered floral patterns have become. Meaning it likes water is brought up, gave birth to Ze Italy, such as dragon scales, little Phi light. Birth to a vibrant cluster of people, as expected, because it seems to beckon to see the smile, affecting heart-like, into insanity as people believe that TV drama is a feast to come, the moment of life with the same value.
You stand in one bundle, you are still standing in front of it, then you also believe in the it indicates. So, you will wind temporary cold, so you would be so not willing to blink, nothing is not willing to move the line of sight. And how long later, I stood outside it, standing from you, I have also been implicated in its meaning the rising hi. Vertical earth around the reef is really dark color, such as time, I still with you then in general, waiting for bright red wedding gong sounded. Perhaps our hearts, immersed in the meantime, have ever day, destined to gushing.
I love this time of daylight. Ting Wai Kok in front, seemingly distant low hills stacked hanging scroll-like worries, like in nursing warm. Warm weather also significant, showing color Pro now.
Mountain yellow lining, from the sink to pour Qiao Jiao, gradually cleared lofty, yearned for the TV drama can not see where students of the pull down hope. Days between the clouds, to do at the end of red, yellow and red dye was, it became not flush into the makeup, waiting for the cloud color gradually dispersed, fear is there to break up a clear bright morning had a chance to fulfill the meaning of joy. Still dusky sky, not willing to be dye makeup, some thread of thoughts already painted a little powder, until the moment spur of the moment, it completely into the show.
Favorite time of the water, woke up one are not yet clear color, this was disclosed by the dust of the color of a pink quilt with discretion Italy, on the front cover. Quilt between waves, ripples into the floating flowers, and water in its heart, the smooth flow allowed to tip over or slide.
At that time, you stand there, it also holds many lessons as I stood outside like you, like the TV drama Hill TV drama like water, because the same leave. Then also believe the this is tea millet overnight to disperse the opera. But, fortunately, have your collection it is based, we will know that tea millet is the most exciting of the play excerpts, copies can be placed turndown yard, retention times and listen to.
Many people are warm pray it! But, we probably know each other because of the familiar, and more clearly identify each other. Which time the yellow sky diffuse warm water, vertical wind flag and see it clearly because there is cold, will still be in the heart of its own, also, or that it hugs the time where you stand, and holds many lessons you stand outside of me.
So clearly the first to know, among the dust can also have such color, completely yellow, but also completely different, the water between occasional dim Zehuang now, days away from white and yellow shades of the cloud is connected with inlay. The original, hi preferred cover towel removed, is dissolved warm look, as the breakdown of a whisper met each other and together, as tactful and low and singing, along with a person under the seat with memory, together with its period, had forgotten a dinner stop, do not think watching the film, or, if the content is still warm, the heart would not leave the feast, Heartsongs this not aloud. We, that is the same so look forward to, is that they are so approached the sky look, you will have a fixed grid, I would have stopped.
But, unfortunately, the dust of the end is bounded, we see clearly that there are many of the numerous buildings of the designated gateway, even if a boat line, we are still not set in the world beyond the circle. So, sighing into the water, and hopes of students in the Rise in the group, looking at the place, I believe it will bring hope to those rising. Fortunately, ah, in the press between your fingers, we can also cover the occasional pillow water sky, allowing those linked to the heart of dust streaming in hi Italian dinner nap.
At dawn, when they say, with all the festive cheer. But, this moment of dawn, I stood outside of how long you remain with the deepest meaning of despair. That a wedding or a dripping drama, the end is slowly in the morning for a clear morning makeup, makeup can no longer be with the interpretation.
Finally see the temporary cold dust between. Mountains cover heavy Margaret, building stone cold atmosphere, people are also temporary cold, thick, heavy jacket clothing, cold water is also temporary, is a cream color, but also with the light blue eyes, more light from. Weather slightly slightest taste like Italian, like not wash clean the face makeup, makeup is not present, it is a reminder not read cold.
Or, we remembered, then Sunrise lucky to have high clinical challenge, students will have a warm open world. But, that was in the wedding colors and show off Chouyi ah, throwing too hard to pick.
The sun, we can also see it clearly embrace, see it clearly Xiang Xie, see it clearly look up to, see it clearly into the foot of the crest of the wave, always reminding, and finally back to the world. And that a phase with the days of falls like color changes, wake up already is gone. Alternatively, we have determined that there is a such a grid, we need to remind often summoned. Or, we have long believed and accepted the temporary Enron cold, calm as you can stand outside the Caspian hi Italy, the curtain will be one click away, and I can look at you, you see that at the mirage, the students from the wave, I do not know is that I said hi preferred field meet, or that distinct buildings. But, I clearly know, see and not see, willing and unwilling, earth, is there, can not be underestimated, and homes and give up, abandon and do not give up, the sunrise was there, rising every day.


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