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If all the children are always children, if the real world there is never a real island and Peter, I can no longer grow up?
When I was a small child, his head filled with bizarre ideas, like all children, this world is full of fantasy, a flower, a leaf, a fruit is one of the world. The plane wanted to fly a plane to see who would want to see the person driving the car, see the delicious cake on the mouth of the magician wants her mother to see space rockets naturally think of driving or making people think The sun is a big light bulb, people have a special switch. All the world is beautiful in the eyes of a child and interesting.
Children are the most good and evil. They will stubbornly wrapped around adults, as is a place in public places in the wrong card, or a furtive hand I do not know who took the package, irrespective of time and place of the wrong people that adults, sincerely enjoy for adults a mud cake. If I am willing to eat mud cakes, then you know that Alice is a piece of cake.
Children are the most good. They do not like some people, throw a lot of money and then steal the show at charity occasions. They are real people who will pity. They will use a very long time watching ants walk around, to help them carry food, rice, dead insects and whatever, so have children with a fairy tale story of a little animal friends. When it rains they are willing to take a small umbrella to a women with children, holding their own home run things; the smaller children in their eating delicious cakes cookies candy looked on helplessly, they will at least half of the points to others, looked at him joyfully home, and he is overjoyed to return home; if there is a cute little animal, it is the rabbits in their side, they will protect it to avoid disaster, sort out its body dipped in water hair, touch it warm head, give it a few slices of delicious leaves or a few carrots. If adults are willing to treat small animals and small children, they will become a baby.
The child’s imagination is the most abundant. The castle is a few blocks barricaded home, designate a park where you can do, the dots of the ground flora is, where is the arched high mountain, said to be concave valley, put some rope wrapped around is wrapped around the ancient castle of the vines, and then put into a small child who, in essence, a winged angel, Teddy Bear, plush rabbit, or something else, as their own, right-left plugged drill, playing an unusual adventure game , whispered in contact with the eyes of adults, but also the line than the United States intelligence officers. They say the sky the sun children, as sick as they were forced to drench the sun, your nose to drink bitter bitter soup, but also on the bar at the bottom of a needle, than hand-painted: long sharp Silver Needle “laugh” and all of a sudden headlong into the flesh, Youteng and hemp. Then pointing to the fluttering here and there that this is the house of the cloud, which is restaurant, this is the bed, which is a jar of sugar and chocolate. If asked how they could see a jar of sugar and chocolate, they say it is as good as their spiritual motivation little sun riding the sun do not pay attention to get open jar of sugar and sweet chocolate to eat. If I can build one with sugar and chocolate on the inside of a small castle, it will have many children.
There are many, many I can not tell, I was a child, so I know chicken can make friends and weasels, deer and lions and tigers can race clean sheep to help wolves. Although I am not a child, “six? A” is not my holiday, I still did not really grow up, so I can believe that there is a world of sun.
The world is up to the world of the children, their brave and honest and clever kind, many of us can not match them. In the past have not enjoyed enough when a child’s happiness, I now grow up quietly, even if I want to be children, crystal ball is not in my hands.
Now what most people are not envy scientists, revolutionary martyrs, engineers, or rich, I most admire is my sister, I have not grown up sister.


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