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Well-known Car Models Show in China

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Beautiful leg sexy woman squad known interpretation of people and vehicles to be seamlessly browse 1,025 times in the post, reply 5 times in “Gone with the Wind Snow that” things by the book’s well-known, large sexy shoot cautious not to point her in this month’s “Workshop” magazine sexy appearance, long legs hot pressing, revealed a hazy allure.
Known for all types of shot past a large, multi-pure image is beautiful, or young teen idol, or Linjiaxiaomei. In this combination of a large group of people in the car, known to subvert the traditional style of the past, playing sexy to also ease. Known to say, “I on the screen is more positive than the image, making it a large group can be considered a self-challenge.” Exposure to luxury cars among the well-known atmosphere also be demonstrated by showing off, clever interpretation of a “unity of people and vehicles.” The seamless sexy.
Car model is a business model. Commercial models usually taken as the main business advertising, business promotion in order to engage in other work-based model. The height of such models is not particularly demanding, generally 1.65 m or more. And the business model should have a good image, skin and hair. Because of their major work in front of the camera, so a good business model should have the ability and performance before the camera’s performance capabilities.
1391 in France, first appeared in “model (model)” is, since 1845 the world has witnessed since the first female models. The modeling industry with every industrial revolution, will forward a stage. 1886 German Karl Benz and Daimler invented the automobile after
  Car model
, The word models have unwittingly and car together. 1985 in Beijing, China hosted the first China International Auto Expo. 1993 Beijing auto show, the “Dream Car beauty” concept was finally introduced into China from the West, in China, giving rise to a “car model” this new term, “car model” from the Chinese Automobile Fair has added a beautiful landscape, and to some extent to promote the Chinese auto industry and China’s auto industry.
Some likened the beauty of cars, beautiful curves, shiny shell, a variety of bright colors, sometimes like a slim girl, sometimes as if a rich, charming young woman, sometimes like a man of indomitable spirit. In the show, is a beautiful car off, or on behalf of automotive beauty, this is not important, important is that people will be friendly car, the car and were very perfect harmony blend, this is a leap in auto industry . Come out very beautiful models who are world good luck, they are given human nature directly angel. Graceful curves and body posture has long been rich in emotion solemn but grand master of fine arts to show up, which is the master of automotive design formed a strong emotional resonance. Model’s overall attitude, emotional extension of the reproduction of the design master of inspiration and passion, the most wonderful combination of the two most appropriate of the most moving.


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