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Helicopter 1800 Meters to Capture Illegal Car Shanghai,China.

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“Not allowed to stop the slow lane, drove off as soon as possible!” 7:30 this morning, the Beijing-Shanghai (G2) over the Shanghai section of the highway, a police helicopter flying, air traffic police constantly advised by loudspeaker from the illegal stop of the vehicle. Reporters learned that the city traffic police system in order to ensure depth and civilized demonstration road transport activities to create effective, Shanghai police to enable the police helicopter involved in creating activities. In the future, mobile “Eagle Eye” over the highway in Shanghai is to conduct real-time monitoring of traffic, and capture illegal driving behavior, traffic police department as a basis for punishment.

Mobile “Eagle Eye” appearance over speed

8:56 this morning, Xu, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed helicopter (G60) Fengjing exports up nearly 500 meters and found a black car parked Zhejiang license in the emergency parking road, according to the specified place warning signs and did not open double jump lights. Air traffic police that its propaganda through loudspeakers prompt the driver to hear, immediately left the scene.

9:08 AM, the helicopter found in the G60 exports up nearly Shihudang scavengers on the highway with a center of isolated green belt at picking up litter, then aerial propaganda, immediately leave the highway to remind its scope, the briefings Public Security Bureau Songjiang Traffic Police Detachment, the traffic police to the scene to dispose of your possessions.

Since then, the police helicopter has the G60 on the downlink and uplink, respectively, found that two large trucks parked in the emergency lane, and none of the warning signs, the driver shouted to hear air traffic police quickly left.

9:30, a police helicopter was returning back to the ground, the reporter from the Shanghai Public Security Police Air Force learned that, during the morning rush hour today, G60, G2, G15 three little highway traffic, good traffic order. But there are still some sections of the emergency lane parking fail to set up warning signs, and pedestrian and other illegal activities on the high speed.

The air can “see” illegal license plate number

It is understood, the city police helicopter transmission equipment, digital video map, shooting distance of 1800 meters, perfect for capturing all of the vehicles on the ground grade. Helicopter on the highway for traffic management, one can be exempted from the impact of road traffic congestion, quickly reach the scene, the initial disposition; two roads you can get more comprehensive information for analyzing the traffic police, traffic congestion information the first time release for the general public to facilitate travel; third space can be linked quickly to the part of the vehicle, be punished.

Police said the highway driving on the common violations are: vehicles do not follow the lane, illegal occupation of the emergency lane, block the plate, speeding and illegal passengers up and down and so on. These traffic violations, is of major highway accidents caused serious safety problems, it is precisely this model of civilization road transport activities to create a remediation focus.

“Air traffic police” to the normalization

At present, the city police have set up the first specialized domestic air traffic police force, has been since March 25, every Monday and Friday morning and evening peak hours, respectively, to strengthen the North-South Elevated Yan’an elevated inner ring, the ring, city ​​”three vertical and three horizontal” main road, air and highway patrol. Nearly 4 months from the actual point of view, the air traffic police in full mobility, rapid and other advantages, the initial formation of open space “interaction, joint logistics, joint office” model, in early disposal of major road traffic accidents, traffic congestion and other advantages judged prominent, obvious effect.

According to reports, police highway patrol helicopter involved in monitoring, will be divided into regular and irregular modes. With immediate effect, the air traffic police every day 7:30 to 9:30 pm, 15:30 pm to 17:30, will be on Beijing-Shanghai (G2), Hu Kun (G60) and Shen Hai (G15) High Speed create highway road three (Shanghai Section) to carry out aerial inspections. Found that the air traffic violations, traffic police will depend on the situation of air traffic police call for correction at the ground. In the future, the air in the city traffic police enforcement and road traffic management, will gradually move toward normalization.


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