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I have a cell phone, maiden name called Philips, has been with the owner for four years. Youth gone, the whole body is wrong, the keyboard is not so sensitive, blame those Sipilailian dust, to say we should come to my rest. I am a little duck who do not know when it fell where, and that only two years ago, but the owner gave me the glue. I have been dropped several times, I Ziyaliezui pain, but it looks as if the owner even more painful than I, “ah” to shouting and quickly put me in his arms, he kept touching , while cried, “I feel bad dead friends” really popular with ah and soon forget the pain.
Four years ago, waiting room, the master and I do not understand each other, that frame will have to take her to the distant city on the University of aircraft delayed a full two hours. Bored bored owner, took me out of the box from the packaging, so the first time we met. She is very excited, laugh laugh, both hands are at a loss. Alas, it turned out that girl was actually not used mobile phones honest, to play with to play with, finally will play games, and her music … … get the total, said the fate of people, in fact, too often people do not play with the fate of other things you ? I is an example of a square-shaped big man, wearing a silver shirt kit black leather jacket, full metal texture, but also a sense of great weight of the performance of the mobile phone, this should be a symbol of successful man , actually falls a little girl’s hand. Who will understand my feelings of boredom? This is one more sad thing, when you’re someone else’s ignorance and ignorance sad when others have not found or do not care about your sad. Thus, in anger, they also get angry for their own ignorance. A large part of the first two years, I was left alone in a dorm room, bored, depressed, angry, thought to want to. Only at night, only not in class, she only then I am out, send twelve text messages, phone calls rarely hit, and even her roommates are the record straight for me.
It was a day of anxious depression, I will be thoroughly changed. I do not think they should have what the masters of satisfied staying for her day, even if a text message will be very happy. Should be an ideal word, and it runs counter to the total reality. Do you think he should do, he thinks you should do, if the two should be from the conflict, would you blame him, blame you, often people will ignore a problem: I should ….
The future is always unpredictable, depressed two years later, I finally became a master of close followers, no matter where I will bring, but also often worried for my safety. I also witnessed a host of changes in the past honestly, a girl, now total an SMS flying, “name yet?” “The next lesson in which the ah?” “Hungry, where to eat?” . College life for her, is more relaxed, more and more people are happy, but I still believe that the owner stay in dormitories and the library too much time, even if another wonderful book in the world, is a pleasant Ah live in reality. Often, three hundred text messages a month, and the remaining two hundred. Sometimes I have to worry about, the owner of the friend is not too little, will not feel alone? But the strange thing is, the owner looks good mood every day, very happy smile. Hey, forget it, as long as she was happy enough.
Now, my own past is quite satisfactory, and the owner gave me accompanied by a small mobile phone chain, like jewelry, a little nondescript bar, but this is the master of grace, ah, will have been accustomed to wearing wearing. My only anger is that the owner of a bad company, said mobile phone radiation, affect the health, do not put to sleep when the bed. So, I have every evening to sleep next to the master of foot, helpless ah!


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