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Enjoy Plum Typhoon

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Over the years, so enjoy the typhoon a few. Mainland, some friends, listen to me so easily into a typhoon as romantic and exotic land known as “enjoyment,” they do not understand.
Impression, than a child of the typhoon now, each time a typhoon, we are not afraid. At that time, our town, only a bridge connecting north and south, and we need to go through the school, is a narrow iron Itabashi. Itabashi iron rail bridge is paved, in the middle sandwiched some wood, typhoons, the reservoir to be released more water, so the wooden bridge on the night was washed away. The next day, when we go to school after a small bridge, under their feet is a raging river, you will be dizzy to look down. This time, we wear raincoat, hand in hand, walk carefully. After the iron by the water, very slippery, if not carefully go, it will slip. But we have so along.
Primary school, we have a school-run farm in the river opposite. School holidays, when students turn to the farm to go on duty. Duty’s task is to keep those we planted sugar cane, peanuts and corn. Case of typhoon weather, the school is to keep students off the river, and too dangerous. The river is no bridge, only the stone base up crooked stone bridge after the storm, the river is urgent, we have to cross the river of time, but also several people in hand with the move little by little. Now think of it, then the children who do not know where the courage and strength. At that time we only XI-year-old child. Now parents will never let their children in such kind of bridge from the typhoon traversed. My daughter’s high school on time, summer vacation, along with classmates about a piece of the river to engage in activities, first I do not agree, because I do not worry. Then ask the participants what are some of the teachers also led, I only agree with her to go.
Event of a typhoon is too great, the radio will be notified closed, that is our fun time. So, we can shut the door, shut out the wind and rain, we can see the comic in bed tilted feet, or about someone nearby to play with Landlords or upstream. Each person can also bring some peanuts Meenan from their own seeds and the like to eat, exchange of food, really nice.
I located this small mountain town, no matter how the typhoon swept through, the impact will not be too much, just remember one year, met strong typhoon, the reservoir continuously released more water. Households living in the river on both sides of the preparation necessary to make the transfer at any time, when my family lived near the river where I helped adults to pick up something good, do a good job at short notice to prepare the transfer immediately. Later, the typhoon smaller and smaller, will not transfer.
Typhoon day trip is never the. Almost every holiday, we will go to the home of the sea sojourn. In that year’s National Day, my husband and whim, typhoon, perhaps another scenic walk it out.
So we embarked on the road to the little fishing village, that was my way home. Although the rain continued, still there are many people travel. Azeri to drive to the station. Because of slippery, the car on the highway to slow traffic. Rain drip down the glass has been along the car, keep moisture on the glass slid. Hazy, we see the car window the sky is gray, the roadside farm in the rain, but still so green, so robust, rice seedlings happily singing in the rain. Bumps in the road for several hours, the far distance fishing Napian Hai.
Long time did not come. Here Na Pianhai only in memory once appeared. Home beach windbreaks, such as the choppy sea of ​​waves, a spacious and straight road, had been to the little fishing village that extension.
Along the way, saw many roadside trees were cut, the people before the arrival of the typhoon had everything ready, those likely to affect the lighting lines and communication cables are cut down the branches. So we see the branches lying on the roadside to pieces. Trees, leaves drifting in the rain. So I see is a picture of distressed people, although these are in order to better defend against the relentless attacks on the typhoon.
Rain is still unbridled, all the way to sweep. Far, I see Napian Hai. But that sea-blue color disappeared, the sea was covered with a gray clouds low on pressure down, the sea in sobs. I see many fishing boats are parked in a haven called the wave is high, continuing to beat the embankment. Hainan people, especially the sea of ​​people, anti-sense is a strong typhoon, they compete with the typhoon of opportunities, but also display their own courage and bold. More often, they are full of smiles, you can not see the kind of fear of attacks by the typhoon.
Friends invited us to dinner at the seafood stall. Not much seafood, but eat two of my favorite things: conch and oysters. These two things do not need a capture by sea, as long as you come off the beach, you will see some of the women or children, the reef bushes busy figure. These snails is that they pick up in the vicinity of the reef in, and raw consumption is on the reef, with a special gadget shovel. It is the fishing of conch eat, boiled over with a needle to pick out the Conch, add a little ginger and a little bit of pepper leek ingredients together when fried, the Conch very plump. Health and egg consumption is mixing, steam, do so out of oysters, tender, delicious.
Dinner, God still Buzuo Mei, rain or continue to the ground, but that does not affect people’s appetite fishing. Food street are out of the typhoon by Chike. These gears are all no box, and they are sitting around Chike who each put up a bamboo shed. Good lively scene. This time, even if the monsters can be, at best, only when the quilt cover, the typhoon, with the trouble it go, Men want to stir the appetite, not the door.
On that occasion, the sea is big wind and rain, the city soaked in the rain. This time, hiding in the tall building is also pleasant. I hear the wind at the window watching the rain, watching the rain beat like angry children with those palm trees, in fact, that a good strong tree, shaking in the rain, there’s no one down. I only see in them a strong wind and rain, that appear to be more green emerald of.
Because of the typhoon, the pedestrian streets of Haikou less. Tourist visitors less. Typhoon people left out of the supermarket, cold the past the bustling square, cold-Wanlvyuan and KFC. In order to meet the previous National Day on the streets and hanging red lanterns sway in the wind and rain. Rain stop people’s footsteps, let the city people had a beautiful holiday mood becomes faded.
Days seems to have been stabbed leak, rain down like intrusion, Chengzhaoyusan not serve the purpose. Because several of Mr. appointment of several sisters to my house to eat, so come the day after the typhoon I went to the jolly, when I go out secretly pleased, under what sky did not actually rain, and also seems to the sun looks like. Thinking Kuaiqukuaihui, so did not bring umbrellas, to buy food to go. Not come to markets, along with the rain came, rushing to the rain, this street had a very noisy sound of a human voice are suppressed. Dodge quickly slipped in the supermarket to buy umbrellas, softened umbrella, rain umbrella penetrate down through the stunned, straight body irrigation, clothes all wet. Vegetable market in the bustling, people seem to attend to the wind and rain outside, crowded, wander from. To buy good food. Shelter even hide for an hour, the rain of the point, hurry home.
We only eat at home one day, next day, everyone says go out to eat.
First, eat Duck Soup, but also eat Beijing duck, and later went to eat vegetables Joan. Every place to eat, we like to think of windows in the box in the curtains, so you can see the rain outside the building. Is the wind and rain outside the window, door is to feel comfortable with the food items were two different worlds, two different kind of scenery.
After every meal we will then ride home in the urban area. Night, the bridge across the centuries, the west coast of the beautiful night view. Although the typhoon hit, Coconut City night or so beautiful. Flashing neon lights, swaying coconut trees, long traffic, lights, a beautiful scene. Landscape, I felt strong in this coastal city, feel its another calm and quiet.
Distant friends sent a text message, they know that the typhoon hit Hainan is, concerned should I pay attention to safety, remember to shut doors and windows, do not go out. I told them that, come the morning of the typhoon, I think the mango tree in front of the tree, I am frightened too small to withstand wind and rain hit the branches, then quickly pushed up to her husband, got a rope, they put on raincoats in the rain righting the trees with a rope, tied the other end of the rope fixed on the tree not far from another. Grow fruit trees because the tree is too high, suddenly pounced on the second floor is high, to a typhoon in August piduan branches, so I am sad for a long time.
A typhoon day, feel the warmth of friendship, nice. Back to my work now, when this mountain, sky blue, piercing the sky. Apart from some broken tree branches affected by the typhoon, the streets can not find too many typhoons hit the scene, people coming and going on the street, his face still smiles.
Typhoon days, this town shows that people’s poised, there is a calm after the storm swept through. I also was so calm.
Typhoon day, the same share of care, would read like.


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