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China Taxi Strike

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The morning of August 1, Hangzhou, large-scale taxi outage events. It is reported that Hangzhou is currently a total of more than 8,000 cabs, about half to two-thirds of the vehicles have been shutdown. Preliminary understanding, Ludu, starting low, “copies of money” is too high and so is the main reason for the outage, taxi drivers have been proposed to reduce the “copies of money” to improve the starting, lower operating fees regulation demands. One driver just such an account: a shift of income roughly 500, elements on the money to pay $ 220 oil costs around $ 200 a day income down so only seventy to eighty, and then get rid of room and board, etc. spending almost nothing left. Although the outage can cause damage, but the driver say, “This is really a last resort.” Prior to taxi drivers, transport control department has been reflected many times, but six months there has been no satisfactory results.

Hangzhou North Station, terminal, respectively, near the South Bus Station and other taxi outage phenomenon. According to incomplete statistics, the number of outage of more than 1000 taxis.

A driver representative said the outage forced, “only seven per day, $ 80 income,” they demand, to reduce the elements of money, improve starting, lower operating regulatory fees.

A surname Hu driver has opened in Hangzhou, a taxi nearly four years, he worked out an economic loss if the day shift can run $ 500 class fee to pay 220 yuan, 200 yuan in fuel costs, if you encounter a taxi withheld fuel subsidies, one day only seven, eighty of income, which also include room and board and other expenses. Hu rented house in Huzhou Street, he said, the original rent is only 260 yuan / month, has now risen to 750 yuan / month.
Hangzhou Road Transport Authority officials say, the driver of these outages live in the vicinity of the Rough outage, they believe that road congestion, low income, do not want sports car. According to its introduction, outage of vehicles more than 1,000 vehicles. Data show that the total number of taxis in Hangzhou has reached 8495, with plans to add 400 this year.

According to Hangzhou Road Transport Authority, said the outage to address the problem, immediately issued a temporary program in Hangzhou, from August 1 foot from Hangzhou taxi business, government subsidies for every 1 dollar, the program is valid until the introduction of the new program so far.

Hangzhou taxi price adjustment program has now entered the depth demonstration period, 10 will be completed before the end of the program. The research and estimates, it is more inclined to the existing 10 per 3 km starting and $ 1 fuel surcharge unchanged, to ensure that prices were generally steady, but the implementation of the restructuring of prices, increased costs due to traffic jams caused by waiting and long Kongshi return fee.

Hangzhou Wang Yi Chuan, deputy director of traffic transportation Authority, said the adjustment principle is that government make up that business so that passengers get that all the revenue used to increase the line driver, the driver is expected to increase the monthly income of 1,000 yuan.


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