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Chinese Girls and American Girl in the Eyes of Turtles

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Good turtle is very good, it is important that he or a man. A man will inevitably encounter a woman, a good man than a woman would inevitably encounter. This somewhat beside the point, and nothing to do with turtles forum, blog, a hair. Insist that a relationship had to call out: marine turtles in the eyes of Chinese girls and American girls love his wife the good turtle, he and his wife’s relationship is really good, and his wife is a kind of Hong Funv Girls saint , so their marriage is solid. However, the good turtle has spread through the coffee, wine, crazy life, and I said maybe he will marry under an American girl. “They were very sunny.” Excellent turtle says. May share Chinese culture inside the imposing, it may be to see Curse of the Golden Flower, one of the “large” too much, the characteristics of Chinese girls is hidden bitterness, the more good girls more hidden bitterness, the other is like her friends guess why she is so hidden bitterness. . . “American girl and very easy to get along, she will tell you what she likes.” Outstanding turtle and an American girl who had so little paradoxical thing, that day the girl with the United States to visit her boudoir good turtle, a filled something about China’s room. Entered, the room which stood Song: I don’t care who you are, where are you from, and what you do, as long as you love me. Excellent turtle was very surprised to see three stages of bamboo and the perfect combination of Chinese iron gossip in the wall. American girls are very bold, the girl’s face in front of the turtle to discuss how best to make your breasts fuller firm. The boudoir than the inside gossip also make excellent Chinese iron turtle surprised. Girls should be considered among the children of the United States, I very like to do the Lakers cheerleaders. For the setbacks in life has its own understanding and solutions: “suck it up and moveon” she had said so on the good turtle. Excellent relationship between the tortoise and the American girls that will only drink in a cup inside. Good turtle is responsible because the man can not really let the American girls because they have something to suck it up and move on. Moreover, the good life, or do think this turtle Li Jing fine. However, the U.S. girls really sunny. His heart think so.


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