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Car in The World

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Said flowers and the world, a Bodhi leaf. I admit that I did not like by nature to the sentiment of nature and life. Today, I was just suddenly found a bag of copper iron teeth of the world together, one small enough to be destroyed in the blink of an eye, Ukraine and some the world.
Old age is not before the car, and later, gradually with the chair. When the chair is only part of nobles, and feudal society in that it can be said, only when the so-called upper-class world of all things. But that is just deformed and incomplete circle, not the world. And to now, with cars, small cars, large buses, the shuttle on the road is a small world. I used to ride the bus, so it is also the most profound experience.
Bus gives me the impression that a full of canned sardines, with people crowding each other, in contact with. Used to sit is behind the high seat, next to the shallow window, looked outside, the look inside, is one of the world, and I was only thinking of the junction of the world’s carriers. Bus is a colorful world, with over seventy years old, with babbling children, a briefcase tucked, uncle, aunt … hurry … all-inclusive. I remember ((walking)) in some depicted a scene: the mother carrying her son, the father carrying a grandmother, add up to equal one of the world. Then wipe clean feel that kind of warmth and chill, and in the bus. Old red with rage hand draped chairs along, sitting next to a young man asleep, the mother’s arms holding restless baby, through thick windows, overlooking the destination, all kinds of people in this The simplest world a bit quiet.
The world is a polyhedron, as a thousand readers have 1000 Hamlet. Each of the perceived world is different, and sometimes black and white dividing line between good and evil is not to understand, as you always out of sight of the sunset light and the intersection of the night. Through my perspective, in this small world, always inadvertently discovered the beauty and ugly, but also the coexistence of the body, or both.
Seat to the elderly was often seen, are inexplicably moving. With “side by side” is —- when an elderly white-haired star of trembling hand climbing on the armrest next to a young people turn a blind eye at the mobile phone text messages jerk, I can not help but feel angry, these small of another small thing, it is a reflection of our times such as this corner. These small hidden evil doing good, with people on the dark shades of ups and downs.
Car in the road has been bumpy the road is the earth turning, the world has never been stable for a day. Sometimes, there will always feel the hardships of the journey. Tired, find a shoulder Kao Kao is desirable, but more often, I hope solitary one. People need alone, or else it would that sentence —- newborn baby alone, it will create another new world. I just hope this into a car in the world, have their own Santa Claus, one of the most indifferent world.


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