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Time is Very Precious

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Time, such as flow, when the disease when the slow, dry case of Hom case of reef encounter case of fertile soil, each have their own attitude. I am on the coast and, with it came the mountains another way another way, encounter the attitudes of life, dating four seasons good news, suddenly, the shore silt beach footprints become sparse. I do not know when, I have been walking in the path of their own unique road, could not bear to look back, that crooked imprinted with silence, like the memories of carving rigid, deeply shallow, weeping and noisy, ahead in the distance, the prospects dim. My time, you will be pulling me where?
I Shen Xiao own ambition, flowing shallow days, as placid life. Accustomed to, engrossed in the book Mountains, in the sea, pouring out a pen youth, pale and thin but it is dry. Gu wood out of the window, no longer is a wasteland of yore grass warbler sings, rattling sound of the machine began yearning world from those who willfully a party under the proud posture of vegetation, long ago, and I shall be as “fun, the way I comfortable, “but now was time traction, childish innocence fade naturally, became a development worker at the foot of empty land, there is no life, no Smart, Liao left won in the eyes of sympathy, sorry. Can not help but sadly, the confusion, my time Oh, you run through this piece of desert How hard?
I was a joke, and was Mencius’ day to drop any man also “classic contempt, and were elders of the” eat life of hardship, square man Exalted, “the proverb a laugh. In their eyes, when present moment, in addition to tough, I seem to have no choice. Third year of my time in the moment near the sprint, if the vent falls under three thousand and intense emotion, I filed in behind the pace to catch up, but found it more and more away, carrying a distant dream, and the deceased displaced me sweat of the world, I queue in place under, tired head fieldwork, the same fragmented landscape in the next filled with frustration.
Back to reality, the summer heat approaching, rainy pattering, within walking distance from the classroom to the cafeteria on the road, mind and turns, time seems frozen in the thinking, umbrella students come and go, hee hee stir constitute a pool of flowing flowers Gallery. I look at the side of the world in their own three-dimensional, like a lot not try to figure out sunrise and sing up, my time is also assured through the one where the.
Admittedly, I am not quick response of the people, As I Am, the so-called first sub Klipsch just relieved his brilliance, out of them success, I have nothing. Rain curtain, the wasteland was messy, take the building materials hunched, like a mess at the moment of thought. Suddenly began to meditation, one, two, or even years later, here is how like appearance, is the stadium, the swimming pool, a teaching building … … that time and people will think this is just a barren land, when this dirty chaos.
Removed the earth millions of years, and now it’s thriving who was worthy of death had traces of life and promote tight for decades, until the proud, who was the first resistance when the decadent Italian. The pleasure is not understood why, just a touch forward, go their own way, since no copying other people’s success, they see their own mind to go by, go make a mountain heavy water, the convergence of the young and frivolous, to pay to make the youth , until the time of fame, shallow Noir haze. Pattering rainy, summer heat pile up, becoming step forward, I do not know when, my time has come full circle, follow me, go the distance.


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