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The word with an obvious fashion the nature of time, that is something that advocates the moment. Or spiritual, or material. Fashion era is destined to affix the label. Like a fine product, it is valid also defined. Yesterday’s fashion in the soil falling today, maybe today’s fashion so that our younger generation laugh.
But I want to say that my lifestyle. After all, living is not an easy thing, it takes fashion to living to pay more price.
My fashion life, from access to the wonderful music began.
When I was a high school student, the family has tri-band radio station. A summer night, one day the stars, a little hot. I and a classmate in the cool air of my house rooftop. Fiddle with the radio, heard the sounds never heard. Sound as the day I put the sieve of the sound, it makes my heart tremble and vibrate with the strings. I somehow remember that the sound on, although I do not know what instruments sound. Until suddenly we do not understand the language, we fear to turn off the radio. I and my classmates in the eye of the darkness it is not clear another expression of dismay. I asked: how do we listen to the enemy units. Students say: not allowed and others say this. Forget this bar.
But I forget. Then I heard many times. The end of that semester, as usual, to a good selection of five students, and students who I have the list, looking forward to when the certificate goes, the teacher called me into office, she asked: Do you listen to over enemy units. I was speaking softly softly unclear denied. The teacher said: be honest kids are five main conditions for a good student.
Later in the young, I come into contact with an old guitar, I suddenly heard a voice on that day sieve from the bottom of that thickness ranging from six strings. My best to make it easy to master the guitar, eating out at your master eat it burst Beijing film to catch the chicken farm, even in a brawl in the operation of the pole guard chase others out of his success.
When I pull the old fashion way inclined guitar, plucked with a broken chords fingering round with the palm and fingertips Saoxian side, to a Xingxingsuo extremely rich to hear the girls sing, I harvested my first love .
Always nap time, fashion is also constantly change. Green uniforms, green hat out of fashion, close to the trademark sunglasses and bell-bottoms again, followed by long hair, then disco, then put a Sanyo VCR through the streets, humming Teresa, growled nothing, fashion to walk through the years of the River.
Now, I have a bit calm. Fashion is the kids. But heart still belongs to our desire for a kind of fashion. The result is that I’m still wrestling with a very stylish: blog, pay friends, fashion do not? Listening to music, singing pop music, fashion does not? Occasionally, someone is not doing the firm is also a fan of fashion do not? Fashion is no longer the wrinkles on my face, over the years of shelf life was defined period of time. But my face kind of calm and determination, but also fashion, friends, friends will say, now popular temperament man, no wonder your wife small teens. Oh, forgot to say, Laofushaoqi also fashion.
But I found a kind of fashion must be popular. Go to the point when friends chess, hand to talk about the world situation, transfer gossip complain rating current affairs than acupuncture ills better physical health heart. Loud very vulgar, loud singing and others will praise you Domingo.


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