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Friends, Happy Birthday

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With the blessing of distant summer breeze tonight, thousands of miles across the sea and the thoughts of falling on your bed, so you, my beloved friend sweet dreams reveal a happy smile.
The Hills of spend across the seasons, the expectations of the storm Xueshuang day night, waiting to blossom throughout the year are that thick moonlight tonight’s heart accompanied by earnest around you, a blooming rose heart flutter trembling buds swaying in your window, the faint fragrance, so delicate touch of rose fragrance sticks shake off my greetings I wish there was pieces of the mosaic sing for you.
My friend, happy birthday!
Your birthday dinner is not my cake, your table without my sparkling candlelight, but I had this summer the Hong Mei flowing in your heart, let your birthday elegant with warm waves in your sweet dreams.
Tonight’s blessing over Guanshan, thoughts traveled far away tonight, tonight, Nick Nan a whisper of the wind, tonight on the tears flowing Yingying, Tonight’s Highlights is drifting the same place, it is my dream to your home My friends and happiness.
Tonight my dreams grow wings, tonight my heart is also moonlight in the fly, searching wind drift, I know you are waiting, waiting for the distant horizon floated an shiny flowers, waiting for you swaying with the red heart candle dream, waiting to your bed covered with a bonus for you and I embrace the best in the mosaic in the dream, embrace hope.
No sleep tonight the night you are silent anticipation, the night of no sleep tonight, I deeply wish, tonight the stars shine bright as you my heart, tonight the night wind’s whisper humming continuously emotions, consonance with each other’s calls.
I seem to see your beautiful figure standing in the window overlooking the quiet night in the distance, I seem to feel the beating of your heart overflowing distant Qiannian.
Dream of a thousand miles back, a dream come true, only the heart’s blessing greetings heart love heart drop to your window, so you put all the hot tears melt into tonight birthday in love thoughts.
Love and life can not be touching each other, present the results of heart and no love is connected. Mountains sinister fetters you and me ahead of pace, a long water span, difficulty crossing the sub-tropical climate doubted of joy, either in spring green heart bud, any summer tending heart flowers, either autumn watering heart fruit, any winter snow cover up feelings of branches, any day thoughts connected to the horizon, either spend the cape every night flying dream.
Were difficult to gather, the whole dream hard, day and night full of little heart flowers around you, whereas the fragrance filled my heart.
Friends, happy birthday tonight!


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