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I Like to Eat Delicacies

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I like to eat delicacies, delicious cuisine.
But –
Over time, delicacies, delicious food always eat when tired. My poor son, bread is the most realistic, simple life. Side soil support people, I like the taste of home, I like home food, mother, I do like to eat rice and vegetables.
Northerners, the staple food is pasta meals, rice southerner, I am a southerner, I snack is not rice, but corn meal. Home is very poor, no rice, only the mountain, mountain only kinds of corn, potato, sweet potato and other crops. In my young years, rice is very scarce, very valuable food, need money to buy on the market, stocking rice is an essential one New Year, Chinese Lunar New Year, a human can eat rice.
Child eat corn meal, they also have nasty psychological, corn meal that is difficult to chew, and stuffed mouths are. But do not think so slowly, in fact, corn meal more nutritional value than rice. I like to eat corn meal, share a touch of nostalgia and fragrance. Child go to school hungry often ran home, all the way the scent of corn meal flavor. Processes than do corn meal and rice complex, I grew up with his mother to learn to corn meal, corn meal craft do I’ll never forget.
Summer weather is hot, the afternoon meal rarely cook, the mother will burn a pot of tea, a bowl of stewed clip rot, corn meal with tea on the halogen rotten food, eat a very fragrant, but the tea is really tasty corn rice ah.
Potato is the home of people like to eat food, eat a lot of potato can be shredded with Fry can be cut into pieces with Fry can be cut into fry, you can put oil in the fried, you can cook eat, you can eat … … burning favorite childhood food, or fried potato, I was on the primary school gate to sell, a dime, I always can not afford, watching others eat only drool. With age, there is no such fault, no matter what kind of methods do like to eat out. In a foreign land, I know to do the dishes with potato lot, such as old milk, potatoes, such as potato boring chicken and so on.
Walk in the home of the town, the stalls selling all over every street gouache, watercolor is the local cuisine. Boiled sweet potato is a raw material. Every year my family planted hills are covered with sweet potato, sweet potato is easier to breed, the harvest is also high. On the ground, sweet potato is very cheap, or for pigs, or used to make pasta, pork stew noodles is also very authentic taste.
This age, a lot of things people do not trust, and we eat pork feed reminders out, we eat the vegetables are planted out fertilizer, we eat lamb skewers may be stray cats stray dogs, we eat hot pot on the outside likely to eat the waste oil … … in the home, such concerns seem somewhat redundant, home of all the food is authentic, is pollution-free. Pork, chicken meat is very fresh, tender. I like to eat home bacon, bacon is smoked out of the use of fire in the winter, the taste of authentic, easy to preserve. Fried bacon, when in very remote places, so the smell can be intoxicating. With lobster sauce, raw chili, garlic fried bacon makes better appetite. Sherwin and Jinhua ham though delicious, but the home of the bacon is a must.
Pumpkin boiled corn, lunar June and July corn pumpkins are ripe to eat this delicious food, the mother rarely do this dish, but the dish is my sweetest memories. Working in the city, when their own cooking, I will buy pumpkins, buy corn with boiling water, but the taste is nowhere near home so delicious.
The early nineties, many people are short of food and vegetables, especially as my family has less and barren land, it would be more missing, the parents every year to spend a lot of money to buy food, with food and no vegetables, and especially in the summer even a lack of vegetables. Summer only eat pickles, although when very poor, but very warm, the warmth of affection, a happy family together. Boiled pickles, for many years, I can not remember to forget.
Mothers do sauerkraut sour crisp, and spend a good vegetable made, there will come from the kitchens in the nostrils of the fragrance. Red beans cooked sauerkraut also allows people fear wide open, increased appetite, and eat a hundred tire.
I like to eat home food still fried peanuts, cooked peas, tomatoes, a bowl of soup, and so on. Home food too much, many people are unforgettable life. If you want to taste the taste of food, need careful, heart, soul.


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