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As we move from high or low through life, as long as you slow down your life for those touched by the small screen: the beauty of flowers may be one, perhaps a Yela melancholy; may be a Pentium power of the river, the stream may be a pool of shallow song; perhaps the magnificent sunrise and vision, perhaps the brilliant sunset and desolation; perhaps the casual remark, perhaps a moment the eyes of the intersection ; may be a sincere emotion of the story, is not perhaps a perfect love; may be back after a turn, perhaps one night you turn on the lights … …

The abundance of small touched not only our emotional and spiritual world, but also gives us a spiritual impact and shock, let us each month and down from a cloud twilight, quiet touch the heart of the cool earth, telling myself, after all Life never live up too, our life journey more exciting, we are no longer full of lonely life of prehistoric silent.

There was a time I have to go almost every day at dusk walk Wetland Park, will always be one pair of grizzled old man, nestled in the pavilion on the bench, always quietly. One day, I am curious to softly called: “You also like to watch the sunset?” Old man smiled and nodded at me, then, raising his hand pointed to the side of his wife. At this point, I realized that he turned a deaf-mute, and his wife is a blind blind. Raised ground, I own slip of the tongue and abrupt regret it.

However, those two old people face, but he is not unhappy. Instead, the old lady went so far as to use a very mild, very candid tone, said: “Yes ah, we often see an old married couple sunset – you will be surprised, right? Fact, if there is no disability to each other between the mind, we are still two normal ah. “inferiority complex on their faces and regret not showing the slightest, only happiness, self-sufficient smile in tenderness flowing. Watching the front of this loving respectable old, my eyes moist … … slips

Is, uh, true happiness, in fact, not that we braved the danger of carrying a lifetime of regret, deliberately to exclude each other and that little bit of minor flaws, but a good grasp of their own hands that some real life, learn tolerance and treasure , then, can the chord in each heart feel real happiness! And that true happiness is sufficient to shock and move everyone.


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