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Dream is so Beautiful

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Because the dream is so beautiful, so always disappointed in reality, this is everyone’s experience may have had, I was no exception, always in a dream looking past happiness. Has always ignored the reality, nor can know how to cherish their grasp, this is the growth in the most obvious point.
Sweep the leaves fall, the howling of the autumn wind blowing, can not help but shiver a bit, only to find a home here in the autumn than in winter. Than the home is not air temperature, like walking out of a sense of their own impulses do not even go out no longer, because the weather here is less the temperature, where the street is not the kind of sense of comfort and familiarity, there is no accompany you, night after night you dream, dream of the train station, big mouth and nine, Luotian rock, classroom laughter. So many, so far, the party gradually fade less, learn cooking, but there is no opportunity to teach you to do, a little disappointed, but not sad, because I believe, dream and reality, or there will be the intersection of the day, As long as there is memory. Never had the habit becomes a habit, hit me is a pleasure, maybe stupid, maybe the feeling is really very little, very little. As little as irreplaceable.
Still in the dream, but reality is still reality, Mary’s disappointment, and that day kt white flower plates, always so cold-blooded warned me, remember the reality of the helplessness, the parallels in the nature of life. kTV, boutiques, like jewelry, tea, suddenly disappeared, no hobbies, no wishful thinking. Leaving behind only the sigh of time, go too fast. Leaving behind only the anatomy of life so that they understand the reality of an earlier step in the distance. No sunshine, some flowers still open, but not so bright, but more can be played by the wind and rain attack, because it must learn that the growth of the Road; without your presence, the Earth is still in operation, but less a little busy; dream so unreal, the reality so concrete, so helpless in the dream and reality are always so many people in between the wandering, so many people struggling, like the leaves hanging in the air, eventually falling In the embrace of the earth, but I was curious at that moment, leaves you happy, or sad in their own disguise? Like life, we, as always disappointing to seek a self-satisfied?
Wake up, do not want to accept the reality, the reality was poured woke up from a dream into another fear again, but also afraid of dreaming, this is the contradiction of us. Reality and genuineness of the weak human. Never know what in the pursuit, do not know why the pursuit.


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