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Whether physical or mental work all day with people who have considerable time to rest. But rest and lazy there is a difference, but time is the most precious thing. Thus, even break, but also good to use.
There are many people to rest as an excuse away the desire to meet their lazy. Some say the day is often done wrong, it should rest at night, should not be read or work, so they engage in their so-called “recreational” activities, in fact, they did pastime than reading, doing things, but also cost spirit?
Sleep than the rest, not the idle does not move, but from two points in terms of mental and physical.
With manual workers, the best way is to use mental rest, such as reading, playing chess, etc., so that ideas can be active, and the body to rest; people with mental, physical activity should be used to make the mind to rest, such as gardening, walking, playing, etc., are very suitable method of rest.
As for sleep, that is everyone needs a longer time to rest, should abandon all, get enough rest, to sleep, you should just ask for quiet meditation.
The little bees in the flower of the flower, resting quietly, motionless. Occasionally the breeze hit, since it is soft and lightly brush the wings, but it still fell into a deep nap, as if doing a sweet dream. This little bee chosen to rest in a flower arrangement in place. Do not know the soul of it parked in the beautiful and Jiejing place?
Bee quietly fell asleep in the flower. U.S. United States against the background of each other, is simply a beautiful still life paintings.
Soul resting place, in fact, do not necessarily need a broad grand space, a beautiful and clean and the flowers will actually quiet. There is also sucked the soul in this place like a flower or flowers, to sit back and relax quietly to sleep, to far away from evil and danger, to get endless strength, courage and confidence, resulting in even stronger on the journey of life strong head forward.
If we always depressed or irritable decadence, it must be we do not like the little bee to find their own flower.



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