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a Room in Heart

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a room in heart
In this room, there are endless good flashing lights, have a career golden seat, with knowledge of the fragrance shelves, a friend of blooming flowers, a love of the clarity of moonlight, a vision of transparent windows, have a happy warm bed, a pastoral green floor, there is a wonderful fantasy poetry.
a room in heart
But we have to clean every day, so mind the room clean. We also need to organize every day, our mood and orderly.
Every day we have the stubborn, nausea, depression, regret, and so the spirit of the by-product of sweeping out. If you let these things take a lot of space, would not feel depressed? How comfortable breathing, state how broad?
a room in heart
Every day we have confidence, sincerity, enthusiasm refresh again, accompanied by life step by step so that they can climb toward the ideal side.
Often a new resident here, I was vibrant, full of energy, we hopeful, often accompanied by happy.
Mind is a room.
Hop poetry and painting the room there is also poor Youyanjiangcu tea. Reality so that we mature, romance is rich. A perfect combination of reality and the ideal, will produce colorful wonderful life. The reality is simple and serious land, can not tolerate any fraud, from beginning to end, the implementation of the tree, so melon sown the rules, follow the principle of Fruitful. Ideal is self-ride the sky, thunder storm, but often frost and snow, will continue to consider our gold content.
a room in heart
Here, there are thousands of beautiful scenery, people face numerous peach. Grass trees are groaning forest, there are small trail the broad road; death felt sad, happy laugh, the wisdom trick failure success; a lonely lonely Jie Li Xingyingxiangdiao melancholy, memories of the books are opened slowly, with lengthy past with white clouds … …
a room in heart
The rooms are large soul, world capacity is satisfied mountains all over the world, all things; mind the room is small, has placed a wonderful friendship and love seats. Here ends of the earth imaging, where the ever-changing collection, this room is actually one of the world. This is a room or space.
a room in heart
This room to accommodate our lives. Sentimental young golden age, everything comes naturally, Ruqierzhi. We are here to Feng age, growth, maturity; where Acacia, upset, happy from the music; in this room, we continue to self-improvement, and ultimately self-fulfilling self-fulfillment. Sky Sea wide scale in mind in the degree of sophistication in human hearts resolved, reincarnation in mind in the loop, are both good and bad hearts precipitation.
a room in heart
Here we all hold. Crucial, not copy things stored here, such as love, like happiness, such as happy, and like living experience. Failure refining a successful experience, refining the truth to deceive the purity of frustration refining the quality of courage, time refining the highest level of us. We need this room to rest, enjoying, repair, which is a beautiful paradise, the spirit of the station, we obtain greater achievements in the laboratory.
a room in heart
With care, patience and maintenance, well-fitting, is our sacred responsibility, a great obligation.

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