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I often joked with the dog: You are someone’s dog? Each time the dog will catch the cab to open a small box, from which Diao out my identity card, showing the proud look.
However phrase joke but unfortunately true.
That was my last time out and the dog, accidentally crashed into a cliff on his way. When I woke up, he hung in a tree, his head is on the road, following the deep valleys, my dog ​​and go on the car must be dropped. I hope a miracle happens, then shouted a voice in the valley dead silence, only “dog” is constantly echoed with the sound. Desperate I was then fainted.
When I woke up again is in the hospital, and my body wrapped in bandages. I naturally thought of the dog, so Hanleliangsheng, crashed coming in is a beautiful nurse, she saw what I have learned the whereabouts of the dog, tears that save my people see less of a leg of the dog, the dog is the blood flow to make death, his mouth still dangling from a card, they found blood on the scene along the found dog is biting the legs to get out before the alarm.
Since then I have two down the root cause: to see ID to cry: Because missing dog, the dog no longer.

Love, I always with a beloved pet rabbit Xiaohui children sitting 88 bus, across the entire city to see a girlfriend. Girlfriend jokes that we are not even two and a rabbit’s love, as we gonna get married when his girlfriend’s parents strongly opposed her to marry me, bud kid.
Heartbroken I do not want her filial difficult, quietly packed up their bags ready to go to Shenzhen battles. Out of the corridor, I was surprised to find that his girlfriend is standing in front of tears, and Xiaohui child is lying in her arms obediently.
That day, 88 bus passengers who looked curiously at a lovely gray * bunny got his jump, then return to their mouths when they pulled a girl’s skirt and took her to the other side of the city … …
I will never forget, my friends, Xiaohui rabbits have for my children love riding on the 88 bus tirelessly back and forth.

After the divorce of their parents, and I live with my grandmother. At that time, just like a high school I was forgotten in the corner of the grass, like, bad temper gradually took up my grandmother at every turn pet dog Peas outlet. Peas tall shape after each beating, cried softly all cowardly to leave.
On one occasion, several large community nobody called me to teach a child, angry with me and they scuffle. At this point, Peas, but I do not know where to jump out, directed at them shouting, they turn around and run scared. Looking at is licking my hand wound Peas, I no longer stunned speechless.
Since then, I finally understand Peas is not cowardly, but to me as a true friend, was willing to accommodate me, protect me.
My temper has gradually toned down, because I know no matter what, to me, there will be a sincere friend accompanied me alone!


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