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I will fly home tomorrow, and tonight, I did a whole night’s dream … …
I like the dream back to his father’s hometown in the Southwest, but also as if I lived in Wuhan childhood village.
Follow the footsteps of a childhood, I was looking for a TV drama and laughter, breathing kept trained on the unique soil fragrance, feel startled, maybe winter is breeding season of life, may the breath of spring yet to come. Back to hometown for many years, although a lot more Western-style house here, but still could not hide the original ancient tones.
In front of the river in the winter dry season, like a thin girl. Memory banks on both sides of the green has been no trace of dark and quiet, I sleep in the tree shade of large trees as I have no piece of stone just let me lie down, and the fields are less familiar with that kind of cattle manure taste, naturally less flap wings of poultry trace … …
Mood with thoughts wander all the way, the pace will subconsciously remember wandering along the lake, lotus, cicadas, frogs, eels, blackfish, winter sparrows … … how would they have fresh summer? Excited I jumped into the irrigation ditch, the water is warm!
I went that I was weaving between the numerous dream landscape, water has gone past the majestic, nor a few bends that can almost equal across the eardrum of the flowing sounds, gurgling in the valley, only to see The looming trickle of silver, like the childhood that I am naughty and now I am quiet (that moment the idea of ​​me chuckle out loud, I I, traveled a half of China with their parents, want their traveled the world’s children).
As before, many times in sat under the shade of the rocks, I quietly Listen to the joy of the river into the field of sound, feel the cool stone to bring me soak into the depths, like a mother’s hand, very comfortable . At this point, only 用心去感受 share of quiet. Take the tired lie down, eyes slit through the trees, watch the blue sky, tall mountains have no sense of depression, leaving only solid and reliable. Perhaps that is leisurely chasing clouds beautiful bird swallows.
I laughed … … to be home and cleaned up the landscape was bright and clear mind laughing.
Sleep … … I saw a lot of childhood friends, where talk about their ideals, we all hope to return home with his wife, along with picking up the topic of our childhood together Juqi was scattered in the landscape that between the laughter. As a solution in the hustle and bustle of the city’s exotic struggling running around in full of blond foreigners in the back lost self.
Trance, a burst of laughter came time to organize a group of students out of a weekend outing, the same high school as me. They are landscape wash smile I feel more warm and clear, they have no ill feelings to chat with me, talk about their dreams, talk about their troubles, I have a picnic with them, is really a long absence, the feeling … …
Trance, I went to the parents had worked for office building, through the location of a child to grab a big playground, outdoor movie, see the rural students and their parents. National Cheng Kung University who they say I’m long, and a picture of sincere and caring face moved me, in their faces the same years also left its mark, it is a beautiful, mellow and good marks.
Childhood of many children in the village, like have the surname Lu, I do not know any, they are not afraid of life, all of them staring at me, I giggle against them, and they play very quickly I became a They turn me around, I play with them the childhood I played various games, I also do child king!
Went to school I had read, on the hillside, not the teacher and students, only one farmer in the tree have led us to the headmaster with Chairman Mao’s death cry of the large trees firewood, I spent a long time to help him saw wood firewood, is not it incredible? In fact, had a child I only plug seedlings, picked up over wheat, to the pen where the plot is too fat, never touched the heavy live, may not work after a really long, was split three wood, saw the fifty-six wood, I felt very tired, he was next to the pointing gesture, then the two of us together dry, dry side while he explained the essentials, then I played two big hand blisters, sore touched … …
Awakened, Maner is New Zealand’s morning news in English, the accent is still shrouded heart of a dream … …


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