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Half Sun and Half Sad

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She opened the diary a long time did not move, did not write it a long time, turn the page to stay, only a ‘very early wake up’ on ah, that was at home the next morning, very early in the morning … … younger sister called from work and not very new topic, but I just do not want to hang up … I said, I’m fine, happy every day! I was so homesick … but then like her, like cloudy, like my good friend, and I want those ordinary and she has been strange, “he” who!
After work, I always looked up, the sun so beautiful, dazzling beauty! Wind with warm temperatures, blew away the time, blowing cold feeling, and gradually, it began to fatigue the next breath that … a certain kind of listening to a song … remembering, miss a, beautiful sadness of, hey, unknowingly, I watched, the tired, Star also dark, and she listens to, woke up, began to complain of! Back suddenly discovered that chaos … I have always been like this, I always say that no one understands me, I remember a friend said I ‘is not no one understands you, but you do not let others know you have not approached, you escape it!
Is this it? Just remember feeling like some into the tip, to interpret things, and I repressed emotions! Now I understand a lot, learned a lot, nothing is permanent, unchanging attitude in there! People and things are not all that it? Sometimes those intentions will really notice the warmth of the corner, there has been warm, it is true!
I give up those radical ideas.
No longer naive, no longer blind.


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