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Thomas Edison had a large factory fire, nearly a million dollars worth of equipment to naught. 67-year-old Edison heard the news rushed to the scene of the fire, employees believe that the face of ruins, he will rage extreme. But Edison’s performance is very calm, and even smiled and said: “The fire burned all right, all of our mistakes are burned, and now you can start again.” He’s saying that to understand a truth: a good thing bad, it depends on the attitude of the parties. Strong-willed optimism in face of many problems, there can always hold the attitude, experience misfortune will become stronger. As Edison’s famous saying: “My success but failed to obtain from the way of.”
Life is a mirror, you have to cry it tears it, you laugh it it is also laugh, happy is the day, is not happy one day, why not optimistic happy to spend every day?
Optimism is “a disposition, people can see things more positive side, expect more favorable results.” Some children may be born more optimistic, some children and vice versa. But psychologists have found that optimism can be developed, even if some children do not have the optimism inherent quality, can also be acquired through the efforts to achieve.
Optimistic about the quality of the child to foster parents must first have an optimistic way of thinking. Parents in dealing with their own problems and family problems of optimism, the child has an important role model, children gradually develop through observation and imitation optimistic quality. If the moment it rains, it is necessary to guide their children, said: “It’s raining.” Instead of saying “damn day, and rain.” Because this does not change the fact that it rains. Of course, even said, “Great, another rain,” and do not make any change in the rain, but if this words to your child, the situation is different! “Look, good, and rain a! birds singing, the grass is also singing, they have been nourishing rain. “This will pass to the happy child, let him face no matter what kind of environment in which to maintain a pleasant mood.
Parents criticized the way the child’s correct or not, significantly affect the character of the child in the future is optimistic or pessimistic. Criticism of the child’s parents should be appropriate and not to exaggerate the error several times into a permanent fault, you should let the children understand the child’s own mistakes can be changed, and know where to start to change.
Children’s self evaluation is largely based on the evaluation of their parents above, so parents of the child’s words and deeds should be encouraged to appreciate the main, and the kids know how to discover the strengths and highlights the church doing things the child optimism.



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