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Timely delivery Wedding ring

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A woman and a man in love.
Once people see the hands of a woman wearing a platinum ring is very beautiful, the envy, said: “If I have …” Men see in the eyes, but he was too poor to afford nice platinum ring.

Soon, a woman’s birthday, the man gave a woman a kind of permeable oil wrap with a “paper ring,” is very unique, heavy, being a woman in love worn on the hand, taking a closer look, they feel really blessed.

Woman was married, the groom of course, not him. In addition to the kind of man little money on classes, eat outside, and write she does not want to see the manuscript. She did not want to marry him, though she loved him.

She married another wealthy man.

Yes, a woman got married, on the ear, neck, in to the arms, so that the ankle, the body platinum, gold, golden, her man gave her the ring of paper stuffed into a drawer in the corner.

But soon after, her husband more than gold because the family’s trouble, trouble, her husband also because of illegal bribes, caught into the cell. Women grief, suddenly reminded that the paper ring to send her man.

One day, a woman and a man in the street unexpectedly.

Very generous man, invited a woman to his Jiazuo Zuo. Men are married, living in a rented house. Women see men home furnishings, are still very impoverished way. Man’s wife for a woman pouring a woman to see the hands of a man’s wife, also wearing and throw in a drawer by his own corner of the paper is almost exactly the same ring.

Man’s wife left the room, she had a man can feel very happy, his wife is, like its nothing, not even her husband is behind bars.

Later, a woman seen in a magazine article, entitled “Paper Rings,” the author is his letter.

A woman after reading the article, they all understand. She quickly opened a drawer, pulled out of being abandoned in a corner of her paper covered with the dust ring, she carefully opened the oil-paper Li, stripping stripping, appeared in front of surprised that a pure is pure platinum ring. Article said that in order to buy this ring, all the people are poor in that era, women had to hide it to sell blood, because a woman’s birthday is urgent to make, borrow too late.

A woman cried, tears dripping in the ring. Woman then turn the paper back to the ring carefully restored. Whether commuting to work from a woman only wearing a ring of paper, my colleagues have praised her ring fine and good-looking, creative, and asked who she was sent, a woman can not help but burst of sadly and said:

“A lot of things, until lost, before we know it’s precious.”


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