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Girl, You Beautiful

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Girl, you beautiful

  Text / walking tour for Love

  Yang Wu shoes just read about “what the United States’ view, can not help but have had some feelings.

  “Hey, I am ugly, there are gentle with it?”

  “Is a useless woman, a man still be saved.”

  “Will not you?”

  “The vitality of a woman is beautiful, so useless. In many ways a man of charm and character, tolerance, ideas, talents … looks to be doing.”

  “Not all right, not a beauty can bring some charm, and a woman is.”

  “Of course, but men look a woman’s looks, though they do not recognize.”

  “Will see the appearance, but not all, I had to argue about men.”

  The so-called, “known to be as early as possible, as early as possible should be married.” Have to say, now this idea is already flooded. How many people, the expense of hue to be famous, and even human personality. And married a great tendency to excel rather than blue.

  How can a woman, you really think you married a man, is tied a long-term meal ticket? Not all right. He can marry you because of appearance, because one day you do not get old and useless and choose another people?

  Topic says here, can not help but to talk about now the next girl in the eyes of reality. However, this bone has been eating a thousand times. I really have no reason to then go on eating. Tasteless, only abandoned.

  Thus, the girls begin to doubt, how to make their own eternal youth?

  The answer of course is impossible.

  However, in my opinion. Cents inside and outside, within the heart of the United States by Wyatt, outside the United States with the pleasing. Not outside the United States, within the United States can make it, but not within the United States, is also incurable. Hence it is: no ugly girls in this world.

  Girl, you can be as beautiful as snakes and scorpions, also the United States, such as hot springs. Between the two, ages.

  “Girl, you beautiful.”

  In fact, you know that?

  The answer: do not know.


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